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Which Lingerie will be best suited for a woman with a hourglass body?

asked May 8 in Questions by Vedika (510 points)
edited May 15 by longhands1

Dear Anjali and members of

I am Vedika, a 30 year old maried woman and a new user here. The main aim of my question is to select a good lingerie for myself, so I would require help in this regard to decide.

My husband always wants me to be seen in a sexy avatar and am planning to surprise him by wearing a lingerie on his upcoming birthday which is 2 months away. I have never tried one so completely new to this idea. Would like to hear from both gents and ladies as your opinions will be really helpful for me to decide and select a good one.

So Guys, what kinda lingerie would you prefer on a woman and women which lingerie would you prefer based on comfort level and look? How to select a good lingerie?

I am 5' 6" tall, fair and have a hourglass body (comparatively slim waist with fuller bust and hip size). I thought of wearing a camisole at first but your opinions will help me to provide a variety of options and select the best one for the big day.

Thank you all.

Here are some sexy Lingerie that you can try.....LH


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10 Answers

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Best answer
Hello Vedita, first of all cheers for coming forward and asking opinions of both men and women on a topic that is still considered way too advanced and modern for Indian society. To answer the first part of your question, personally I like women to be seen in lingeries such as babydoll, Teddy, corset and bodysuit. All these are very sexy lingerie and will suit your bodytype primarily because you would have all the curves at the right places.
For your hourglass body, choose a lingerie with garter belt since that will enhance your slim waist and would make you more sexually appealing to your husband.As you are busty, you would not require a pushup or padded bra, hence you can opt for a strapless deep neck bra that would provide ample view on your cleavage. You can also opt for a revealing transparent bra if you are comfortable since that would make your nipples visible.
Coming on to the panties, opt for G- string, thong or high waist cheekinis as that would just about cover your pussy lips, butt crack and provide a full view of your ass cheeks which again would be very much tempting for your husband.
Best wishes for your lingerie selection and also for the big day..
answered May 16 by Anup31 (290 points)
selected May 18 by Vedika
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I would say wear the one which you feel would be best for you and you would be comfortable in it as you have to be confidence once you wear it and you can be only in confidence if you wear of your choice. As a man I like bikini or when my partner wear only long t shirt without anything underneath. You can choose the things as per your husband’s choice or his liking since you must be aware what he likes you to wear most of the time.
answered May 15 by alpesh kapdi (27,435 points)
commented May 15 by Vedika (510 points)
Thank you for the opinion on this @alpesh kapdi. I am comfortable with my body and don't have a prob with any of the costumes including bathing suits during swimming sessions but since this is the first time I was experimenting with a lingerie, I thought it would be good if I know others perspective.
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Great to hear that you intend decking your intimate parts with sexy innerwear to surprise your Husband on his Birthday.

It often happens that we dress well on occasions with our best dress, but forget all about the sexy lingerie and end up wearing the same old bra and panties.

It is rather difficult to suggest what lingerie will suit you, but I am sure your husband will get an eyeful. Visit any Mall and the choice will shock you. It all will depend on how bold you can get. From lacy, velvety, see through teeny-weeny lingerie to the almost bare ones which highlight your vaginal lips….all are available for a price.  

Since you say you are well endowed, you will not need the underwire bra. Some super sexy bra and panty set lingerie ideas include embroidered bralettes, high-waist briefs/panties, mesh & lace, sheer velvet, delicate scoop bralette and panty set.

Slip form lingerie comes in the form of a mini ore micro dress that barely covers the private parts. Slip form lingerie is mostly made of silk, satin, and/or lace.

Choose your husband’s favourite colour. It also should feel good when you wear it.
Finally, don’t allow your husband to use his hands to unfasten your bra or remove your panties. Make him use his teeth.

If you are willing to waste a bra, then cut out the tips at the end of the cups and let your nipples come out from there. See your husband drooling when he sees this. It will also harden your nipples due to the friction.

