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Can I have sex with my husband as he is NOT CIRCUMSISED?

asked May 21 in Questions by Bhavya1403 (215 points)
edited May 22 by longhands1

Dear Anjali Aunty

I want to ask: Can I have sex with my husband as he is NOT CIRCUMSISED?

Means his foreskin does not go back from glans. Can we have sex in this condition?

We really want to do. Is it possible?


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12 Answers

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Best answer

It is not necessary that he should be circumcised for you to have sex. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin and is generally done for religious purposes and sometimes as a medical requirement.

More than 70 percent of men are not circumcised and the foreskin is attached to the glans below the penis. However the skin does slide back when the man has an erection.

Does your husband have any problem when he masturbates? If he does not then he should be fine even when having sex with you. If the foreskin is attached to the penis and he has never moved it back, then it is a painful process and has to be done slowly with oil and moved back little by little.   

How long have you been married? If it has been a few months and you have still not had intercourse, you should get him to visit the doctor, who will advise the best way out. If an operation is required, it is a small procedure and he will be fine in a week.

Don't delay. Sex is important in a marriage.
answered May 21 by longhands1 (85,735 points)
selected May 22 by Bhavya1403
commented May 21 by Bhavya1403 (215 points)
Actually his foreskin does not slide back.
And if I forcefully try to pull his foreskin back, it pains him a lot and he gets away.
Is it possible in this condition?
commented May 21 by longhands1 (85,735 points)

No, it would not be possible to have sex in this condition. He has to try to slide the foreskin back slowly and patiently with oil. He has to do it little by little every day.

You can try doing it, but you have to be gentle and patient. If he gets pain then that pain will stay in his mind and he will refuse to even try.

Did he never masturbate?

You have not told us how long you have been married. You must seek medical help.
commented May 21 by Bhavya1403 (215 points)
We tried a lot but during erection we cant slide it back
Can we put condom somehow on it and do sex?
commented May 22 by longhands1 (85,735 points)
I dont think condom will help. I have still not understood .....Is he getting an erection?

You have not answered my questions.

1. Can he masturbate?
2. How long are you married?
3. When did you become aware of this Problem?
commented May 23 by longhands1 (85,735 points)
Thank You for liking my Answer.

Am awaiting your Comments to my Questions.
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Hi Bhayya,

You can go ahead with intercourse with your husband as nothing's gonna happen with foreskin's being on the penis of your husband, just go ahead & enjoy!!!!!!
answered May 21 by ramku19 (235 points)
commented May 21 by Bhavya1403 (215 points)
His foreskin do not slide back as normally people have.
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Dear Bhavya,

Normally the foreskin of a penis can be pulled back and forth. If you aren't able to pull back the foreskin over the head then the condition is called "Phimosis". I would advise to please take your husband to a doctor as soon as possible.

Phimosis can be treated easily by medical intervention or through a minor surgery which is actually circumcision to remove that extra rigid foreskin. It's not a worrisome  condition but it would be better if you seek medical attention because currently this is stopping you from doing sex.

Being circumcised or not doesn't interfere with sexual pleasure at all. So it's perfectly fine to perform sex with an uncircumcised guy. From my married life experience, I can  say that when the penis is erect some part of foreskin retracts back on  its own and the inner pinkish red skin is visible. In India, most men are uncircumcised and they don't face any problems in their sex lives due to the extra foreskin.So it's perfectly fine to have sex with your husband; if he is not feeling any discomfort during sex then nothing much to worry about.

Before sex, make sure he cleans his penis thoroughly with a mild antiseptic soap and water by pulling back the foreskin how much ever he can because the inner skin of his penis may contain smegma ( which is a sebaceous secretion of dead cells, semen, oil or moisture) present under the foreskin.

This will ensure good hygiene and enable you to have safe oral sex if you are planning to take it in your mouth. Hope I could help you out.

Good luck!!
answered May 21 by Vedika (510 points)
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Sexual intercourse does not depend on length,width,circumscized  and non circumscized cock.Sex technique and sex duration counts more.Dispel your wrong impression and live happier. I am happy with non circumscized Cock this gave birth to one son and one daughter.Sex duration is satisfactory.
answered May 21 by Motilal (8,255 points)
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Dear Bhavya,

There is no problem to have sex with your husband with his non circumcised penis.

Most of Indian men penis is non circumcised so don't you worry.

Initially he may feel pain while penetrating his penis in your pussy but once he and his penis will be familier with it then I don't think there will be problem for him in future.

So go ahead and Happy Fucking.
answered May 21 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
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when your husband get erection his foreskin should slide back, if it's not sliding back it will give him some pain while having sex.

It's better to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

keep us updated so we can help you better.
answered May 21 by Harsh.03 (1,030 points)
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Dear Bhavya,

Circumcsised or not, it does not matter. Circumcsisson is mainly party of few religion where men are usually circumsissed during young age, but other religion does not allow that. So most of the men penis are not circumcsised, but they have very normal sexual life. Naturally when are boy are growing into their teenage, the foreskin on their penis usually start getting loose and over a period of time the foreskin usually slide itself back when men have erection, but with few men, they need medical intervention.

I have had sex with both kind of male, n there is no difference in the act or feel, what matters is the skill of men.

In your case if your husband foreskin does go back with erection, he would not be able to enjoy sex with you n probably he might even have pain.

One aspect of healthy sexual life is oral sex, which you might be deprived off.

There is no harm in consulting doctor.

Have happy n sex filled married life

With love
Sexy Gudiya
answered May 21 by boldnsexy (1,220 points)
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Hi bhavya

I can understand your situations coz same happened with me as i too have circumcised penis and every time face problem to have sex without protection.

So as per my personal experience i would suggest you which i also do....  Yes you can have sex in that condition depends upon the tightness of your love holes

1. First try to do oral sex untill you get wet and lubricant your vagina naturally
2.  You can get ur first round with extra lubricant condoms then inbetween remove the protection and he will able to do easily
3.  Lubricant lotions also available in the market you can use that too

And at last wanna tell you i also do this all to get intimated with sex buddies else its als pain me to have sex with a dry vagina the only thing you should be wet between your legs to take your hubby circumcised penis inside and get the pleasure

answered May 21 by flirtymaxx (340 points)
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Hi Bhavya,

You have not told us whether you ever tried to have penetrated sex? If yes then what happened?

If no then I would suggest that you should try once. Use lots of lube and then I think his foreskin will slide up slowly.
answered May 22 by sheetal69 (740 points)
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It is possible so do not worry and try with him and see how it goes. If he faces any issues related to his foreskin then he has to see the doctor for further instructions or he needs to go for the small operation but there are many men who can have sex easily so do not worry and relax. Have a lot of foreplay and keep the lube handy in case if you go dry during the act.
answered May 22 by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)
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Yes this problem happens... I had also this problem last month and now I have overcome this problem and now I can easily pull back my foreskin without any pain.. If u wanna know more.

Please ask. Shall try to share my knowledge so that others too can benefit.
answered May 22 by KumarD (120 points)
commented May 22 by sheetal69 (740 points)
You always can share knowledge or personal experience. no need to ask for that again.
commented May 22 by Bhavya1403 (215 points)
Please tell
I cant silde his foreskin back
And it gives him a lot of pain if i try to do
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sex has nothing to do with foreskin but yes it somwtimes cause problem as in your case.

from my opinion you guys should use lubricant as much as you both can try using a good lubricated condom. i personally recommend Durex they are good.
answered May 23 by myselfarun (1,850 points)

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