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My nephew wants anal Sex more than vaginal Sex. Why?

asked Apr 12 in Questions by roma9 (150 points)
edited Apr 12 by longhands1

Hello AA users,

Thank you all for your suggestions on my previous question. I have a new query now.

I was able to successfully entice my Nephew for Sex (See earlier question). Me and nephew had good fuck first time. I successfuly excited him and we had intercourse. After some days we were having regular fuck.

One day he bought me jeans and Tee Shirt. I wore it without innerwear. That day in tight Tees and jeans we had anal sex first time. It was too good but after that he wants to have anal sex only and occasionally he wants to fuck my pussy. I want both regularly.

I dont know why he is not interested in my pussy anymore. Is it that my pussy is not that much tight any more?

Please help me. How should I enhance his interest in my pussy?

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6 Answers

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Best answer
Talk to him and make the schedule when he can fuck your vagina and when he can fuck your anal and he has to follow it if he wants pleasure from you. I am sure he will follow your instructions as he is having sex for free so who would not fallow it.
answered Apr 12 by alpesh kapdi (27,435 points)
selected May 7 by roma9
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Youngsters are always attracted to having anal sex as only few females allow that. Talk to him and express your feeling that you want to enjoy him in your pussy as well.

It might also be the case what you are thinking -  that your pussy isn't tight as that of you ass.

Hope I helped you.
answered Apr 12 by myselfarun (1,790 points)
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Anal orifice is much tighter than vaginal passage.In vaginal sex possibility of pregnany exists.There is no such risk in anal sex.I personally consider anal sex as unconventional and dirty.Some bisexual and homosexual people posses affinity for this.
answered Apr 12 by Motilal (8,070 points)
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Hello Roma
Actually the guys who are in young agr are more attracted to the sexual things which are very rare to get from their partner as like anal sex because out of 10 i think only 3 are agree to have anal sex. So in your case the same things is happening. You have all the thing what he want, that means you can control n order him to do whatever you want or like to do. Order him that first he have to do vaginal sex and satisfy you then only you will allow him to di anal sex in second round.
Rest have fun and enjoy your great sexual life
answered Apr 13 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
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Anal sex is sometimes preferred because it is taboo. It is obvious that the anus is tighter than the vagina and so a man feels a better grip on his penis. Your nephew must have been watching a lot of anal  porn and so is fascinated by it.

Do not think that your vagina has become loose. Think that he has a smaller penis and so likes penetration in your anus. Since you are the mature partner in the relationship, you should be in control. Insist that he gives you penetration first in the vagina and then only offer him your butt.

Or have days that he can have only vaginal sex. He is lucky that you also enjoy anal sex (many women do not), but as you have experienced, anal sex requires lots more preparation and lube to make it less painful and enjoyable.   

He may also be preferring anal sex to vaginal sex, as he may not like rough vigorous activity which is possible only in the vagina.

And his most important worry could be about getting you pregnant with vaginal sex. I am sure that he does not use a condom. So with anal sex, he is more relaxed and tension free.

I hope you are both are using lots of lubricants for anal sex. And do not allow vaginal sex after anal sex, without changing condoms or washing himself with soap and water.
answered Apr 13 by longhands1 (84,380 points)
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Hi Roma,

Congratulations for being successful in seducing your nephew. But it seems your young partner is selfish and he is satisfying his physical needs only. He seems to be ignoring your needs.  

It is sad that your young nephew is not understanding your physical need of getting into you pussy. One should not be too much selfish at least in sex. One has to understand, respect and satisfy his/her opposite partner's physical needs and desires too. It is NOT fair to be at receiving end always.

He/she has to be at giving end too sometimes.  When one gives the pleasure, he/she deserves to receive it also.When one is not able to give,he/she may not be able to get what he/she wants.

It depends on the involving partners choice that who will be at giving end and who will be at receiving end in a romantic session. The involving partners have to understand each others physical needs and satisfy them mutually. They have to reduce the communication gap between them.The lesser the communication gap, the better for the couple.

Also do not forget that your nephew is at a tender age and at this age many young boys may not have the maturity to understand the physical needs of his mature/older partner.Your nephew also may not be an exception. He may need sometime to become mature enough to handle a mature partner like you.The sooner he understands it, the better to both of you.

Just let him to be at receiving end for sometime till he becomes mature enough. Let him also be addicted to the drug of sex in the meantime. After that give some gap if required, so that he can feel/understand the pain of not able to fulfill the physical desires. Then he realizes how much important it is to fulfill his partner's physical needs too.  

When he realizes himself, it will be a great time for both of you. He should understand that if he is able to satisfy you, there will be always an invitation for a next romantic session and his partner will be eagerly awaiting for the next session to happen soon.
Making the opposite partner to be ready for the next romantic session is the greatest achievement for anybody. This is what is required for involving couple.

Also do not forget that giving him sometime to improve is like your investment and many times an investment needs sometime to give returns. So be patient for sometime, he should be understanding your need to enter into your pussy too in the near future. The near future may be fruitful to you.

Also do not hesitate to get what you want from your young partner. Be expressive and try to be little dominant too if required to get what you want. Try to modify him as per your requirement. Pretty soon he should be entering your pussy and satisfy you more than ever.

Wish you best of luck......
answered Apr 15 by sunny.ac640 (170 points)

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