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Is my girlfriend pregnant?

asked Mar 6, 2018 in Questions by Mahin sai123 (120 points)
edited Mar 6, 2018 by longhands1

Hello there,

My name is Sai.

My Gf has missed her period since last 10days. We both are virgins and we never had sex.

I want to know the reason for her delayed period?

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5 Answers

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I can understand the stress that you and your girlfriend are going through. You have not told us, how old your girlfriend is and whether she had been having regular periods earlier.
Your worry is that you both had some sort of sexual play, but not penetration and so you are worried about her missed period.

Relax. She cannot get pregnant, if your penis did not enter her vagina. Though in very, very rare cases the sperm can enter the vagina if you touched your penis with your hand and then used the same hand to finger her or dry humping, where clothes were not removed.        

Is she not comfortable talking to her Mom, about her missed period? If she is a virgin, then she should confide in her and maybe see the doctor.  

Stress is a major cause for missed periods. Especially after a young couple have oral sex, they get all stressed out and you may have fingered her vagina, which has made her worried.  

Another reason could be health issues. If she is anemic or underweight or obese, then too a girl can miss her periods. I do not want to frighten you, but near penetration, can cause STDs, which can be cause for delayed periods.  

Besides missing her period, does she have any of the following symptoms? Need to pee a lot, burning, itching, pain, fever, nausea, vomiting, and anything that's not normal for her?

So….relax. She will get her next period.

Next time, when you ask a question….give us all the details in the question. You ask a one Line Question and expect a long Answer like this.
answered Mar 6, 2018 by longhands1 (91,565 points)
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Hello  Mahin sai123

Dude why to worry if you both not done sex, delaying periods are because of many problem other then pregnancy.
may be she had delayed due to stress or change in mensuration cycle.

its better that she can talk to her mom, sis or any friend and better to consult a gync as she will give you that exact reason of delaying.

dont worry
answered Mar 6, 2018 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
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Hi Sai,

Delayed period for 10 days may be a sign of pregnancy. Just check and confirm with your GF about her last period date and with your copulation date. If your copulation date is between 10 to 18 days from her last period date, then there is  maximum chance of pregnancy to your GF.

You can confirm it with a pregnancy test kit also. At least your GF should have taken I-Pill to avoid pregnancy on emergency basis though I-Pill NOT recommended for frequent usage. Just keep in mind, To avoid pregnancy there is only one way: Strictly NO Penetration sex between 10 to 18 days of menstruation of a girl / woman.
answered Mar 6, 2018 by sunny.ac640 (305 points)
commented Mar 7, 2018 by longhands1 (91,565 points)

If you read his question carefully, he has said that they did not have sex and they are both virgins.

Please also complete your Profile. I have already sent you 2 PMs in this regard.
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If both of you are not physically involved sexually like having intercourse it's highly impossible she becoming pregnant so it's not she missed her period due she being pregnant its some other reason
Your Gf should consult a doctor because menstruation cycle may cause a change in  period timing etc Its better consult a doctor because we members are your well wisher but we are not doctor's
answered Mar 6, 2018 by pavan350 (1,645 points)
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You don't need to worry if you both did not have sex in the last 20-25 days. Periods can be delayed due to many reasons and taking any medicine is one of them.

Ask her is she took any medicine in those days or she had been having regular periods in the past or not.
answered Mar 8, 2018 by myselfarun (1,940 points)

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