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What are the chances of pregnancy of my mother-in-law, after I fucked her?

asked Feb 17 in Questions by bikash.swain1983 (175 points)
edited Feb 18 by longhands1

Hi All,


This incident happened with me yesterday night. I am worried about my mother in law’s pregnancy. Please suggest what should be my next action.

Before I explain what happened, let me introduce myself. I am  Bikash Swain from Odisha. I am married for 3 years. I don’t have any child till now. My wife is a housewife.

3 months back, I visited my in-laws house. That time my wife was with me. In the evening, we prepared to leave from my wife’s home. But my mother-in-law requested us stay with her as we had not visit her for a long time. Also, now a days she is alone. My wife does not have any brother. She has 2 sisters who are already married.

Though I don’t like to stay at anybody’s home, my wife requested and we stayed there. My father-in-law has a shop . Sometimes he comes home and sometimes he stays in the shop itself. That day my father-in-law did not come home. So after dinner, me and my wife went to another room to sleep. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law's bed was having some issue. As it was winter season, my wife asked her mother to sleep with us.

I felt somewhat uneasy and asked my wife, how can your mother sleep with us in the same bed? My wife said, what’s the problem? She is my mother. She can’t let her to sleep on the floor. I reluctantly agreed. My wife has a bad habit of moving a little while sleeping. That’s the reason she slept near wall side. I was in the middle of bed and my mother-in-law on the other side. I was tired due to long travel. So immediately fell into deep sleep.

In the night, I felt somebody was giving me blowjob. I thought that my wife was sucking my cock. I was thinking of fucking my wife, but remembered that my mother-in-law was there in the same bad. So I stopped my fucking thought and allowed the blow job to continue. Next morning, I asked my wife did she swallow my semen or spit it out? She was shocked to hear my question. She told me that she did not give me blowjob yesterday. In order to manage the situation, I told her I was joking. But, I understood that my mother-in-law did this. That day we left our in-laws home.

After that incident, I was very horny. I thought that if my mother-in-law could give me blowjob, then she would also give her pussy to me. In fact from beginning of my marriage, I was attracted to my MIL for her sexy figure. One day, I planned to visit my MIL's home alone. It was well pre planned. I visited my MIL's home when my FIL was not there.

That day, after me and my mother-in-law finished dinner, I told her that if she does not have any objection can I sleep with her in her bed. She told me, Yes you can. So I slept in my mother in law’s bed. Slowly I came near her and started fondling her boob. She did not say anything. After that, I touched her pussy and started inserting my finger. Still she did not say anything. Then I completely undressed and also undressed my MIL and started fucking her. Her pussy was wet and eager to receive my swollen cock. She was moaning. That night I fucked her 3 times.

All the 3 times, I ejaculated my sperm in her pussy. In fact I wanted to ejaculate outside but unfortunately when I ejaculated she was there on top of me and so did not allow me to pull my cock out from her pussy.

My mother in law started her menopause 9 months back. So now also sometimes her period will be there but not regularly. My question is is there any possibility that my MIL will be pregnant. Your quick reply will help me a lot.

featued question
commented Feb 18 by bikash.swain1983 (175 points)
Hi Longhands1,

Thanks for your answer. My MIL is 54 years old. In fact before I came to my MIL's home, I remembered to take condom but last moment I forgot to take that.

I called my MIL to take ipill. Good news is on that day itself she took ipill. Now I am relaxed to hear this good news from her. It seems my MIL is more advanced compared to me.

But one thing I noticed I got more pleasure from my MIL compared to my wife though MIL has loose pussy and Boobs. I like every part of her body except her hairy pussy.  

My next target is to fuck my MIL's big ass as my wife does not allow me to fuck her ass. Not sure whether she will allow me to fuck her asshole or not. Let’s see what will happen next.
commented Feb 19 by longhands1 (84,390 points)

I thought you had said in your Post, that it was spontaneous and happened on the spur of the moment. Now you say " In fact before I came to my MIL's home, I remembered to take condom but last moment I forgot to take that."

Usually at 54, menopause would have set in and even if it did not, chances of pregnancy at this age is a rarity.    

Forbidden fruit always tastes sweet. The fear of getting caught, always give a rush of adrenaline and adds spice to your sexual escapades. Your MIL also now has few domestic chores and often during menopause the sexual urge increases due to lack of fear of pregnancy. So she will use her sexual experience to the advantage of you both.

You can always ask her to shave her pussy. She will do it for you, provided she can explain to her husband, why she suddenly needs to do so. You can gift her "Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe" and "Veet Gel Hair Removal Cream, Sensitive Formula" for removal of her Pubic hair. The Best of course would be if you have a sex session with her and shave off her pubic hair yourself and then enjoy the fruit of your labour.

