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My Wife's Cousin Sister notices my Morning erection and stares. What to do?

asked May 1, 2018 in Questions by Anup31 (375 points)

I am a 31 year old guy. Am married and my wife and parents stay with me. My wife's cousin sister stays with us too since past 2 months. She is in pursuit of a job and she is 23 years old.

My wife's cousin serves us the morning tea and at that time she briefly stays there in our room and converses with me and my wife. During such instances, I have noticed her ogling at my crotch bulge multiple times which is visible and quite evident through the night pajama that I will be wearing normally.

This is a very natural occurrence for us guys in the morning and am embarrassed to an immense extent due to this. I have tried to act like sleeping and cover myself with a blanket when she comes but that isn't helping as my wife asks me to wake up and have a conversation with her when she comes.

I have tried wearing trousers also but that also doesn't help much. How to deal with this situation? Should I let know my wife about this?

Looking forward for your opinions.

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5 Answers

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Best answer
If she notices it out of the way and giving you stare there then she is having bad intentions towards you so if you do not want to have sex with her then make sure that you do not encourage her for anything.

There is no need to tell about it to your wife yet otherwise her cousin may shift the blame on you and you may not be able to prove anything to your wife so as long as she does not make any move directly on you, you should not do anything but make sure that you ignore her enough so she gets your hint that you are not interested in her.

If she does things apart from the staring at your crotch then you can let her know that she needs to respect the boundaries and the relationship you both share and make things clear to her that you do not want to cheat on your wife.
answered May 15, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (28,170 points)
selected May 21, 2018 by Anup31
commented May 16, 2018 by Anup31 (375 points)
Hello Alpesh, Thank you for opining on my question;Am not at all iterested to have sex with her; I have almost come to the point of speaking about this to my wife as this was something that was happening daily.Am developing ways to avoid her in the morning like going out for a walk before she comes to the room and am also thinking to speak to her as there are some acts of hers which are quite strange!!
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It is a natural human reaction. Don't read too much into it. Simple solution - wake up earlier than your wife's sister wakes up, finish your morning routine by the time she is done making tea for you.
answered May 14, 2018 by Sachsuckle (135 points)
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Hello Anup,

I can understand your concern and I feel that you are wearing a short t-shirt or upperwear while sleeping at night. I would suggest you to wear a loose long kurtha or a long t-shirt as nightwear so that you have an extra covering above the pajama when she comes in to your room in the morning. That way you can hide most of it.

Also you can try wearing a loose underwear inside the pajama and I feel even that would help in reducing the bulge. As women if the bulge is visible then we sometimes can't help but stare at it and that's a natural reaction towards the opposite sex. Am sure she is just curious and not harbouring any bad intentions towards you.

If it's a repeated incidence and making you very uncomfortable, then you should talk to your wife about this so that she could speak to her and probably ask her not to bring the morning tea hereafter; after all it's very uncomfortable appearing immediately in front of someone after the morning sleep and your wife's cousin sister should understand this.

Also since you are aware of this incident, you should make some adjustments to your clothing so that it's not visible to anyone else.
answered May 15, 2018 by Vedika (510 points)
commented May 16, 2018 by Anup31 (375 points)
Thank you Vedika!! That's very helpful and I would try to be more careful with my clothing. Am very much uncomfortable with the whole incidence and also am not attempting to grab her attention in any ways. It's in more ways inappropriate from her side to stare like that for something that's quite natural.
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Why you are worried so much she is just looking at your bulge try to be calm when she is in room and if she is upto something she will let you know.
answered May 16, 2018 by myselfarun (1,895 points)
commented May 16, 2018 by Anup31 (375 points)
Am not worried but it's uncomfortable, and I don't expect such behaviour from wife's cousin;morning erection is something which is quite common for us guys and she shouldn't ogle at it in the first place;I would obviously be in my nightwear during early mornings and it's rude to stare below the waist of her brother in law and as I said am not at all interested to have any physical relation with her, so I don't bother too if she is up to something.
commented May 17, 2018 by myselfarun (1,895 points)
In that case i dont think you can do much as informing this to your wife will be stupid idea so the only thing you can do is wear something better than pyjamas so that your bulge gets hide or better take a thin blanket while sleeping so that She dont look at your bulge.
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Let her enjoy and be happy at ogling your erection as long as your wife has no objection to that. Who knows you won't be lucky in future?
answered May 17, 2018 by kunjumon57 (505 points)

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