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I am confused about Mother-in-Law's behaviour.

asked Feb 19 in Questions by Karthikp1990 (170 points)
edited Feb 20 by Karthikp1990
Hi Everyone,

My wife recently delivered a baby. I work in a different city and my wife is in her native place. Her Home is a 3 BHK where my wife, Mother-in-law and Father-in law stay.

One day, I went to my wife's home. We all had food and were about to go to sleep. Generally my Mother-in-law and wife sleep in one bedroom and Father-in-law sleeps in another bedroom. On that day my Mother-in-law asked me to sleep with my wife and she will sleep on separate bed with the baby in same room. I was not comfortable to sleep with them and went to other bed room to sleep.

I don't understand my Mother-in-law behaviour. Can you help to know
commented Feb 22 by Rati.Anil (345 points)
Why were you uncomfortable sleeping with your wife??

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3 Answers

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She want's that you and your wife should be happy and to build a strong bond between you both.
She wants you and your wife to be happy

Good day
answered Feb 20 by abhi14343 (1,840 points)
commented Feb 21 by Karthikp1990 (170 points)
Thank you for replying. If she is sleeping in same room, how can me and my wife be comfortable
commented May 2 by abhi14343 (1,840 points)
Ask your wife to change the room
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Well done. Appreciate Karthik, you have done a correct thing. They are also comfortable and you are also comfortable.
answered Feb 21 by solliadi (2,365 points)
commented Feb 22 by Karthikp1990 (170 points)
Thank you for your reply, Just want to know why did she do that
commented Feb 22 by solliadi (2,365 points)
It is simple. Ask your wife. She will tell.
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I am also confused.Your mother in law did nothing wrong,she wants to sleep with baby in the same room on a separate bed.I will not appreciate her suggestion of sleeping with wife.After pregnancy husband and wife should stay apart for some specified duration.Never lust your mother in law.
answered Feb 22 by Motilal (7,550 points)
commented Feb 22 by Karthikp1990 (170 points)
Thanks for reply. I was just thinking wether my mother in law is lusting on me

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