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DSN: Sex robots are being made to look like customers’ dead wives

asked Apr 16 in Questions by longhands1 (84,380 points)

Sex robots are being made to look like customers’ dead wives… and one firm insists it’s the best way to help with their grief

For many people, the social aspects of owning a sexbot are far more important than the physical side of things

SEX robots have become so lifelike that bereaved men are flocking to order dolls designed to resemble their dead partners.

The Sun Online spoke to True Companion, the American company behind the world's first sex robot, to learn what people are really looking for in their doll lovers.


Douglas, pictured with Roxxxy, spoke to us about what people are looking for in a robotic lover

Douglas Hines, the engineer who brings True Companion's customisable bots to life, told us there's far more to his sex robots than meets the eye.

The talking Sex can be fully customised, with the option to model the robots' faces after loved ones.

This has led to Roxxxy, the pioneering company's customisable sex robot, proving extremely popular with bereaved men who want a doll resembling their dead wives.

Alongside requests for celebrity lookalikes, this is the most common thing customers are looking for.

He said: "Maybe 50 per cent [of customers] are people who want a custom robot for family members.

"That's what True Companion is all about and that's why it's called True Companion."


Roxxxy can be customised to fit the likeness of deceased partners - something which has proven extremely popular

He also explained that, for many people, the social aspects of owning a sexbot are far more important than the physical side of things.

The engineer said: "80 per cent of involvement is social, meaning the interaction which is a bit mundane and conversational.

"But maybe 10-20 per cent is the actual physical engagement with the robot, from a sexual perspective.

"Most of the customers are just people looking for companionship, a loving touch and a warm embrace."

As a result of the demand for loving sex robots, Roxxxy's more "mature and matronly" personality setting has proven a hit with many customers.

Douglas says that when Roxxxy is in this mode, she loves nothing more than a cuddle, with sex temporarily taking a back seat.

Roxxxy is billed as the world's first sex robot, coming with multiple personality settings and the ability to learn about her owner's interests, likes and dislikes.

The fully-customisable bot, sold at $9,995.00 (£7,700), is so lifelike that she can even orgasm - and is sold alongside a male version, called Rocky.

True Companion makes sure their bots are as lifelike as possible with the help of an expert team used to making inanimate body doubles for films.

Sexbot expert Douglas added: "If you're going to have a companion with you, you want her to be as spicy as possible".

True Companion makes their lifelike dolls with the help of an expert team of engineers and artists.

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