I could not post Pictures in my Answer posting in your question. Pick your choice.
Have fun.
answered May 15 by longhands1 (84,390 points)
commented May 15 by Vedika (510 points)
Hi LH, glad to hear your detailed opinion on this and providing the choices with pics; those options are very bold and I would be a bit reserved to try these initially but I think I will be mentally prepared in two months time to wear the ones which barely covers the private parts in front of him. I feel we Indian women are still very shy to try those outfits and it's high time we embrace our sexuality and experiment with these stuffs in our personal life. So am going to try some very bold ones for sure. Am also thinking to wear an overcoat and just a long white transparent shirt inside the overcoat before revealing the inside so that I can enhance the overall mood via a slow striptease. Guess that would be very tempting. Anyways thanks once again!!
commented May 15 by longhands1 (84,390 points)

Since you are wearing it for your husband and only will be able to see it, get as bold as possible. You can also order online if you feel shy talking to the salesman.
commented May 18 by longhands1 (84,390 points)
Thanks for liking my Answer. Since you want to surprise your husband...wear something bold and shocking.

If he asks you have become so bold...just smile. He will never know we gave you ideas.
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Pick the second one which shows your boobs biggers and ass looks more thick
answered May 15 by rockstar536 (870 points)
commented May 16 by Vedika (510 points)
Thank you for the opinion,  i think that won't be a prob and I can select any one of these,because since my body type is hourglass, any lingerie would highlight by bust and butt.I would like to select the best one for me comfortwise and lookwise, even if it's a bit expensive.
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Hi Vedika,
As you are trying for the first time, I would also suggest that go for camisole having very thin shoulder straps-it would look very Sexy.
you must be aware that there are number of varities in lingeries. Dont go for those lingerie which is merely a bra-panty set with some fancy strings and all. it doesnt suits.The bra they provide in those lingerie are not as per your breast size. it comes as free size.(however, purpose of those bra is not a proper fitting. purpose of those bra are exposing maximum of your breasts) and due to this it doesn't fit well. so it may possible that you may not feel confident while wearing.
Go for camisole and wear it without any bra.
I hope my answer helps.
answered May 16 by imunique (1,025 points)
commented May 16 by Vedika (510 points)
Thank you for the opinion, I zeroed in on camisole initially but seeking opinions here has provided me with a lot of options, and almost every lingerie I searched online doesn't have a variety of size options; so I think going out and buying is the best option for me. And am not much sure about online ones, whether they will be good or worth for the money. So just hunting for the best one.
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First of all i want to congratulate ur husband for having such an wonderful wife and also kudos to you , i guess any lingerie with your husband's favorite color will be good . i am giving u a link , u can take ur decision from it.
answered May 16 by callover22 (435 points)
commented May 16 by Vedika (510 points)
Thank you for commenting and sharing the link; there is not much variety available with respect to colour; mostly all are black or red;so getting the fav colour will be tough; I don't know if black or red will suit my skin tone but since we don't have much options to select from in a country like India, I have to be content with whatever colour is available.
commented May 18 by callover22 (435 points)
Welcome and best of luck..
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Hi vedika
i am not familiar with names but i can surely suggest some by posting some pics.
answered May 16 by myselfarun (1,790 points)
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Although I am not able to suggest names, it should be a see-through one. Grow your pubic hair to maximum length, shampoo it. Pubic hair and aereola with nipples should be visible through a translucent (not transparent) dress. If possible buy one with holes for the nipples to peep out and the aereola should be visible. Change the colour of the pubic hair  from black to copper. You can colour your nipes too
answered May 17 by kunjumon57 (505 points)
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Hey Vedika... I have one more suggestion for you... whatever type of lingerie you select please ensure that when you are in front of him before revealing tease him as much as you can then make it a task for him to feel u in ur lingerie...
answered May 20 by babblo4u (210 points)
commented May 20 by Vedika (510 points)
Yeah thank you for the suggestion, that's what am going to do..Planning to wear a long white shirt over the lingerie and an overcoat on top of the shirt so that I can provide a slow striptease to him before revealing. Hope that would work.
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Sweet. Main point is your choice .
Nowadays I am experimenting with thongs with my 40 size butts and I get good response in comfort and you know from males eyes
answered Aug 4 by delhi1221 (270 points)

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