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How to give my GF endless pleasure and make her squirt?

asked Apr 27 in Questions by Svkhanna222 (205 points)
edited Apr 28 by longhands1
Firstly, I want to  Thank all the askanjali members who supported me and help me get better decision in life.

My GF is 28 years and staying in Bhopal and living with another boy who may be her future husband.

She comes to Jammu to meet me. I have sex with her and the condom problem was there which I have told you in my earlier question. She is older than me but physically looks like a young girl.

Coming to the point, she has sex regulary but I want to give her endless pleasure in sex so that she won't be able to forget me and will request me for sex in the future also. My penis size is 5" long and 4.2" width,

Please tell me, step by step what to do to, to give her endless pleasure in sex (eg. first kiss her on the neck for 5minute, then do kiss on lips for 10 minute, put my hands on her boobs and squeeze them, kiss her nipples and kiss on her pussy, then penetrate for 1 hour and then anal means all the things which will give her full and endless pleasure).

Don't worry, I have the stamina to fuck full night because in earlier fuck, I fucked her for 3 hours continuously and her pussy was swollen so I stopped. I want to make her squirit also. Please give me tips for this also during sex.

Note: Please mention the time duration for each act also.

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3 Answers

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Mr. S V Khanna, Your problem is not between legs, it is between two ears.

You are just making unnecessary competition. As your friend is already having BF at Bhopal you are comparing their sexual make-out with yours. You just wanna here from your friend that you are better, amazing, wonderful than her BF at Bhopal.

If both of you are not going to get married then please don't involve your emotions. If your relationship does not have concrete future than just enjoy as much as you can. Do not try to prove her that you are better than her future husband. You are feeling that after marriage you are gonna lose her, she won't come to you.

If you want emotions then get married to some one. If you just need sex then you will get many friends with mutual benefits.
answered May 1 by SHREYASH PATEL (580 points)
selected Jun 11 by Svkhanna222
commented Jun 11 by Svkhanna222 (205 points)
I love her very much but to my bad luck she never agrees to marry me.
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Hello my friend if you ask questions this way, noone is gonna answer;this isn't a sex demo or porn site where you will be like given time duration of each act; each and every women is different and the act of foreplay varies with women to women;this applies even for men too; please try to be genuine and mature in your questions and be sensitive towards womanhood;there wasn't even a need to mention that her pussy was swollen after sex.
You have a gf who maybe getting married to some other person;you don't love her and you are using her just as a means of fulfilling your sexual needs and do you think users on here would be interested to give you answers!! Seriously???
answered May 1 by Anup31 (290 points)
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Dont be in a hurry , try performing oral sex as much as you can , Then you could go down and lick her down . You need to things step by step , which can make her carzy. All the best
answered May 8 by Lansingh007 (105 points)

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