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Have you seen girls/women peeing standing up?

asked Apr 14 in Questions by mrmarce0386 (120 points)
edited Apr 15 by longhands1

I was standing at my gallery which is on the first floor. I saw one sales girl having dark brown saree passing on the road. She was having medium, slim body and was around 25-28 years of age.

She was having a bag in her hand. Now, she suddenly stopped walking and went deep down the side road. Then she kept her bag on her left shoulder, opened it and took out her mobile and closed her bag.

Then she again went to the extreme end of the road side and was doing something on phone like checking msg or something. Then I saw her legs were apart more than normal like a gap  between her legs. At first sight she pretended like she is doing something on her phone.

She was almost there for 2 minutes. Then again she looked left and right, lifted her saree from left leg up to her thighs and moved 2 steps forward. Once she moved from that place I saw a round wet patch where she previously standing and then she moved out quickly from that place.

Has  anyone seen any girl/women peeing standing up? Is it normal?

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7 Answers

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I have not seen girls peeing in standing position.But some women in advance age,suffering from knee and waist do peeing in standing posture.Urine is generally spill out of commode should be washed by commode shower. It should not be a normal habit but they are helpless.
answered Apr 14 by Motilal (8,070 points)
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I didnt see any incident like this but i am a daily follower of a adult forum, there is a section where many of guys n girl share their experience about girls peeing standing in public places and other places, some incidents are really amazing and seductive.
answered Apr 14 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
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Normally women cannot pee while standing up as that is uncomfortable for them and they do get messy with pee on their thighs or they do not know how to pee while standing up. However, that does not mean that women cannot do it and if women have enough experience and practice then they can pee while standing up.  There is possibility that she peed while standing up.

There is an object available in the market for women to pee while standing up called Portable Travel Urinal Funnel Device so she might have used it and that did not require for her to sit to pee. Overall, this is not shocking and unnatural thing that she did. Most of the time women who travel a lot and have to stay out of the home a lot are using these techniques to pee.
answered Apr 15 by alpesh kapdi (27,435 points)
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It is possible for a girl/woman to stand and pee. But women are taught from a young age to sit down and pee. A man with his penis can direct where his urine will go, but you will notice older men, having the urine dribble all over their thighs and pants.

It takes some practice for a woman to direct her urine away from her body. The urethra (tube that urine passes through) is much shorter and does not extend from the body like a penis. The labia also blocks the urine stream.

A woman has to hold her legs wide apart, then hold her labia apart for the urine to pass out as a stream. Also she needs her bladder to be full, so that there is a stream.      

Now, why are women forced to urinate this way? One, because there are hardly any public toilets and if there are any, they are unclean. Since women have to sit on these, there is a strong possibility of bacteria entering the vagina.  

These days there are “stand to pee” (STP) or “female urine device” (FUD) aids that have a stiff tube and a sort of spout or funnel. The wide end is applied around the urethra and the tube allows aiming. It is rinsed after use.

I have posted a picture of this device in the Question (since System does not allow me to post pictures in Answer). In some foreign Bars there are urinals that can be use by women in the Gents Toilet. See Picture.

There are many products in the market like Paper Pee which is made of paper and SheWee which is made of plastic.

The disadvantage of Shewee is that you have to clean it every time you use it.
answered Apr 15 by longhands1 (84,380 points)
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Your question is a bit funny for me..

Being a lady I can answer it better. Yes, we girls can pee standing also. It's not impossible for us but the problem is if we pee standing, then our thighs and legs will get soaked with our pee. That's it.

So to avoid peeing on yourself we don't pee standing . It's very unusual for girls to pee standing.

Fun fact..while bathing with cold water sometimes I pee standing. It gives me nice feelings like warm feelings on my thighs

Thank you
answered Apr 16 by Shamitha_sharma (210 points)
commented Apr 20 by cumon (165 points)
Hahaha... It's too funny.. u hv nice humour.. as a girl u gave the perfect reason.. as I heard it from someone else too..
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Yah, I had seen it many times in my locality. Normally I see when i pass by tea gardens. The mature wowen and old ladies working at tea garden normally pee by standing. It is so seductive.

It turns me on. They are still strong, fit and healthy. I do not know why they like to pee by standing up.

Have a great day ahead.
answered Apr 17 by wassekaran (780 points)
commented Apr 18 by shuklahnpee7 (120 points)
Yes, it is Seductive.... My fiancee is in social services and she has to go to the small or remote village where toilet facility is still not there or clean.

There are 6-7 people in the group and also some boys too so she told me once that boys can go easily near the place and do near wall or tree but its not easy for girls so they 4 girls always wear saree when they are going to fields.

Then they will create some distance with boys group and standing like talking under tree with leg apart... and once all are completed they leave the place with wet land...
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Haa haa haa, Questions is really funny but there is nothing that only boys have legal rights to pee in standing...

I also never saw or heard that any girl doing it publically.

Actually I don't thing any girl doing in washroom also. Bcz we getting habbit to do it in seating position.

The act you saw is may be that lady got pressure and toilet was not available nearby...

Girls can do pee in standing....

answered May 6 by Sneha8122 (400 points)

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