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What is a good method of Birth Control that I can use with my Wife?

asked Mar 9 in Questions by anonymous

Hi Every one,

Thanks to all the AA Members for all the answers for my previous questions.

I am Kiran kumar, aged 28, married to my relative who is 19 years. We are happily leading our married life since our wedding, four months ago. We both love each other.

She is very trust worthy in all matters and I am very happy. I am here to seek some suggestions on birth control. As my wife is very young age, we have decided to postpone having any kids. We are currently using condoms as precaution every time. Physically, we are very happy in bed.

After following AA Forum and general googling my opinion is:
Condoms, Copper T loop, Birth control pills, Removal method, safe days calculation are the most available methods for birth control,

Loop: On enquiry my family members, they have recommended not to go for loop method as her age is not good for this.

Pills: I believe there will be side effects with pills like irregular periods, heavy bleeding etc. so I do not prefer Pills,

Safe Days calculations: I understand the superb image posted by Anjali Madam some years ago about safe days, but still I am not taking risk. So I am using condoms on safe days too.

Withdrawal method: I feel it is very risky to control our excitement, so not following this method.

Condoms: From the beginning I am using only condoms even in safe days for tension free intercourse.

1) Am I doing the right way by using the condoms? My wife has no complaints, but sometimes she wishes to have intercourse without condom but due to pregnancy fear, I am not giving her that happiness. So what is the solution to make her happy?

2) If you recommend Pills, please suggest pill names and ways of using. I know AA Forum does not allow to name the brand, so please sent me an personal message for the pill names.

3) Sometimes, I ejaculate in few strokes, so to avoid this, I am masturbating once before two three hours of sex. Is it okay for maintaining long time erection? (I will try to practice Kegel exercise soon)

4) These days everybody is suffering with low sperm count. Is there any good diet for increasing sperms. Daily, I am eating Badaams and kismiss.

Please advice me how to stay long in bed and to make my wife happy. I love my wife, so I want to give her much happiness.

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6 Answers

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Best answer
Your case is exactly like mine. I too got married four years back at age of 27 and my wife was 19.
We were  having  sex without condom everyday 3 to 4 times as it gives immense pleasure. We had great sex life for four years. We do not  want to have children for 3 to 4 years. We went to a gynecologist and asked her to advise the best contraceptive measures.

Contraceptives are used depending on the person, so take the advice of your doctor. Here are some of the safely used methods of contraceptions: We opted for IUD, which was a great success and we had lots of pleasure having sex. We just got the IUD removed in Jan 2018 after 4 years of marriage. Now my wife is pregnant and its right age for her, as she is now 23 and I am 31.

What are IUD’s (intra uterine devices):

An IUD is a small, T-shaped device that is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. A health care provider inserts the device. An IUD can remain and function effectively for many years at a time (3 or 5 yrs). After the recommended length of time, or when the woman no longer needs or desires contraception, a health care provider removes or replaces the device.

You can continue to enjoy sex as much as you can without any worry. Sex plays important part in marriage and makes it most pleasurable .
answered Mar 11 by Manvendra Singh (180 points)
selected Mar 14
commented Mar 12 by anonymous
Manvendra Singh ji,

Very happy to get answer from you, as your case is very similar with mine. You gave very relevant answer. I will try to consult gynecologist for the further process.

Initially, I decided to try IUD, but some of my relatives objected to this idea mentioning that her age is not good for this contraceptive. But after listening to your case with same age I got some relief.

Thank you so much, for the very much helpful inputs. Can You tell me more about like how much it cost, any other side effects?

I heard that somebody's genitals got hanged in that IUD Equipment, so are there any other risks with this method. Thanks a lot sir.

