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I am married. Can I continue my Lesbian relationship with my Aunt?

asked Apr 14 in Questions by Seema john (125 points)
edited Apr 15 by longhands1


I am Seema, 38 year old woman. My husband works in another city. He comes every 2 months for 5 days, but he cant satisfy me.

Before marriage, I had sex relationship with my aunt. Can I continue my sex relation with my aunt?

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6 Answers

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Yours is a complex question. Being gay, it is very difficult to lead a straight life. Obviously, you are bi-sexual and not strictly gay. Did you marry your husband out of family compulsion? It is never easy psychologically to give up a same sex relationship.

Is your husband aware of your lesbian relationship? Do you have any children?

You have told us that you do not have a good sexual relationship with your husband. The fact is that a man can never replace a woman who is having a lesbian partner. Women know and understand what a woman wants and how to fulfill her sexual needs.

Women are more sexually fluid than men. A predominantly heterosexual woman might, at some point in time, become attracted to a woman, just as a predominantly lesbian woman might at some point become attracted to a man. Sexuality just isn't as simple as being born gay or straight. Evidence suggests there's a genetic contribution, but a person might be gay for different physiological and cultural reasons.

Being without sex for 2 months at a time and then not enjoying sex when your husband comes, but doing it only out of compulsion, is not the way forward.

If your aunt wishes to continue her lesbian sex with you, then there is no reason to hold back. But you must factor in the situation when your husband gets to know (if he ever does), as a partner would feel rejected to learn that their spouse is having a same sex (lesbian in your case) relationship.
answered Apr 15 by longhands1 (80,430 points)
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Yes you can and i find no harm in it. You can contact to your aunt and can continue accordingly, apart from that to you can talk to your husband about your sex session that you want it more often and suggest him that we should spice things up etc.
answered Apr 15 by myselfarun (1,220 points)
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you can't compare Maruti 800 and BMW 7 series on basis of luxuriousness. then why you are comparing sex with husband to sex with aunt.

sex with your husband may be one dimensional. may be you are not getting enough love, affection, attention from him which you are getting with your aunt. that's why you feel unsatisfied.

so first evaluate what you really need.
talk with your husband about your unsatisfaction. ask him to spend some quality time with you.

if after talking to your husband you feel there is no change then either approach towards your aunt or find new sex mate(male).
answered Apr 15 by Harsh.03 (715 points)
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You are lesbian before getting married.Lesbians like you find less pleasure from their husbands during sex encounters.You are out right blaming your husband for not satisfying you.This is not proper for you.You may continue your past activities.....but you shouldn't have got is a sort of cheating.
answered Apr 15 by Motilal (7,010 points)
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Whether you have sex with male or female after marriage is called the cheating so if you want to cheat on your husband and you think that this will not ruin your married life when you get caught then you can think about it but keep in mind that this would not be a permanent solution so better to go for the stable solution regarding your issues.

Talk to your husband that you are not satisfied with the sex life and with the frequency too and hear what he has to say. If possible then you can go to his place where he lives so you both can spend much more time together and can have sex often. Therefore, communicate with your husband and you both together can find the way which works for both of you.
answered Apr 16 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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Sex are of 2 types.. Physical n Emotional..

If your need of  sex is physical, then whether the sexual satisfaction come from, men or women or enuch or self simulation does not matters, what matter is sexual satisfaction....So if you are getting it from her, then why should you worry about anyone else.

So just enjoy your sex life n live it full

Have wonderful Sexlife
Sexy Gudiya
answered 6 days ago by boldnsexy (710 points)

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