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My elder married sister is becoming close to me when her hubby is away. What to do?

asked Feb 11 in Questions by Ashokreddy2992 (150 points)
edited Feb 17 by longhands1

Hi everyone,

This is my second question here. Thanks for your suggestions to my previous question and those are really helpful for me,

When my elder Sister's hubby is not at home, I have made it a habit to sleep on their Bed. For 2/3 days she used to put the baby between us but after that she is keeping her baby on the other side and she sleeps besides me without any things between us. During the night she feeds her baby openly and she does not cover her boobs while feeding and only after feeding she fully packs her boobs in her dress,

At night, I pretend to be in deep sleep and put my hand on her belly or on her boobs but there is no reaction for her side. Some times, I put my legs on her legs also. I am not getting any kind of signals or reaction from her side. If the baby cries at night, then she removes my hand or leg and feeds her baby and sleep besides me again.

Do you think she knows my intensions?

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featued question

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9 Answers

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Best answer
From the facts that you have given it seems like she is ready for you. But still I would suggest you to kindly check before progressing.

For this you may hug her from behind see her reaction if there is none you may press her boobs and kiss on her neck. If she still does not stop you then it's sure she wants to have sex with you and you should not stop yourself from the pleasure of having sex with her as incest is a forbidden fruit and believe me its very sweet also.

This I can say from my experience as I have been into a incest relation with my cousin sister even before her marriage and we do it whenever her hubby is out of town and we have time. If you go for it use contraceptives
answered Feb 13 by vicky123247 (335 points)
selected Feb 19 by Ashokreddy2992
commented Feb 19 by vicky123247 (335 points)
Thanks Ashok for selecting my answer. If possible keep informing about the progress. Hope I am not breaking any rule by writing this.
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Your sister is actually seducing you, but she feels shy to show her feelings. She must be either not satisfied or her husband is not interested in sex and all. She is craving for sex, if her sexual life would be good then she would never do such things, and if she felt uncomfortable by your touching she would  surely scold or confront you....just go ahead dude she is giving you some green signal.

Next time when you both are asleep together ask her about her personal life. First make her your best friend. Help her in her work or give compliment on her beauty. She will like you more, then be more frank with her. Ask her about her sex life, whether she is satisfied or not, then she surely would say something which you always want to hear.

But before all these keep doing these things boobs pressing and all, and see her reaction if she will not say anything then go for it and do what I told you.
answered Feb 11 by rohit shukla (135 points)
reshown Apr 14 by longhands1
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She may have intentions, she may not. It is hard to say from the description given by you. If you further want to test the waters next time pretend to be asleep and cuddle her. Or make her notice your erection by pressing into her.

If she reacts negatively, you can always say you were fast asleep. If positive response comes from her you can proceed with next steps.

Another thing you could try is when she gets up to feed baby, let her open her breasts and you can get up and ask her if she wants a glass of water by staring at her and her breasts. If she doesn't cover up then she may be having some interest.
answered Feb 11 by Asanka (475 points)
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Yes, she knows your intentions and she is encouraging you to take further steps to fuck her otherwise no sister do things that she does by sleeping beside you so if your goal is to fuck her then you are close to achieve it.

Hug her from behind and see her reactions. I am sure she will allow you to touch her body and then you know what you need to do to complete the rest of the work. One thing is clear that she is not innocent here so you can go ahead with your plan to have sex with her.
answered Feb 12 by alpesh kapdi (26,030 points)
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Your sisters hubby is away from home.You are sleeping with your sister in the same bed.You have already touched her body but no opposition from her side,clearly indicates her passive support if you go ahead.She is willing,but you have to take more initiative.
answered Feb 12 by Motilal (7,780 points)
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You have no barrier to fuck her. Handle her softly. But after you screw her, pretend nothing had happened.

Try to use contraception. Don't forget to share your experience here with all of us.
answered Feb 12 by Dr.Murli (180 points)
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When there is NO, this indicates that its partial YES. She knows very well about your intentions and she is not stopping you in your activities. She is also waiting for your next move.

So next time take one by one step and go ahead, but make sure by your every move she does not feel uncomfortable, when you feel so, stop for sometime then attempt again.

Ball is in your court, enjoy the world of incest, and update your every move here.
answered Feb 12 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
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A married young girl always has high sexual libido.  She very often tends to love physical closeness of a male body.  It often gets enhanced more with the birth of first baby. This is what may be happening with her.

If she likes go ahead to be closer with her. Hug her, hold her in yours arms while sleeping  facing her back, and if you want to proceed further, kiss her on the back of her neck. See her reaction - if she likes it, stroke her belly and fondle her boobs.

Leave the  rest to her.
answered Feb 13 by zena69 (1,875 points)
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Hello ashok,

It is clear that your sister wants you to spread her legs and fuck her hard. Because no sister after marriage will allow to share her bed and to show her beautiful milky breast to her younger brother.

I am also an incest lover and like to fuck my elder married sister. So if you are having golden opportunity to fuck your sister's pussy than go ahead don't worry she is giving very clear signal to you. Next time when you see her bare breasts then instead of fondling try to suck them and when she wakes up then kiss her.

Definitely she will enjoy and widen her legs for your dick.

So all the best take and give enjoy.

Update also what happens then...
answered Feb 13 by Lustyraj69 (395 points)