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How to last longer when I have anal sex with my best friend? I am married.

asked Feb 12 in Questions by Manju1221 (165 points)
edited Feb 17 by longhands1


I love to have anal sex with my best friend. We have sex regularly but I I can't stroke her anus for more than five minutes.

I ejaculate immediately in anal sex as compared to pussy sex. Please suggest some ideas to increase the time in anal sex. For info, I don't use condom, her anus is still tight despite having anal sex often.

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5 Answers

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Often the anticipation of having sex, in your case anal sex, makes you cum quickly. I read your earlier questions.

It seems that your wife does not indulge in anal sex, but your best friend does. So, when you are thinking about it constantly, then the lust builds up and leads to quick ejaculation after a few strokes.

You also mentioned that your partner has a tight anus. Rarely does the anus expand too much, unless you use a dildo and use it often. The anus was never meant for sex and so there is no lubrication. You have to use external lubrication.

There are two things you can do: First, have vaginal sex and for the second round have anal sex. Generally, the second time round, you will last longer.

Secondly, try using a condom. Though your sensations may be less, but this will help to give you longer duration.     

By the way, you had mentioned in your earlier question that you were to have a threesome with the 2 women from your Office – one married and the other unmarried. Is this problem with the married or unmarried woman?
answered Feb 12 by longhands1 (83,805 points)
commented Feb 12 by Manju1221 (165 points)
Thanks for quick reply .Yes it is with my married best Friend.
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The anus is not for putting dick inside. it's exit way. the muscles are somewhat strong than vagina.
as the muscles are strong it put more pressure on penis and cause more friction and generate heat, which in result ejaculation.
so next time try to lubricate the anus or use lubricated condom.
answered Feb 12 by Harsh.03 (940 points)
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Dear Manju,

It is more to do with your sexual fantasies, then any physical issue.

You probably get more excited to nice round ass, n the view of your lund disappearing in it, might be giving you more mental satisfaction, then in pussy act. And hence you come early

With love
Bold n Sexy
answered Feb 12 by boldnsexy (1,065 points)
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Over excitement is the major reason for ejaculate early. so be calm enjoy the moments and pleasure.
the best technique is START n STOP technique.
answered Feb 12 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
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Her tightness makes you ejaculate fast so with time you will get used to it and you will stay longer compare to right now. However, five minutes are still good time so you do not require anything. Apart from this when you are about to cum stop stroking her and take some time as a gap and then resume to make ejaculation delay.
answered Feb 13 by alpesh kapdi (26,030 points)

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