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Will it harm my health if I drink and eat my Girlfriend's waste matter?

asked May 14 in Questions by Sachsuckle (130 points)
edited May 16 by longhands1

I am a 28 year old man and this is my first question on AA although I have been reading this site for several months now which has helped me educate myself a lot about sex and relationships. It is literally the guide to my life.

Please do not pass judgmental comments after reading my question below as I am seeking honest answers from knowledgeable persons.

I am madly in love with a 24 year old beautiful girl for the past 3 years and we plan to marry soon. I genuinely, sincerely and honestly feel she is the goddess of my life and I am very lucky to have her in my life. I have repeatedly confessed this to her. Initially, she would laugh it off saying it is intense love that I have for her. Over a period of time, she has connected deeply with my feelings and she knows that I really mean what I say.

We have refrained from penetrative sex so far - as we want to do it only after our marriage. But the urge to give her pleasure - and seeing her experiencing intense pleasure - makes me give her oral sex (I lick her) as many times as we can whenever we can meet at a discrete and safe place. I have been swallowing her juices. I convinced her to let me drink her urine and after intial hesitation, now she flows freely in my mouth.

 For many weeks, we have been discussing about my desire to consume her faeces and I have watched her in toilet, have washed her after she is done etc., tasted it after it was in my hand etc. She is hesitant as she cares for my health and is worried if after eating something will happen to my health. She is not averse to the idea though.

I read a lot on internet but was not able to find authentic information anywhere. I am not interested in sexually titillating or imaginative stories of such an act as I do not know if such content is real or not.

She is perfectly healthy with no diseases whatsoever. Is there any health harm if I consume her faeces?

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commented May 24 by longhands1 (84,380 points)

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This was posted in your first question.

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commented Jun 15 by Sachsuckle (130 points)
Update: I did it four times so far. Did medical tests again yesterday and there is no adverse change in any of the test results. I think it may also be because my girlfriend is highly health conscious and very healthy with no diseases. Just wanted to share my experience.

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6 Answers

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Best answer

For most People, waste matter is just that – waste and is supposed to be flushed out of the body.

But there is small percentage of people who enjoy sex in this way. The practice of eating one’s own or another person’s feces is called coprophagia and these people get pleasure from its smell. Touch, taste or sight. It is called scat play. Obviously you are one of these people.

You are lucky that you have got a partner who is willing to experiment with you. Most partners will not allow this from their partners.    

Playing with scat (feces) is generally regarded as safe if proper protection is used (like latex gloves, plastic wrap, dental dams, washing with soap before and after sex).

But eating someone else's scat can greatly increase one's risk of parasitic, bacterial, and viral infections. Your Girlfriend is right and she fears for your health.

The E coli bacteria, along with parasites can cause severe diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, bloody stools, fever, nausea and vomiting. The viruses Hepatitis A and E may also be transmitted through contact with fecal matter.

These infections can occur even without eating any scat. If one's mouth, nose, or any orifice or open cuts or sores touches something that has had contact with the feces (such as kissing an unwashed hand after using the bathroom), then it is possible for s/he to become infected as well.  

Women should take extra precaution when coming into contact with scat, because urinary tract and vaginal infections are commonly caused by the bacteria present in fecal matter.

It may be fun, but can lead to serious illnesses. Best avoided.
answered May 16 by longhands1 (84,380 points)
selected Jun 14 by Sachsuckle
commented Jul 26 by longhands1 (84,380 points)
Sachsuckle, Thanks for liking my Answer. Hope I was able to address your doubts in some way.
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It would harm your health as it is the waste that her body throwing out so naturally there is nothing that body can keep in it so if you eat your body will get some disease like stomach pain and other health related issues. Therefore, I would say stay away from it but you can lick her ass hole if you wish once she wash it thoroughly  and can give her maximum pleasure but you should refrain yourself from eating those waste material from her body.

She would not get any pleasure if you eat it but if you lick her ass hole and vagina then she will get pleasure and if you want to eat it to prove how much you love her then it is not required as there are many other ways you can prove your love to her.
answered May 15 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
commented May 18 by Sachsuckle (130 points)
Thanks everyone for your answers. I did not know how to post a common reply to all questions so typing here.

We both are 100% healthy, no diseases at all (medically tested regularly), very particular in our diets and we exercise regularly for fitness. I read a lot about the subject and even got her urine and stool medically tested multiple times in recent few months. The reports are totally perfectly good with no signs of anything bad.

I consumed her feces about 48 hours ago. Not too much. Just about one mouthful. It was not repulsive in taste or smell at all. And there are no signs of any bad effect on me physically as of now. I cannot describe the feelings of having done it as I sincerely love her as if a worship. She is happy that she could fulfill my wish. We have decided to take it slow and I will do my medical tests again a few times after I eat her feces again. Honestly, it was far easier to actually do it than to think about it.

I am really thankful to all of you who responded.
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I don't appreciate the idea of consuming faeces and urine of your girl friend.It will devalue your personality. In future you will be slave to her after marriage.Oral sex,licking and sucking of love secretions is OK.She should also please you in similar way.Love is a both sided affair. It is good thing that you are avoiding penetrative sex.
answered May 16 by Motilal (8,040 points)
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I am sorry, but this act itself is disgusting from my point of view...But might not be true for others

I can still understand the act of Golden Shower but waste...It absolutely no..No..N one of the major reason is from your health perspective.

Be wise

Best wishes to both of you

With Love,
Sexy Gudiya
answered May 16 by boldnsexy (1,140 points)
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Avoid eating feaces. Maximum you can drink her urine, if you cannot avoid it. Locking, sucking and drinking her pussy fluids are Ok. You can give your fluids and thick milk to her mouth and let her swallow it if she enjoys doing it
answered May 17 by kunjumon57 (505 points)
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So both of you are yet to have sexual intercourse and wish to do it after marriage. You are licking her pussy, drinking her urine and eating her faeces. So I think there's no point in waiting for sexual intercourse till marriage. Both of you have already done so much and leading an active sexual life sans penetration.

Drinking her urine and eating her faeces is not a good idea. They are waste products of the body and harmful. You can ask your girlfriend to pass urine in your mouth to fulfill your sexual fantasy but avoid swallowing it. You can fulfill your fantasy for your girlfriend's faeces by touching her faeces but don't put it in your mouth. Wash her butts with your hands after she has excreted. Be satisfied with it. I don't recommend putting it in your mouth.
answered May 18 by Austin George (660 points)

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