Love to hear many more advices from you. Thanks
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Condom is the best precaution and 100% safe so I would suggest the condom. If she has regular cycle then safe days are good method but risk is still there. She needs to see the gynecologist for the regular pills so she does not suffer from any side effect. You should not select any pills without consulting the doctor as no one here is a medical exert so be careful.
answered Mar 10 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
commented Mar 10 by anonymous
Thankyou Alpesh Ji for your inputs. Love to hear more answers for my future questins too. Thanks in advance
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look, condoms have 98% success rate in preventing pregnancy. As u said u have sex in safe days, it is very good.
Now to the pills, u should visit a gynecologist and not blindly trust anything because it may have adverse effect on your wife.
Your concern with early ejaculation is justifiable and masturbating is one of the remedy. Try using thick condoms so as to reduce stimulation. U can consider counselling on that issue.
To increase sperm count being healthy physically and mentally is very important.Exercise regularly. Reduce your stress and practice yoga. Get enough of vitamin D & C.
Your problem would be solved.
answered Mar 10 by harsh04 (175 points)
commented Mar 10 by anonymous
Thankyou harsh Ji for your Broad inputs on every issue.

Can u explain me names of condoms which are very thick. I will send an personal mesage to you with the brand name i am using now.

Love to hear more answers for my future questions too. Thanks in advance.
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safest method is to use condoms and other is using contraceptive pill but taking medicines for longer period sometimes affect women so avoid that.
answered Mar 10 by myselfarun (1,790 points)
commented Mar 11 by anonymous
Thank you arun ji.. for your answer. I too feel medicines for long time may damge the health of my wife.
commented Mar 15 by myselfarun (1,790 points)
I will for sure. Medicine affect the fallopian tube which is related to giving birth.

I think, am not sure but something like that, gets affected if girl is on medicines for longer period.
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Hello Kiran
first of all congratulations for you newly wedded life, and now coming to you questions:
As obvious majority will say that use condem, but some time, i can say many time you and you wife want to feel each other with no barriers so i suggest to have sex in safe days and use precautions in unsafe days.

2. i will pm you.

3. Ejaculating is not a thing to worry, some time we ejaculate because to over excitedness, i suggest you to use START/ STOP technique, i am saying by my personal experience.

4. its better to meet a dietitian, they will give you best suggestion and you can easily get them from market. or just google it.

Do as much foreplay you can do, penetration is  the last step, by loving her more you will tell her properly how much you love her and how much beautiful she is.

best of luck for you future married n great sex life
answered Mar 10 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
commented Mar 11 by anonymous
Hello beauty hunter,
Thank yoo so much for taking time to clarify my questions.

Thanks for your wedding wishes.

1) i feel bit tense to have intercourse in her safe days as there will be an minute chance to get pregnant.

2) will be waiting for your message

3) Started practicing stat and stop method and i fine with that. Masturbation , and start and stop method helping me to stat long time in bed. Will continue the same.

We both are having very good foreplay.. i love to spend much in foreplay like cuddling, licking, oral fun, etc,

A general doubt:
We always having oral fun after cleaning our genetils, ia there still any std or diseases due to oral fun, i sometimes not love the smell from her genitals so i am eating some jelly choclates or diary milk while licking her genital. Is it okay for her or the choclate may cause any uncomfrtnes to her.. currently she is not having any complainys with that activity

Thanks so much for ur advices. Love to hear more.  Thanks
commented Mar 11 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
Dude, if you are sure about her safe days then there will be no doubt about her becoming pregnant. I am saying this from my own personal experience.

If you both properly clean your genitals, there is no chance of getting infected.

There will be no problem in using jelly and chocolate, have a good sex session ahead.
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Use of ultra-thin Condom is safest.It prevents contraception and all other health hazards.Use of safe day sex is also good.There are appx.twenty days safe for sex. Vaginal Contraceptive Pessaries like 'Today' is inserted in the vagina 10 minutes prior to sex melts due to internal heat and produces enormous foam,which felicitates penetration of penis.We have used this without causing any problem.
answered Mar 12 by Motilal (8,040 points)
commented Mar 12 by anonymous
Okay thank you for your inputs

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