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My GF ended our relationship because I wanted to have Sex with her.

asked Apr 25 in Questions by Myself.rahul (150 points)
edited Apr 26 by longhands1

I recently watched some porn which included hardcore sex with MILFs. I initiated sex chat with my GF which was awesome. But after that when I said lets try it one day she refused and ended the relationship.

I want to have sex but so far unable to do so. Please advice me,if I had done wrong, as you all are experienced.

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5 Answers

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Best answer
I think she had immaturely ended the relationship because if she did not want to have sex with you then she could have said no and if you forced her then she should have ended the relationship but she acted quickly and without thinking too much. It might be possible that she got the impression that you are with her for the sex and you did not love her so she ended the relationship to save herself but whatever it would be I would say she was not mature enough to be in the adult relationship as sex is the part of the relationship which she failed to understand.

It also shows that she was not into you that much and she might not love you otherwise asking for the sex is not the ground to end the relationship. One thing is clear that she will not allow you to have sex with her as sex is a big deal for her and she is the girl who want sex after the marriage so no need to waste your time after her in persuading her to be with you again. You can masturbate until you got a partner with whom you can have sex but there is no need to go to prostitute for the sex otherwise you will end up putting your life in danger.
answered Apr 26 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
selected Apr 26 by Myself.rahul
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Hi its normal for your age.i think your girl friend may not ready for sex..don't get depress let's try another one...but..if you want to have sex you should get her confidence with should not be problematic..and should maintain secrecy...speak to her...try and try...and at the same time..think about career also...
answered Apr 25 by dr kalyan (465 points)
commented Apr 25 by Myself.rahul (150 points)
may be you are right i have to focus other things now lets see thanks for your suggestion.
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myself rahul
1.Status as on today is that your GF ended the relationship. Don't you think it may also resume anyday.
2.It is upto her to refuse sex with you.
3.Do you have only one GF. At 21, you should have few more. Plan B or  Plan C
4.You want to have sex; money is not a problem for you; then hiring an escort is Plan D
answered Apr 25 by solliadi (2,910 points)
commented Apr 25 by Myself.rahul (150 points)
No i dont have any other girl to get laid i think its normal to have sex in this age the problem is she was absolutely fine with everything except to try in real life.
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All girl friends are awesome and sexy.What is the age of your girl friend.Girl friends are not meant for doing sex only.Remove your misconception.She seems to be more mature than you.I wholeheartedly support the action taken by her.Yes,you committed wrong and going much ahead of your age.Remember GF's want love,affection,sympathy and cordial behaviour. Why you are in hurry to do sex....whole life is behind you.
answered Apr 25 by Motilal (8,030 points)
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She simply chickened out, there are far better women out there who won't act that stupid and dumb. Forget her and move on.
answered Apr 25 by gr8gaur (2,400 points)

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