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I don't get any chance to spend some time with my Sister. What to do?

asked May 17 in Questions by John Ten (185 points)

My family never goes out. Everybody stays in all the time. So I have to try different approach.

Few days back I went to bathroom for peeing. As I opened the bathroom door to enter(I opened the door which means it was closed but not locked from inside), I was shocked to see my elder sister taking bath. She was fully naked and wet. I could even see her pussy as she was sitting with her legs wide open and scrubbing her  boobies. We both stared each other just 2 seconds and then I quickly closed the door and went into another bathroom. She was looking fucking hot.

After she came out of the bathroom covered with a towel I went I again. I saw her pink panty (worn panty smelling like flowers). I got emotional by seeing that panty as it is the same panty which I used to pull down from her legs with my teeth 12 years ago and she still wears the same panty. I quickly started sniffing and sucking her panty. I was a bit creamy too.. maybe she masturbated in it. I rubbed it by wrapping it around my cock and cummed on that panty.

I then started editing her photos. I pasted her face on a girl who's getting banged by a boy. I posted my face I that boy. I have also created many edited pics in which I've pasted her face on hot bikini models and pornstars. I masturbate watching those pics. Yesterday I even had a dream in which I was fucking my sis and she was wildly jumping on my cock. It felt so real and I even cummed in her pussy. I saw that dream in morning so maybe it can happen in real too. And as I woke up I saw there was my thick cum all over my mattress and bed sheets. I made it all messy. Me, my mom and both sisters sleep in a same room with different beds from our childhood. We are habitual of sleeping in a same room.

I like sleeping I the floor so I put my mattress I the floor and sleep there. Few minutes later my elder sis got up to go to bathroom. My mattress was beside her bed so as she stepped on the floor (indirectly on my mattress) she felt something very wet. Obviously it was my cum. She asked me too and I said no it's nothing, it might be my wet booger, I'm having cold. She went to the bathroom laughing and smiling. I guess she knew it was my cum.

The problem is that we all sleep in the same room and I never get any chance to spend some time alone with her and then discuss about those day and then slowly ask her for restarting those sessions. I think I should go into the bathroom after her at night maybe at 3-4 am and then discuss about these things with her and if she agrees then I can easily and secretly drill her pussy after eating her. I also have an eye massager which vibrates. I can use it as a vibrator. I'll insert that in her pussy while I drill her butthole. I'll also take a huge 10 - 12 inch cucumber to gape her.

Please tell what should I do now.

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1 Answer

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You have planned everything. So why are you asking here.

You believe ur sis wearing same panty since 10 years. My underwear rarely gives comfort for 10 months. Which Brand she use...???

Come out of Fantasy world and face reality. Do not make any move while your parents are at home. Have some patience. I had already told yuo to send them for movie or something.

Do it step by step. Plan something to be alone first. Not to fuck her on the spot. This is not a porn movie that your sister gonna smile and pull out ur cock immediately. You need some more encounters to ensure that she is ready to bring those old days.

Whatever You do just do it slowly and carefully. Otherwise there is gonna be one VACANT BED in your house.
answered May 18 by SHREYASH PATEL (580 points)
selected May 21 by John Ten
commented May 19 by John Ten (185 points)
But my family is very different from others. My mom never goes out of the house.

I think I should take my sis to the on terrace in the evening and first discuss casually about something like my sexuality and then going slowly, discuss about those days.

I will not ask her for sex or even a kiss. I just wanna see how she reacts when I discuss about our past habits. Moreover there is one more genuine question whose answer only she can give me.

As it's been 12 years since I touched her that way so I am not even sure if we both lost our virginity together or not. I wanna ask her that I'm still virgin or not.

This is a very serious question in my life. I need some answers from her. I wanna know what exactly we did those days.

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