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Is using ash powder during periods safe or unsafe?

asked Mar 29 in Questions by kamanasak (325 points)
edited Mar 30 by longhands1

Hello AA,

Recently I saw an Advertising video on YouTube. In that video the woman uses ash powder during her periods.

I normally use soft and smooth cloths or different types of pads in periods time.

My question is "Is using ash powder safe or unsfe" in periods.

Does it cause any health problems?

How to use ash powder?

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2 Answers

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It is good of you to bring up this Topic as talk about “Periods” is considered taboo and hardly spoken about.

You are right. In some rural areas of India women, use cloth pieces or socks filled with soil, dust and even wood ash to soak their periods. This soil and ash comes in direct contact with the skin and causes infections which can lead to uterine cancer.

Not all women can afford sanitary pads in rural villages and so such dangerous methods are followed.   

In India, due to patriarchal families, women are seen as impure when they are on their periods. They almost never talk about their periods to their husbands, who generally think that their wives are dirty during this part of their cycle. In lots of families, they are forbidden from cooking, touching vegetables in brine, even from hugging their children. Going to a temple or religious place is also forbidden.

Use of sanitary material is not something new.

The ancient Egyptians used papyrus, which was a thick paper used for writing. They would soak the papyrus, soften it and then use it.  

Moss, that you find on river banks was also used. It was folded into cloth and then placed in the innerwear. No one thought about the bacteria and organisms in the moss!!

The Chinese made period pads by putting sand in a cloth and wrapping it tightly. Once the pad got soaked, they threw away the sand, washed the cloth and reused it. Made in China!!

In Africa and Australia, women used grass as a pad. Imagine pointed and rough grass in your vagina!!

Then there were sanitary belts, which were diapers with elastic belts on which cotton pads were clipped and used. These belts were invented in 1800 and were even used till 1970.  

So, please do not follow blindly, what you see in Social channels. If you cannot afford sanitary pads, then it is quite okay to use clean cotton cloth, provided it is washed and boiled in clean water.
answered Mar 30 by longhands1 (84,355 points)
selected Mar 30 by kamanasak
commented Mar 30 by longhands1 (84,355 points)
Thanks for liking my Answer. What we would like more are your comments.

Like why you thought is would be a good idea to use ash? Do you work in the fields? From where would you get ash? Do you think Sanitary pads are costly? What do your other friends use? What does your mother use? What you think of the latest movie on the subject?

Etc. Etc. We appreciate feedback. Not just ask a question and then say nothing.....
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Hey Manasa,

I don't think that ash powder will be safe to use during periods. Everything we see on Youtube is not full proof. There is lots of fake information on youtube. Just to attract viewers they show in their click baits and deceive people.

Whatever you are using (i.e. soft and smooth clothes or different types of pads) is always advisable. Nowadays awareness about females menstruation cycle has increased in general public due to PadMan Movie. Pads are available at very cheap price and many sanitary napkin vending machines are installed or being installed in many places.

Never ever try out any medical methods on your body inspiring from YouTube videos without doctor's consultation.

Hope I have answered your question well.
answered Mar 29 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)

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