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Why do Boys/Men always look at Girl's Ass?

asked Feb 11 in Questions by Simran khan (125 points)
edited Feb 17 by longhands1


I am from Delhi and my figure size is 34-28-36. Lots of times. I wear saree and sometime I wear salwar kameez but i dont know why, all the boys stare at my ass daily. Even if I wear burkha it doesn't matter for them.

I dont know what they think about me, whether good or bad, but sometimes it feels good when they stare at my body and my butt. But sometimes it feels odd.

Is there any solution for this, ki jisse meri ass naa dekhe wo.

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commented Feb 26 by longhands1 (83,805 points)
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6 Answers

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Best answer
I think it depends on evolutionary biology , women with good ass tend to viewed as more fertile also it is a sign that women can bear the child without any complications i guess from there it came...
answered Feb 14 by callover22 (430 points)
selected Feb 16 by Simran khan
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Simran khan,
I don't know much about others but I can tell you what I feel by seeing a round and shapely ass. I feel so excited that I immediately start licking these in my imagination and If I get the chance to massage the Bum then I will be the
luckiest man...

What you can do is to hide your ass. Start wearing loose clothes.
answered Feb 12 by baba333 (220 points)
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It is very natural for boys to look at a girl's ass. Haven't you noticed that Girls' asses are different, to a remarkable extent, from boys' ass.

And, so it is obvious that boys would stare at those parts of girls' body which are different from their own. Again, ass is an organ which is attached to the pubic zone of our bodies. This is also why this area attracts opposite sex.

Not to mention, not only the boys are attracted to girls' ass, but also most of the girls feel attraction to boys' ass (girls may not admit it).
answered Feb 12 by amidekhi (265 points)
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Practically, you cant stop everyone checking  your ass. If some guy kept staring at you, you could do two things:
First Ignore or Approach him and ask “do you need something?” It’s a polite way to say that you notice him staring and he should knock it off.

Many women are not turned on by men staring at their ass like that, actually they are annoyed, angry and scared. the buttocks can trigger the same instincts that breasts do, which is the genetic desire to find a mate that is most likely to be able to nourish offspring. Guys who stare at a girl's butt probably do so because they find it arousing.
They find it arousing because humans have evolved to look for certain traits in their potential mates.

Staring at your butt is 100% harmless and people happen to have eyes for a reason.

Yes, somebody will be supportive and will tell you that he is harassing you, but there is nothing more harassing than patronizing people over where they can and can't direct their gaze. Basically you are saying that because you have a great butt, as per your saying that most of the male stare your ass but you don't want to share it with him, he is not allowed to stare at it.

You are being judgmental and prejudicial and the evidence is in the word that you put between parenthesis (guy) which suggests that if it was a girl it would have not bothered you at all. So, it doesn't bother you when someone stares at your butt, unless it's a guy.

I think you have to enjoy it and be proud of your great ass, when you feel uncomfortable then stop it
answered Feb 12 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
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There is no solution at all as it is the habit for all the men so you cannot run away from it but if someone stares at your ass more than it requires and if it makes you humiliate then give a killing look to him so he would look away. Men love women body and especially their ass so they tend to look at there and it happens around the world. Do not give too much attention to it as that is not required.
answered Feb 13 by alpesh kapdi (26,030 points)
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From the scientific point of view: if you understand the fact that humans are primates, all male primates select their mate by the size of her butt. A healthy butt is the sign of good fertility; sign that the woman can make healthy babies. Since it is the hips that carry most of the weight of the baby during pregnancy.

Good butt means good genes and healthy woman everything a male needs to pass on his genes to. For animals the butt is in the eye level too and it is kind of the first thing they see of the woman.
Humans however don't walk on all fours, so the butt is not at the eye level of the man, that's why women have developed boobs which is some what at the eye level, that's why fuller the boobs and ass implies healthy woman.

Women have the largest breasts relative to her body among all other primates and that includes even A cup bra sizes. So now you know the science behind why men stare at breasts and ass and get excited.
So you can either take that as a compliment or a nuisance it is up to you.

It is possible to cover up the boobs, but impossible to hide the butt. If you have an extra ordinarily big ass or you are fat, you could slim down a bit and it would reduce your butt size and make the shape better.

We all men stare, but there are guys who stare aggressively to make the lady feel uncomfortable. I personally think there has to be some class at staring at women, that makes the woman feel good about herself at the same time.
answered Feb 14 by danny14 (525 points)

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