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Can anyone tell me the name of this Movie?

asked Apr 15 in Questions by kamanasak (265 points)
Hello friends,

I had seen an English movie, long time ago, but I have forgotten this movie's name. I remember the story. If you know the movie's name, please share with me.

The story goes like this - In a village there is a young boy. His parents died in his childhood. One lady adopted him, and he was staying in that lady's home. As he grew up, the boy began to work in a coal factory. They have a hobby. Everyday at night, the lady tells the boy, a story without wearing a dress and after that they have sex with each other.

The boy then moves to another town for his job growth and they miss each other. After some years they again meet each other and they begin the same process at night.

I remember this much of story.

Can you remember the Movie's name? Please share here.
commented 4 days ago by kamanasak (265 points)
thanks to all replied for my question

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3 Answers

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Best answer
I am not sure but just check movie "Reader" starring Kate Winslet.
answered 6 days ago by chynabonjovi90 (130 points)
selected 4 days ago by kamanasak
commented 5 days ago by vikram008 (215 points)
no the reader have different story. in reader boy tells stories to woman. and she never adopted him.
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Very nice plot but not seen any movie like this
answered Apr 16 by Beauty Hunter (1,070 points)
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Let me process some keywords from what you have written - 'Coal factory'  'village'  'orphan'  'child worker'  'love making in the night' ... SRK + Deepshikha + Amrish Puri starer = KOYLA :)
answered Apr 16 by guruofalldivas (385 points)

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