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Why am I attracted towards Males now?

asked Apr 12 in Questions by Shruti_1292 (160 points)
edited Apr 12 by longhands1

I am 20 years old. I enjoyed sex with my BF a few times. I tried anal as well but It was quite painful, so I stopped him after he entered a little bit.

Now, I am very attracted towards sex and male sex organ. Earlier I was not that much attracted.

Also, I am attracted towards my BF's friend. I dont know why?

Is this normal?

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featued question

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8 Answers

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Best answer
Hi Shruti,
It's completely normal to feel urge for sex. It's need of food. Just like u take food when u feel hunger. The thing which matter is its something suppose to be discreet between two. I suggest to involve only with that person whom u trust.
Always use precautions enjoy life.

answered Apr 15 by Ramya.G (320 points)
selected Apr 15 by Shruti_1292
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Everyone has a fascination for Sex. Once you taste and feel the pleasure, you will keep wanting to experiment and want more and more. That is normal.

In Economics, you must have heard about diminishing returns. When you are hungry, you have a craving for food and when you have it, your satisfaction decreases. But there are somethings that don't follow this rule. Like having wealth or possession of gold. The more you have the more you want. Sex is like that. One can never be fully satisfied with having sex just once and you will want it more and more.

That is human nature and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

For anal sex, lots of preparation is required. Since the anus does not have any lubrication like the vagina, it has to be manually lubricated with oils. You have to first clean your bowels completely. Your BF should first use one finger, then two to expand the anus and make you feel comfortable, before he tries to penetrate with his penis. Using a condom, also helps.

Read our many Articles on anal penetration. In the start searching Box (top right) type anal sex  and you will get many answers.

Your attraction for your BF's friend is also normal at your age. You are honest to admit it. If you are not looking at marriage with your BF, you can discuss your fantasy with him, if he is broadminded. Your Tag in the question, says gangbang, so this gives us an idea of your fantasy. Nothing wrong with having a fantasy. But whether you want to act it out is up to you.

Best of Luck.
answered Apr 12 by longhands1 (84,380 points)
commented Apr 12 by Shruti_1292 (160 points)
Thank you four your comment.
commented Apr 13 by longhands1 (84,380 points)
Shruti.....Thanks for your acknowledgement.

Sex is very powerful. Once experienced, it is difficult to stop. There is no shame in talking about your sexuality. If you are able to control your guilt feelings, you can always experiment.

Ask your BF to get you a vibrator. It is easily available online. You will enter another world and can experience the joys in the privacy of your room, whenever you feel like. Every girl/woman should have one. it teaches you the erotic points in your body.
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Attraction to the opposite sex is quite normal and all the people do feel this way. You like your boyfriend’s private part too much because you know how much it gives you pleasure and this is normal so suck it and give him best blowjob I am sure you will love to take his penis in your mouth.

There is nothing wrong if you get attracted to your boyfriend’s friend but that does not mean that you should do something to be with him as that is something would ruin your relationship with him.

Moreover, keep these things with you only and no need to tell your boyfriend about your attraction to his friend otherwise he will feel insecure and he will keep you away from his friend.

You can fantasize his friend when you have sex with your boyfriend as that is not harmful and you have a right to imagine anyone who makes you excited or turns you on but keep it to yourself only and be loyal to your boyfriend.

Use condom for the safety and have as much sex as you both want. Anal sex is not for everyone so you should not try anal sex anymore as you come to know that your body is not for the anal sex.
answered Apr 12 by alpesh kapdi (27,435 points)
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Barring Homosexuals and Lesbians all are attracted to opposite sex.There is nothing abnormality.Bisexuals are attracted towards male and female both.But percentage of male or female attraction varies person to person.I will advise to abstain from anal sex,enjoy vaginal sex.
answered Apr 12 by Motilal (8,070 points)
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Hello Shruti
The feeling you are going through is obviosly normal, its good that you want to enjoy your sexual life to fullest. As our sexual need grows we want to fulfill them by the person with whom we are or we find someone else to get our physical need fulfilled. A simple real life example we got for lucnh or a dinner to our fvrt hotel but its not compulsory that every time we go n have food there, if we have carving for any other type of food n dish we obviously go to other hotel to try it.
Same as this you can try, at least you will get a new experience and your sexual need may be get fulfilled more then you want
Best of luck nd enjoy your sexual life ahead
answered Apr 13 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
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Hi shruti,

In the initial period of sexual life, It is quite natural to be attracted sexually to opposite sex. It is as natural as getting hungry. That is why it has been said that newly married couple never bother / look for the time to get intimate with each other.  

A bird when gets wings, likes to fly always till it gets tired/bored.The same kind of the feeling every human being may be having when they actually taste the sex.  So never think that it is abnormal.

Touch/feel the heights and depths of it.  Never leave anything untouched or untasted. Have a good time with your partner and be calculative in terms of risk if you are changing the partner as all partners may not be 100% reliable and most importantly never get into the situation of pregnancy at this juncture.

Use the contraceptives available to avoid pregnancy. Have a great and beautiful time....
answered Apr 13 by sunny.ac640 (170 points)
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No no stop yourself from being a hoe, be loyal masturbate instead of cheat and that's normal don't worry
answered Apr 13 by rockstar536 (870 points)
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Sruthi you are awesome Since you are very straight forward ,Look life is to enjoy but be care full of peoplea round you some you call boy friend and their friends may not be as open as you are they will be of 2 kind

1.  those who use a women and then go to other
2. those who want to live long with one gorl thru out life.

SO just be care full in first selecting which guy you prefer ,I am sure you will love the first categories were Fun shall be option before your marriage .I am a male but I did enjoy lot of girls in my life before marriage but after marriage settled well with one.

So enjoy all bit of friends but make sure they dont fight with each other for you body as dogs and end up in dangerous crimes before and after marriages .

Now focus on sex with men as you like but be safe enjoy life its normal as you are the one who spoke truth ,experiment everything .If you are realy enjoying sex then I will say you should have great climax and pleasures
you need to stay with each new partner together for at least one month were you spend time only on sex .

Quick sex fast life and all will increase you quest for more and more sex with other people but no satisfaction in life which will bring mental instability .So enjoy well but you are normal since your question was only whether you were normal to think on male organs .

again happy sex life
answered Apr 18 by Lifewithfreedoms (920 points)
commented May 14 by Shruti_1292 (160 points)
thank you for your reply.

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