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Should I allow my wife to engage in sex with others?

asked May 15, 2018 in Questions by Koushiksarkar (120 points)
edited May 16, 2018 by longhands1

I am 28 years old Bengali married male. I got married 6 months ago. But I couldnt satisfy my wife (she is 25). As my penis is small in size (4 inches long and very thin) she doesnt get any pleasure. She was not a virgin and had sex before marriage. I cum very fast within a minute. She tells me that I am not capable to satisfy her.

I find interest when she tells her story of intimate moment with her ex boyfriends. Now when she shows interest to get fucked by others I feel excitement. She even talks to her male friends on phone infront of me about sex and I enjoy that.

Now, I want to share her with my friends who are sexually stronger. She has already agreed. But somewhere I am still confused to take the step forward. So your advise is requested. I know I am not able to satisfy her.

If I dont help her then she will cheat. And I dont want to ruin this relationship as I love her very much.

Please help.

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14 Answers

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I feel sorry for your present condition.You should have taken advise of your parents or doctor before getting married. Four inch rigid penis is enough to satisfy a women,if you know the sex technique.Very small thickness is a minus point.Consult a Doctor he may suggest you a solution.Never think that you can't satisfy her.Have a patience,talk with her to help you in this crisis. Postpone your idea of sharing your wife to others for her enjoyment.
answered May 15, 2018 by Motilal (8,600 points)
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As you both are agreed for 3rd person then there should not be a problem in relationships. Both of you should mutially decide all the terms and conditions. And keep a condition that you will get chance to sleep with other women too. Share your wife with those friends who are willing to share their wife too And your wife must be available when you need her and she will co-operate in bed.

But make sure that they always practice protective sex. As chances of STDs are aleayd higher in case of multiple partner sex.

Now come to your problem. It looks like your wife is not satisfied becoz of your early edaculation not your size. Size is just an excuse to go outside and Njoy. You are suffering from premature edaculations. Nothing else and this problem is very easy to cure. Just consult a Doc, have medicines, have healthy lifestyle and gain stamina.

In your case you just have surrendered in front of situation and letting your fanracis ruled over your mind. Getting excited by imagination and facing real situation both are far different. Try to give minimum advantage to your wife to Njoy outside with an excuses of your size and early edaculation. otjerwise you are gonna lose respect in her eyes.

A woman get satisfied by another woman, Without any penis and you have 4 Inch penis. So your problem is your techniques you are using. Work on your techniques. know her pleasure points. Use fingers, tongu. Only 1.5 inch to 2 inch part of pussy is sensitive. So 3 inch penis is enough too. Only techniques to use it and strengh of erection matters.

All the best Man.
Your problem is Between your ears not between your Legs.
answered May 15, 2018 by SHREYASH PATEL (685 points)
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you are rushing things.

1) your are married for what 6 months only
2)3 inch tool is enough to satisfy a women.

may be your wife loves her ex so much but her parents didn't allow her to get married to him, so by creating this unsatisfied situation she wants to get him back or may be you really doing enough.

now you enjoy her sexual conversation with her male friends, but it's to odd. today's enjoyment can cause you lots of trouble in future. you should scold her when she do this next time.
it doesn't matter how colorful her life before marrying you. but now she need to stay loyal to you.

and the thing about allowing your friend to fuck her is dumbest idea ever. your friend can enjoy her but at your back they taunt you. they can make you a joke and could make your life miserable.

so change your approach. do some foreplay like kissing, sucking her breast, licking her pussy or fingering etc. you can use any viagra tablet which can help you to attain maximum erection you are able to achieve. use  condoms like dotted or ribbed. they also helps to enhance the pleasure.
give it try for another 6 months.
and still she don't get satisfied then find a nice guy. that guy must not be her friend or your. coz your reputation is on the line.

keep us updated so we can help you better
answered May 15, 2018 by Harsh.03 (1,045 points)
commented May 16, 2018 by Sneha8122 (400 points)
If you are going on opinion of Harsh, u can use re-usable condom which is 1mm thick.
U can buy it from Flipkart also.

Your ejaculation time will increased as well as your wife will also enjoy alot due to thicker and bigger dots....

Good luck.

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The reason because of which you want to share your wife is not enough and good reason since there are many other ways you can help her to get the orgasm like oral sex and you can use sexual toys on her.  However, if you want her to have sex with others to feel better then you can go ahead but make sure that you both choose the partner who does not involve with her in emotional affair and only comes to have sex with her and then go to his home.