Read our Articles on what you should do to have anal sex. In the SEARCH Box, on the right side, type anal sex and you will get many articles. The Key to anal sex is patience and lots of lubrication.
commented Feb 22 by Rati.Anil (345 points)
No chance of pregnancy.
Also, why you don’t have kids? Is there any problem in either of you or you are planning?
commented Feb 22 by bikash.swain1983 (175 points)
Hi Anil,

Thanks for your reply. We re not expecting a baby at this moment. So we are taking precaution to avoid pregnancy.

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4 Answers

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Best answer

You have not said, how old your Mother-in-law (MIL) is.

Just before menopause, there is a stage called Perimenopause which is the time before the onset of menopause. This is the gradual end of ovulation that can actually take many months or years.

At this time, the chance of pregnancy during menopause is much more likely. This is a very slow process that will still allow ovulation to take place, making it possible for an individual to still become pregnant during menopause.

As you have said, your MIL sometimes gets her periods, it means that she is still in the perimenopause stage. If the egg is released and there is a viable sperm waiting to fertilize the egg, your MIL can still get pregnant. Due to the lack of a normal menstrual cycle, your MIL may not notice that she is pregnant, until some months into the pregnancy.

I presume that some time has elapsed since this episode and it may be too late (more than 72 hours) to give her ipills for an emergency. You can get her to do the Urine pregnancy test (either at home or in the Lab). Repeat the Test after 15 days.

Do not panic. Does her husband have sex with her? Does he use a condom? When was the last time they had sex? You can use this as a cover-up if something does go wrong. But do stand by her side and tackle the matter together.

It is for this reason we keep telling our Users, use a condom always.

Do keep us informed of the progress.
answered Feb 18 by longhands1 (84,390 points)
selected Jul 21 by bikash.swain1983
commented Feb 18 by bikash.swain1983 (175 points)
Hi Longhands1,

Sorry I missed your last few question. As per my MIL her husband fucks her regularly. It’s averagely twice in a week. Sometimes my FIL uses condom and sometimes uses withdrawl method.

But my MIL told me that for last 2 years my FIL's cock is not that much strong so most of time she gives him a blowjob. Few times she took her husband’s cock in her pussy.

The day I fucked my MIL, just before 2 days my FIL fucked my MIL's pussy.
commented Feb 19 by longhands1 (84,390 points)

So even if your MIL gets pregnant, she can always have the fetus aborted. But then she will have to take her husband into confidence and claim that she is pregnant through him. This will complicate matters, unless you are fine with the pregnancy and are willing to contribute financially in bringing up the child.

There is also the matter of DNA if ever there is suspicion from her husband.

Since they are not staying with you, it will be difficult to monitor the situation from far and it will not be easy to explain to your wife why you are missing from home, if you stay overnight.

Work out some way to get your MIL to stay with you and your wife. Get your wife to ask for her mother's help in staying with you'll. This will give you more time to plan and work out things to your advantage.
commented Jul 22 by longhands1 (84,390 points)
Bikash...Thanks for liking my Answer and selecting it.
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You have not stated the age of your mother-in-law.I think she must be 45-50 years old.Her menopause has already started,barring some leakage.This happens in case of some women.There is nothing to worry.To remain on safer side,give I-pill to her within 72 hours.I am sure she is not pregnant.You got married 3 years ago,but have no children....this may be due to some defect in you or your wife.May God forbid this.If defect lies in you then no possibility of getting pregnant.In female top posture chances of pregnancy is less.Don't get tensed.
answered Feb 18 by Motilal (8,070 points)
commented Feb 18 by bikash.swain1983 (175 points)
Hi Motilal,

My MIL is 54. Regarding your question why I am not a father after 3 years of my marriage is neither any defect from me nor my wife. The thing is we wanted to enjoy our sexual life at least for 5 years.

As a senior and experienced person you must be aware that after a baby is born how the situation changes drastically in our daily routine. Hence we prevented pregnancy.

In my wife’s safe period I ejaculate inside her pussy and in non safe period, I do oral sex with her and ejaculate my sperm inside her mouth. I am a lucky person in one point of view because she loves to swallow my sperm which I like very much.

At the same time unlucky because she does not allow me to fuck her ass. Could you please let me know any tips so that I'll able to fuck her ass.
commented Feb 19 by Motilal (8,070 points)
Bikash,Thanks for your feedback to my answer.You are already 35 now,don't delay the pregnancy.Later more complications may arise.Oral sex is pleasurable for both.Enjoy it.Anal sex is repulsive.....I have no experience.
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Hi Bikash,

In your scenario the chances of your mother in law's pregnancy is very minimum as you are telling that she is in her menopause stage. But as you are mentioning that she has irregular periods and she is at early stage of menopause, then there is a minor chance of pregnancy of your MIL.

