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Why do older women prefer younger guys in bed?

asked Apr 17 in Questions by rockstar536 (870 points)
edited Apr 26 by longhands1

Many of my friends are actually in secret relationship with one or in some cases more than 2 to 3 MILF. Its actually in trend now that young guys are fucking older women and older women are seeking young boys in bed.

I know why young guys prefer older women because they are experienced in sex and can teach a lot to us and aunties actually have bigger boobs and bigger ass which every guy imagines to fuck. Also mature women allow us to fuck in her ass which younger girls don't allow easily.

I want to know from a women's point of view, what are the reasons that they prefer young guys?

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7 Answers

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Best answer
Rockstar 536

Shall I rephrase the question -  Why do Some older women prefer younger guys in bed? [Not all women]
1.To feed the ego or self esteem that she still looks atractive.
2.Excitement. thrill
3.Feeling young
4.Wealthy Women can buy youngsters, give gifts, taking to shopping...
5.(as myself arun said) Youngsters Demand less
6.Youngsters are less serious and More energetic
7.Hesitancy in asking the men of their age. They are already married or doing something somewhere..
answered Apr 18 by solliadi (2,910 points)
selected Apr 24 by rockstar536
commented Apr 20 by rockstar536 (870 points)
Yeah these could be the reason even sometimes I also think that if I could get milf who would teach me more skills in sex and buy gifts for me
commented Apr 25 by solliadi (2,910 points)
Thank you rockstar, for selecting my answer as the best.
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I feel girls love the enthusiasm and lust from the younger guy. That curiosity and that eagerness is too high in younger guys which gives lot of fun to gals. As the guy gets older his enthusiasm fades off and he ll be more demanding wherase the younger ones ll be ready to do anything for our sake. There main intention is to pleasure the girl than themselves which is opposite in older guys.

For me the shyness and the raw freshness with innocence of the younger guys take me over and gives me a lot of pleasure.

Me answering this so please don't me consider to be milf myself. I am quite thin and my assets are smallers than milf.

Also please please don't msg me for any sexual pleasure or any fun.i am not interested

answered Apr 17 by Shamitha_sharma (210 points)
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Because it makes them happy >> Most have their own sob story about unhappiness in arranged marriage, some tire of ageing husbands with sagging chest, work exhaustion and their inability to recreate magic that was possible when they married young.

Some husbands sympathize with 'horny wives' by keeping doors open for young men with whom a fling can happen.. Young guys look good, it is not a crime to enjoy a muscular body, nothing to be ashamed about. Older ladies may relish attention as sleeping with someone younger boosts self esteem but its' more of an ego trip for such a lady. Young guys are openly affectionate and uninhibited VS rigid and burdened husbands. Young men also have lesser ego's, they are still turbo-charged by their testosterone levels than worldly mind.

I personally know a lady who works out with a young fitness trainer and confided in me about saucy fling on Christmas eve, 2016. However, it took them six months of regular interaction, the sex was more like a reward for helping her achieve those fitness goals.

Lets' see what other members can contribute on this interesting thought.
answered Apr 17 by guruofalldivas (405 points)
commented Apr 21 by rockstar536 (870 points)
Right I think same goes for girls I have seen young girls with sugar daddy to fullfill their money and physical needs
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some of them are sitting idle at home they get bored by their life not going anywhere and after many years of marriage husband doesn't give them same attention
answered Apr 17 by akashprakash9999 (240 points)
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Because they are more energetic and less experienced and have no demands girl or ladies can dominate them at thier will.
This is the main reason thats it.
answered Apr 17 by myselfarun (1,790 points)
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Older women think that younger guys are more energetic and stay longer in bed.It is not  always true. I have satisfied few married women and a widow upto my age of 63,after my marriage.I got from them,what wife didn't gave me.They forget that experience and technique counts more.I never defiled an unmarried girl or done premarital sex.
answered Apr 18 by Motilal (8,030 points)
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Why should boyz have all the fun....It's like more the better

Better stamina n more excitement toward sex as compared to old men with low  stamina, with less excitement for adventure

Any thing that is freshed is always liked and welcome.

Young guys are sex starved and are always on troll for a hunt, so they always try and give their best shot while also making sure the women enjoys so that she would allow them next time to again to fuck them
Vs for men it is in reverse order, younger the better . Tighter pussy, pricky boobs and with less khich khich..
answered Apr 19 by boldnsexy (1,135 points)
commented Apr 21 by rockstar536 (870 points)
Yes I also feel sometimes being energetic is required

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