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I want to marry my Stepmother who is divorced. Can I?

asked Apr 15 in Questions by sexlove21 (145 points)
edited Apr 26 by longhands1


I am 23 years old. My mom died when I was young and my Father remarried. My Dad has divorced my stepmom and I now live with my stepmom.

Few days back, I found changes in my stepmom's behaviour. She was being quite sexual and I enjoyed it. One day at night. we went for long drive and stayed in a hotel there. That night we both came close toeach other. One thing led to another and we ended up Fucking.

From tht day, we are in a sexual relationship. My stepmom is 36. We are thinking of getting married to each other. We are not able to live without each other. She can't sleep without sucking my dick and I am unable to sleep without sucking her boobs.

Should we marry? What can be the complications?

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6 Answers

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There are two variants of your life narrated differently.

In first variant, not long ago, in Feb- You are living with your father, Studying at 23. On Christmas day, your drunken step mother fucked you hard which made the beginning of your relationship.

In second variant,  You are a matured one at 23, taking care of your step mother divorced by your father. You both used to go on long drives, stay in hotels. One thing lead to the other and you fucked her first time in the hotel.

In first, your question is whether the relation will spoil your study? In the second, what problems will be faced, if you marry her?

Can you rewrite the correct one?
answered Apr 16 by solliadi (2,910 points)
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You are just 23 years old. I think you should be going for a job right now. I personally know people who got married at this age. But in your case there is a huge age difference.

If you are earning good and if you are confident enough, It's your wish. But there are many complications. Where is your father? Some like to stay with their mom. Now you have crossed that relationship too. Don't you have any relatives?

If you do have, they might oppose your decision. They might talk at your back and at some point you will regret. And again you will follow your dad's footsteps. At this age, due to sexual urge you might have got this idea of marrying her. You are just a teen now. Whereas she is mature. And when you become mature, she will be old. So think twice.

Try to enjoy the current scenario of satisfying your stepmom and my advice to you is to try and find a girl friend of your age.

I hope this is not a fantasy question.
answered Apr 16 by deepu1996 (385 points)
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Society will never accept this union and there is a huge age gap too so you should not marry her just to fuck her as you can fuck her without getting married too. If you both are living alone with each other then there is no need to get married just to have sex with her all the time as that you can do it without the label of marriage.

You will get bored of the sex soon so have sex with her much as you both want as that is the base of the relationship. You would not be able to make understand your family or friends or the neighbors so better to be in the secret relationship with her and nothing else.
answered Apr 16 by alpesh kapdi (27,435 points)
commented Apr 17 by sexlove21 (145 points)
Thanks for answer! Yaa we are having secret relationship..nd its true we both cant live without sex nd we regularly have sex for 2-3 times a it fine to fuck her 2-3 times a day without marriage?
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A couple should marry only when they are willing to grow old together. If only sex is in center of entire relationship then that marriage won't have long future.

You are just 23. At this age most of all young boys feel attraction towards mature women. Their seduction, The way they response during sexual act, their sexual talk, their experience to pleasure a man make them very attractive. And they just go for sex, no demand usually a girl friends does like shopping, movie, parties, and all. That's what a man wants. So this is a Sexual Attraction NOT LOVE.

You asked "SHOULD WE MARRY...???"
But you have not mentioned that is SHE READY FOR MARRIAGE...???
First confirm that is she ready for marriage or just enjoying a sex.
You are her step-son living with her so at present you are safe and young choice for her to have sex.

If she is ready for marriage then both of You have to get confirm from a Lawyer about legal recognition of this marriage. It may be complicated. Just get it confirm from legal expert that legally it is possible or not....???

Marriage brings responsible too like protecting & earning for family, kid, taking care of your partner, accepting their good and bad things, their past, present, future everything. SEX IS JUST COMPLEMENTARY.

As she is 36 years old and if you plan for a kid, you might have problem with future planning for kid because of her age. As science and technology has made it possible but those things come with their cost.

All The Best.
answered Apr 16 by SHREYASH PATEL (580 points)
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What is the main reason to get married to your step mom?
To be with her all time and to have a good and sex life with her, this you can do without marrying her. The thing you want is not entertained by the society. By the way how would you like to marry her openly (in front of the society) or secretly? if in future you want to marry other than your stepmom? Then is it ok with you to get married to two ladies? think for a while for all these question, all the answer will give you the solution of your query.
answered Apr 16 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
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first you need to know why your father gave her divorce.
and what is she looking for.
if everything is fine then there may be society issues. but if your love is true then no one can stop you
answered Apr 24 by Harsh.03 (1,025 points)