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How to stop my addiction to Masturbation?

asked Mar 4 in Questions by ssrocks (140 points)
edited Mar 6 by longhands1


A year ago, I visited Kamathipura (Red light area in Mumbai). I had sex with a sex worker. After that, I masturbate almost daily.

I am addicted to it and many times I am masturbating twice a day. I have downloaded more than 500 porn videos and now I can’t stop to seeing porn videos and masturbating.

I once deleted all porn videos from my PC, but due to strong desire to masturbate, I again downloaded more porn videos. It is a cycle. Porn Videos, masturbate, Porn again.

Because I masturbate every day, I have lost weight and I am feeling very weak.

Now, I want to stop masturbation but I can’t.

Please help me to come out from this… please.

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4 Answers

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You have taken the first positive step. You have acknowledged that you have an addiction to porn. There are many people who deny this and have same problems like you.

There are other addictions too…like smoking, drinking, but these addictions are treated medically and there are Institutions and Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous that help the victims. Unfortunately there are no groups to help Masturbation addicts.

We at AskAnjali are here to help. We have written  lot about masturbation addiction and you can read it. In the start searching Box, (top right) type masturbation addiction and you will find many Articles and Answers there.

First read those and then if you have not found any meaningful suggestion then you can write again.

One final word, stopping an addiction is all about your own will power and no amount of advice can really help you.
answered Mar 5 by longhands1 (84,380 points)
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It is your wrong assumption that masturbation makes you lose the weight and feel weak but too much masturbation is not good so you should limit yourself if you do not want to face any trouble in the future. There is no other way than the self-control.

Be strong minded and determinate that you would masturbate only 2-3 times a week. Whenever you feel urge to masturbate start doing things to distract your urge or talk to your friends and play video games.

It is easier said than done but there is no other way. Too much masturbation is not good for you so if you cannot stop it then be ready to face the issues in the future so save yourself before it gets too late and you have time to do so. You are the one who can only help yourself.
answered Mar 5 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
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Your previous question was on becoming a Gigilo,now you are worried due to excessive masturbation.You have already enjoyed sex worker in red light area(did you get sufficient erection,to satisfy her).Masturbating almost daily....sometimes twice in a day(control it and do it 1-2 time per week).Stop all these harmful activities.Otherwise you will kill yourself.Self destruction is not desirable.Porn watching and reading is very harmful....refrain from this.Calm your sex organs and divert your attention from sex.Do some constructive career building and social work.
answered Mar 6 by Motilal (8,035 points)
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First of all engage yourself in some kinda work that you get busy in doing that and you can avoid to watch porn, Watching porn is not a bad thing but masturbating twice a day is a health issue so avoid porn its automatically avoid you to masturbate.
Go on drive or walk.
Listen music
Watch movies
Do some nature photo shoot or whatever is your interest is in.

Hope it will help you out
answered Mar 6 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)

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