Choose the partner who you both can trust and who has reliability. If you both are mature enough to handle the post sex situation then you can go ahead and you both need to set the boundaries before allowing other person to fuck your wife.
answered May 15, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (28,170 points)
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There is nothing wrong in sharing her for pleasure asking as you are ok with that.
Make sure she is not in the wrong hands who in turn use her to extract money happy sexual life for you and your wife
answered May 15, 2018 by maximos7 (270 points)
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Hi Dear,
      To be frank you dont have any ways to allow him for mental, physical satisfaction
 actually as we all know that if a girl had not sex earlier before marriage  
then she know about after marriage she will enjoy but when the she feel the situation like this then she break & there may chances to go in  
    And situation may more dangerous when she enjoyed sex before marriage & she compare with you ..!

So all thing is clear & u know well   

so my suggestion is,  you  have  to choose a good gentle person for her with all detail of that gye & let them enjoy
because if she select for her there may be chances to trap got in trouble both of you ...1

Best of luck you both for a healthy & secure joyfuller sex life......!

please give response if u find me correct
answered May 15, 2018 by Rahul Toy (145 points)
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Go for a penis enlargement surgery
answered May 15, 2018 by rockstar536 (965 points)
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Its clearly is the case of cuckold husband now. You are right she will cheat you if yoh resist i will advice you to take things smoothly ask her to let set so.e boundries before indulging with others so that your married life wont get affected.

Let her enjoy find some decent friends do not let her contact other instead provide some random guys to her not fromyour frie ds or her ex boyfriends.
answered May 16, 2018 by myselfarun (1,895 points)
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If u are sure that u aren't satisfying her then probably I would suggest u to give her Ur permission allowing her to do whatever she likes..

U say that Ur wife is unsatisfied so no matter what she would look for other I feel instead of getting cheated by Ur wife , it would be wise from Ur side to allow it urself.. u can then control Ur wife and choose the guy u are comfortable with instead of Ur wife going bizarre and causing u lot of trouble..

U can be in control and own her by allowing her to have with others.
answered May 16, 2018 by Shamitha_sharma (210 points)
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You r a good guy who is thinking about satisfaction of wife.

I don't think there is any issue to allow your wife to have sex unless she assured to be loyal with you.

Infact you can also enjoy threesome,

But on another part, I want to say there is no need of doing this..

You can simply buy sex toy for your wife or can buy couple toy which u both can use...

Do update...

answered May 16, 2018 by Sneha8122 (400 points)
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A noble idea, my dear friend, coz it require lot of guts for a men to do especially in situation like yours..As it hurts the mens ego.

But before that, penise size n shape is not the only factor that make a women to Orgasm or have satisfed sex.... There are multiple ways to do that
1) Oral Sex
2) Nipple Simulation
3) Clitorial Orgasm
4) Foreplay
5) Feeling n emotion too.

Anything beyond 3.5 inch is more then enough to satisfy or have proper sex life.

Whereas for ED problem you can consult your physician.

Besr Wishes
Sexy Gudiya
answered May 16, 2018 by boldnsexy (1,310 points)
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All you have to do is to get treatment for your premature ejaculation from a sexologist. Your length of penis is more than enough to satisfy her.
answered May 17, 2018 by kunjumon57 (505 points)
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Go and consult some doctor...
answered May 19, 2018 by babblo4u (210 points)
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Look your question has all answers in it itself ,but you are a man and life is only one ,your body has to get satisfied by the body itself otherwise the purpose of existence is of no meaning .Now my idea is your penis size doesn't matter you can satisfy her in oral sex ,intimate sex act only fucking and ejaculating or orgasm is not sex .
all 1000 acts make sex life more interesting ,female is not dominant in sex she is not the superior in sex always .

You have to consult a sex expert doctor and tell him all issues he will give all exercises and medicines required and you should change routine in life which will make your penis condition into best condition.Your problem is only mental because your wife love only fucking act in sex .My advice is think longer after your wife get 40 will she be still under same excitment on sex the answer is no.

I am also confused but i am sure you are a depression patient at 28 take medical advice .If you allow your wife to be at freedom of her choice or your freedom to bring men to satisfy her it will go on continueing and you will become more depressed .
According to me just divorce her she has enough reasons to divorce you also since you are not satisfying her in sex thats the only way .

But what will you do with the love to your wife this is a million dollar question which has only one answer the man who love women without first loving himself has no meaning in life. Try to love yourself first then think of loving your wife .What are the way to love oneself is again a million dollar question its only possible by self management so learn it first there are much bigger aspects of a birth we got in this life   .Let her go permanently with a man who can keep her in good fucking conditions and dont let her life insecure with lot of men since you know STD has no limits it can come with anyone and insecure sex will create lot of problems to you also .

So just divorce her and first start loving yourself you have to live longer since you are just 28 marry a new lady who is virgin and little traditional meanwhile you meet a doctor and treat both your sex organ and mind I think yoga will help you a lot .I have framed this answer to you because you are very week in sex so first improve it sex comes from both mental and physical strength .

I am giving you the actual truth so that you become a successful man in life with great values .
answered May 19, 2018 by Lifewithfreedoms (920 points)

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