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Do you think my bhabhi will let me have sex with her?

asked May 1 in Questions by rockrick (120 points)
edited May 15 by longhands1

I am 27 years old and my Bhabhi is 29. She got married to my bro last year.

We are very close to each other. When I was alone with her, I saw her armpit hairs coming out of her blouse sleeves. I made fun of her and our talks led to her pussy and other body parts hairs.

I even touched her armpits and pressed her boobs 4-5 times without alarming her. She just  laughed. Once she told me her bra size and even my mom's bra size. She even tells me how hairy my mom is.

I am sure she will have sex with me. But I am confused why she talks about Mom.

Any Ideas?

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4 Answers

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She is generally talking about your mom without thinking too much so focus on what you want from her and go for it. It sounds that she is ready to have sex with you so if you want the same thing then go for it but make sure that no one would caught you otherwise you both will kicked out of the home. She has more to lose than you so if you both are confidence enough to keep the things secret from everyone then go for it otherwise stay away from each other.
answered May 15 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
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she is talking about her only to divert you from topic try to talk more with her about other things porns and etc and she will let you know if you can have her or not.
answered May 16 by myselfarun (1,790 points)
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She is freely mingling with you. Now that you have touched her boobs, make more intimate touches like kissing and more. Gradually both of you will do what you really want to.
answered May 17 by kunjumon57 (505 points)
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Its all common in women to talk about women in family first dont think its all a sign that she is ready to have sex with you unless and untile  there is a motive to have sex with you she will not be ready.

There can be lot of reasons where she will agree for sex with you same case lot of reasons she will not have sex with you .
30 percent of murder happen because of extra marital affairs as per a survey why and why she ,all sex life should be a permanent solution so just avoid this mental conditions and explore other women were a heaven is waiting for you since you are only 27.
answered May 25 by Lifewithfreedoms (920 points)

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