At stage of Menopause, Many women will have high interest towards sex than their normal level of interest due to freedom from regular menstrual cycle and its effects and no fear of pregnancy. But considering the early stage of menopause and at times of irregular periods, we can not predict or confirm unless she observes additional changes in herself with the passage of time for some more days.

Just keep in mind always that an embryo formation is almost inevitable after ejaculation during copulation unless the female partner is in safe days of her menstrual cycle. A female person always definitely having a better idea of her safe days or a male partner has infertility. so your MIL should be knowing the possibility of her pregnancy.

My suggestion is discuss with your MIL and know what is her last date of menses and calculate the safe days with your copulation date and expect the pregnancy. As a precaution, tell her to use ipill to be on the safe side as you are telling it is yesterday only you had copulation. Early identification, early treatment and early rectification is always better.
answered Feb 18 by sunny.ac640 (170 points)
commented Feb 22 by bikash.swain1983 (175 points)
Thanks sunny for your answer
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So your 54 year old MIL had sex with you. I think it's a new way of sharing fantasy by asking questions.  54 old women aren't sexually active. They are from different generation than us. We use Internet etc they don't, even if I believe somehow you fucked her.

I don't understand how it is possible that she never gave you any hint and started giving you blowjob all of sudden that too in the presence of your wife,  plus you didn't even care to look who is blowing you. I don't know how many 54 year olds know about blowjobs and actually use them in sex.

I think it's made up question.

We can't say when your wife will get up, so there is risk of getting caught. Still I don't understand someone who never showed any hints directly starts to suck your dick. Even after being 54 years old who can act that immature?
Everyone wants to hide their affair. Nobody wants to risk their reputation in India.

It is a made up question
answered Feb 25 by akashprakash9999 (240 points)
commented Feb 25 by bikash.swain1983 (175 points)
Hi Akash,

I think you live in a dream world rather than the real world. Without knowing anything how you can say this is a fantasy. There are lots of mysteries in the world that we don’t know. Even if we see with our own eye still it’s difficult to believe. I don’t want to argue on this matter.

But just wanted to give a practical example in this society. If I tell you a father raped his own daughter. Would you say it’s a fantasy? Yes, I completely agree it’s rare case but still this case exists in India.

Now you please provide me a list which can be fantasy or which can be real.  If a father can rape his own daughter then why it’s not possible that my MIL had sex with me. See I am not saying it’s right, but it is a reality. I have some more examples for you. Do you know there are  few doctors who murdered  their own patient / the lawyer cheated their own client / the police helped criminals to escape, Etc. etc.

It’s your choice whether you believe this incident or not. I don’t have to say anything on this. But still trying to give answer for your question

Q1.  This is your 1st statement. 54 old women aren't sexually active.
A.    In my MIL case I came to know from her that she regularly has sex with her husband. The frequency is twice in a week. My request to all user please let us know if a 54 years lady can be active in sex or not. I mean please share your experience on this.

Q2. We use Internet etc they don't.
A.    My MIL use Smartphone. And that to she has more knowledge on smartphone/internet compared to me. Now please don’t ask me how come a 54 years old  lady can operate Smartphone.
Because this question does not belong here.  

Q3. I don't understand how it is possible that she never gave you any hint and started giving you blowjob all of sudden that too in the presence of your wife
A.    In fact I also got shocked without any hint how she can give me blowjob. As per my understanding either she is hungry for sex or porn movies motivated my MIL to have sex with me. FYI my MIL watches porn movie in Smartphone. Now please don’t ask me why she is hungry for sex or why she watches porn movies.

Q4. plus you didn't even care to look who is blowing you
A.    Yes this is a valid question. 1st thing I was too tired due to physical work. Also regularly my wife gives my blowjob. I also never thought that my MIL could give me a blowjob as my wife was with me. Most of the time my wife has deep sleep. Even if you will make some slow noise also she won’t get up. I think as a mother my MIL knows her daughter better than me. That’s the reason my MIL took the advantage of that situation. Because she know that if she will give me the blowjob , her daughter won’t wake up. That time I assumed that my wife is giving blowjob as in my mind it’s there my MIL can’t give me blowjob.
Now please don’t ask me why my wife sleeps deeply.

Q5. I don't know how many 54 year olds know about blowjobs and actually use them in sex.
A.    It does not matter for me all 54 years old lady knows about blowjob or not / they use blow job in sex or not. But it’s matters for me that my MIL knows about blowjob & she is continuously giving blowjob for last 2 years to her husband.

Q6. I think it's made up question.
A.    For you it’s made up question. For me it’s realty.

Finally, without knowing anything don’t simply say that the question is fantasy. I would like to suggest you should stop watching movies / TV serial . Because the people who watches movies/ TV serial more they think that every incident is scripted/ fantasy.

So focus on reality also observe what’s going on now a days.