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AA Daily Photo Feature 460

asked Jan 19 in Articles by longhands1 (82,450 points)
edited Feb 13 by longhands1

Our daily Photo Feature to brighten your Day. Keep enjoying and do give us your feedback through Comments. All these Photos are on the Net and if you have any Privacy Issues, send me a PM.

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4 Answers

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the second  pic from top is best one.even though she covered with the towel , it  is that makes people curious to see her hidden assets.thanks for the good collection.
answered Jan 19 by Coolcracker420 (1,255 points)
edited Jan 19 by longhands1
commented Jan 19 by longhands1 (82,450 points)
Thanks for the Thumbs Up. Sometimes....what is left to the imagination is better than what we see. That is why our Site is unique.
commented Jan 19 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
I am not able to give thumbs up vote.Option is not showing for me.How come ?
commented Jan 19 by vikram008 (215 points)
Yes you are right. Actually sometimes hidden things are good instead of open things.
commented Jan 19 by longhands1 (82,450 points)

Up Vote and Down Vote has been discontinued.

What I meant by Thumbs UP, was your complementary comments.
commented Jan 19 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
ohkkk...Got you LH................................
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wo wo wo wo......
What a show mannn.....
These pics are typically made for jerking of cock....
There is no compariosn for figure of Indian females especially woman aged above 30.
They look slightly chubby,extra mass on stomach,thighs,boobs and ass.That brings attention of many young boys like me....

Last pic steals the show...The middle line of her sexy ass is still visible over panty...
answered Jan 19 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
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3rd photo, pic of sex goddess <3 .... The superman shirt was a creative thing to do though ...
answered Jan 19 by Darius (680 points)
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Dear Longhands 1,

Some really hot n sexy pics...the first pic suits me, while rest would be good enough for sexy hubby.

By the way we have Annual office party on 20 Jan, lot of action planned..I m sure I would get to see it of them on the night of 20 Jan..some new one
answered Jan 19 by boldnsexy (1,035 points)
commented Jan 20 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
Can I get wild card entry in your Annual office party ? You will be able to see one more new Dick.
commented Jan 20 by longhands1 (82,450 points)

Do you mean to say that your Office is organizing a Sex Party? One hell of an office that would be!! It would be very easy to get labelled as a S... by colleagues in an Office. Always recommended to keep Sex and Office apart, unless your dear Hubby is the Boss at the Office !!

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