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Are all Teenage Boys like this?

asked Mar 19 in Questions by delhi1221 (210 points)

I am Mrs Ramola, educated, married and a working lady. I am a true Punjabi lady, tall and have flesh in the right places. I am 42 and living with my family. I am 5.9 tall 36DD 32 40 and a very sociable lady. I have a beautiful house and beautiful life with family members. I am very active and also an intellectual.

There are some personal incidents which I want to share here, with Readers. I know that this type of incidents also happens with you in your day to day life. I also want to know whether all young Boys are like this?

My Son is a very decent and nice boy. I spend sufficient time with him and he is comfortable in my presence. I am also comfortable with him and sometimes change my clothes in front of him. He has a Friend of the same age who lives nearby. They go to each other’s place and spend time together.

I was always thinking that my Son is having good and decent company and never thought to doubt his friend. But the following incident broke my trust.   

His Friend came to our House to play video games and carrom. It was in the afternoon and a Holiday. As usual I went to my bedroom to take a nap. I was wearing only my Tee shirt and a blue coloured panty. As is my habit, I had removed my skirt and kept it by the bedside.  My Son never enters my bedroom. Later, I came to know that my friend sent my son out to the Store to buy coke and Ice-creams.    

I was in deep sleep. His Friend entered the Bedroom and began fingering my vagina. I was wearing a panty, but he managed to part it and inserted his finger in my pussy. I was not well lubricated so I felt the pain and woke up. I was shocked to see his friend sitting with my legs wide open and looking at my pink pussy.  

I did not know what to say. I asked him what he was doing here. He said, “ aap kachchi mai bhut achi lad rahi thi mere se rha nhi gya ". I slapped him and shouted at him. I quickly wore my skirt.

Now, what do I do? Should I tell my Son, but that is difficult. What will happen when he comes again to my place? How should I react? Should I pretend that nothing happened? What if he tries again?

I am confused. Are all teenage Boys like this?     

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4 Answers

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Dear Romola chopra,

No ! Please don't tell your son. It's your duty to lock the door for your privacy, when guests are at home. How can you sleep half naked when you know that guests won't sit in one place and rather walk around here and there seeing the house?

You slapped him know? This is more than enough. Next time when he tries to make a move, he'll probably remember the slap and rather back off. Next time when he comes to your place, he probably will act awkwardly with you (awkward talks, awkward eye contacts..etc).

Just behave like a normal mother and treat him like the way you treat other friends of your son. You reacted the right way when you didn't want sex to happen. If he tries again, just tell your son to stay away from him as he is a perv. Or he just tried to molest you. Say only this much not anymore. Don't give exact description of all the 'fingering' and all. Just say that he molested you and not to get him next time inside the house.

Yes teenage boys are like this. 90% of them are like this inclined to sex and craving to explore what sex is all about. The Rest 10% Will Be nerdy, Inclined Towards academics, career, they will follow sentiments of various aspects that sex is wrong and stuff.

Teenage is where puberty occurs. Hormones rise and fall...a.k.a fluctuates. When they rise, libido increases. It is wholly your mistake. Please make sure to be well dressed around guests with proper clothes which cover and not reveal and expose.

Atleast try to stay in privacy by locking the door in case you need so.You actually seduced your son's friend without knowing and he also couldn't control his hormones that's all. :)
answered Mar 20 by Darius (680 points)
selected Mar 23 by delhi1221
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All teenage boys are not same just like your son as he is aware of your schedule and dressing but he didnt take advantage of it.
Why is point came in your mind to tell to your son, you are enough capable to handle this situation or your son is more mature then you. Warn him that dont come at your place other wise you will report to his parents. Why did you going to pretend that nothing happen, make him guilty that he had done this to you and he will never do it again in future
answered Mar 20 by Beauty Hunter (1,095 points)
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Mostly teenage boys are horny.It is just the case that he had the courage to do such thing to you. If you enjoyed it then you can have a sexual relationship with him...But this is not advised because if your son comes to know you may permanently damage your relationship with him.

Don't tell your son exactly what he did he may think of doing  that with you. But you should not let him come to place alone. If he mis-behaves with you again it will be best to tell his parents to stay away from you and your son.
answered Mar 20 by Txxx (125 points)
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You tell Mrs Ramola that are all your fantasies this spicy? Are you always so careless that uninvited guests finds you at your vulnerable best inside your own house? First your hubby's boss, then your kid's buddy and countless others maybe.

You're 42 in your questions and 44 in your 'About me' column!
answered Mar 20 by gr8gaur (2,035 points)

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