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I'm really desperate to have sex with my aunty. What are my chances?

asked Feb 1 in Questions by Arjunhottier (120 points)
edited Feb 2 by longhands1

Hi everyone,

I'm very much attracted to my Mom's close friend. I'm 20yrs old and she is 44yrs old. I feel like fucking her day and night. Many times I used to masturbate thinking of her. She knows that I'm interested in her.

Last week, she visited our home when no one was there in my home. My mom was on her way home from a near by super market and my hot aunty was waiting from my mom in our hall watching TV. It was just me and my hot aunty. I just removed my underwear and wore only my track pant without anything under it. My penis just got erect on seeing her and she could clearly see my erection.

We just started speaking and she was asking about my college. Then she continued watching TV. Later she noticed my erection and she was staring at my erect penis without even moving her eyes away. She knew that I caught her staring at my huge erection, but still she continued to look at my erect penis. This made me so horny that I had to masturbate immediately.

So I started to move to the other room, but she called me and again she started speaking with me. It was a short conversation, but between which she again took a look at my erect penis. Then I went inside, masturbated and wore my underwear as my mom was about to return home.

The next day I went to my hot aunty's home and she acted normally, though I could see some extra smile on her face while speaking to me. I wish to have sex with her at any cost. But I don't know how to approach her.

Please help me with this... Is she really interested in having sex with me?

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9 Answers

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From your narration it looks like she is interested. Otherwise she wouldn't have stared at your erection continuously, I think you have a chance with her.
answered Feb 2 by Subaruyagami (335 points)
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Since you are just at 20 and feeling like my own younger brother aproaching me with this problem i am answering with future of life of freedoms .
There is only one way in your condition if you think she is safe just ask her tell exactly the same as you told us in this question .She is not going to do anything dangerous dont get afraid elder women like bold boys .Just ask her when she is lonely at her house she will give you everything you need she will be most excited .

But understand she is 44 and you are 20 if you dont satisfy her she will loose hope ,plan and ask her in real dedication .In sex like this dedication makes a women happier than the sex itself.
I dont understand why you are afraid is she dangerous if she is ,,,,,,then just leave her aside.
You have to live longer than her life meet different people make a good girl friend settle with her as a permanent solution .Temporary sex is unsatisfied sex I dont believe on temporary relief sex like this ,so make your life beautiful with permanent solutions .

Thats why MOM and DAD says get married boy settle in life In the world only 5 percent of people in the world  are not having permanent solutions in sex dont become one among them by experimenting on Aunties..

So think wise than running behind an aunties they are all properly satisfied experts in sex from their married life .
Is there no other beautiful girl left in your locality to masturbate  dont waist time look for girls at your age Only .
answered Feb 2 by Lifewithfreedoms (920 points)
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When you are 20, and you have a crush on a MILF (your Aunt in this case), every innocent gesture of your aunt gets magnified into a sexual significance.

If you were so confident that your aunt was looking at your erection, you should have made it obvious, by holding your dick, but that is the last thing you would do. Because you don’t have the courage to find out what is on her mind.

Just by fantasizing and masturbating, thinking about your aunt, is not going to lead to anything. You have to take the risk and maybe even lose face if she responds harshly.

There are many factors that need to be considered. Why would your aunt risk her reputation for you? If she is married, chances are remote. If she is your friend’s mother, chances are even more remote.

Have you even touched her so far?
answered Feb 2 by longhands1 (84,380 points)
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Casually tell her that you are sorry for the other day when you had leave to other room while watching TV. Progress from here and see her reaction. If she asks the reason, tell her frankly that you had to masturbate seeing her and that you are attracted to her too much. You have to be patient and proceed slow. As she was also watching your tent in the track suit, the possibility of having sex is good.
answered Feb 3 by zena69 (1,875 points)
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The chance of anything happening is rare, until and unless you take the reins in your own hands, if u wanna taste the forbidden fruit.

If I were in your shoes, I would WhatsApp first some veg jokes then double meaning and see her reaction. If it's okay, then some real non-veg and only non veg stuff.

If yo follow this, you will definitely get your answer - either +ve or -ve
answered Feb 3 by letschat0921 (915 points)
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yes she is interested you have to seduce her keep on showing your erect dick try to get her number try tell her that she is very beautiful and you would love to have that kind of lady in your life and make your one move on one fine day.
answered Feb 4 by myselfarun (1,790 points)
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Hi Arjun, see sex is always mutual. This means its nice if both are convinced otherwise its rape, so better you first convince that lady and that you can do this only by getting more friendly and close to that lady.

You remind me about one of my neighbors, who was a very sexy lady and I was a kid that time. My elder brother had an affair with that lady which we got to know later on when she left that House.

So I can give you some tips, that you can try. Firstly get more and more friendly and open to that lady. Whenever you get a chance talk more to her and in a serious manner. She should not consider you as a kid. She should take you seriously like a young man and be friendly with her. If she has kids, treat them nicely like a man because If you want to milk cow then you have to adore her calf.

Help her in all her problems and ask her more and more personal stuff go to her place at unusual time and get close to her like help her in daily needs. Make her feel comfortable so that she can wear more casual dresses in front of you. You should also never feel shy in undressing yourself in front of her like if your T-shirt gets dirty etc change it in front of her.

I want to write more but now I don't have time. And last but not the least, praise her beauty and figure as much as you can and don't feel shy in saying her that she is beautiful. Women always like praises and encourage her to try new dresses mostly western.
answered Feb 6 by Jhonsm (1,215 points)
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Men at our age think of these situations in positive ways. Let me tell you this in a different perspective.

You mentioned that she saw your erection while talking with you. There is nothing wrong in staring at opposite sex especially in these types of situations. It might not  mean she is interested in you. Even males stare at female when they expose intentionally/unintentionally. She might even have forgotten that she saw your erection.

You also said she smiled at you, that doesn't mean she might like you. It might be due to the embarrassment of being noticed by you for staring at your erection. This is a common thing.

If you want to give it a try, then try to become close to her like touching her, talking about girls, love, sex etc. Take good care of her. If she is into you, then there might be a situation where you can ask in AA as "Is Aunty into me" (you will notice some signs). In case, she accepts, beware of the consequences and act carefully.

If that situation doesn't come (if she  doesn't want), then don't waste your precious time and concentrate on your job/studies etc.then you will automatically get what you want. Think twice before you act.

Hope this helps.

Thanking you
answered Feb 6 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
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The best thing you can do to show your interest in her is start visiting her home daily and start helping her in all the things even household things so she gets close to you and compliment her all the time as all the women would love to hear compliment.

Once she will get confidence that you are able to handle the sexual relationship with her keeping everything secret then I am sure she will spread her legs for you. It will take time but if you are determinate to have sex with her then I am sure you will get success one day.
answered Feb 10 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)

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