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If I only show my Boobs to my Son (about a Bet), will it go further?

asked Jan 19 in Questions by neetasachdewa (155 points)
edited Jun 1 by longhands1

Please see my last question, which I had asked on AA.

I am 39 years old and have a Son. We had a Bet that if he passed with good grades in highshool, he will get any gift he wants. Now, he reminds me about the bet. He wants to see my boobs and wants to suck them. I received  mixed opinions on AA.

Now, I have thought of a mid-way solution so that I can fulfil my promise and close this isuue forever.

1 - Should I allow him to only see my naked breast (ONLY SEE) and touch them?

2- Should I allow him to suck my toesand kiss my feet?

Please help me. What do you think of these midway solutions rather than the breastfeeding option?

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commented Jan 19 by longhands1 (82,510 points)

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12 Answers

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Best answer
if u feel u can show him / feed for just ONCE.. talk to him while feeding him.. teach him that way..
answered Jan 23 by rupalisharma (185 points)
selected Jun 1 by neetasachdewa
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You asked your last question on 30/01/2017. and today is 19/01/2018. It's almost a year madam. You are still thinking on it....

I have a big question on your question that weather it is real life situation or not.
answered Jan 19 by SHREYASH PATEL (550 points)
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Dear Neeta,

I want to say that why you are choosing Midway.
What do you think that after showing, he will not insist for breastfeeding. At that time you can't stop him and yourself and this will end on physical relationship.

If you want to do that then I can't say anything.
But in my opinion, say him just no. No means no.

If you will accept the promise then be ready you huge disaster in your family. This will teach your son that how to cheat with father.

The bat doesn't mean that anyone can ask for everything.
Refusing to accept the promise is not a big task. This will not affect your son's study and future.

Don't show him your breast.

Have a nice day.
Take care.
answered Jan 19 by vikram008 (215 points)
commented Mar 21 by kavitha5969 (105 points)
vikram008 your's answer is very good
commented Mar 21 by vikram008 (215 points)
Thank you neeta. It's my pleasure that you liked my answer.
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Dear Neetasachdewa,

Your question is not very clear.

1) I don't know why you put the 'ONLY SEE' within brackets and after that put '..touch them'. A bet is a bet, you have to stick to the bet if he mentioned earlier in the bet that he even wanted to suck your breasts. If he mentioned earlier that he only wanted to touch them ....then let him ONLY TOUCH IT...and nothing more. Did he mention before what the bet was. Or did you just agree to do whatever he wanted and later after the results ...did he mention about sucking breasts?

2)Did he ask about sucking toes now ?. Or did he ask it before with the bet of sucking breasts? Is the foot sucking included In the bet ?

The toe sucking is your wish if you want to let him do it. But it does not alter the bet. Your son will never substitute your breasts for your feet. Your only best thing to do is let him do what you agreed for the bet and nothing more. Let him just suck your breasts and after that just push him away....tell him to back off.

There are high chances that you will end up having sex with him and him penetrating inside you. You might lose control while he is sucking and get excited and become submissive leading to sex. It's all about your self control now neetasachdewa.

If you don't want to end up having intercourse....then immediately just push him after he finishes sucking your breasts and even if he tries to move his nasty hands somewhere else other than your breasts. Remind to him that the bet was only regarding the breasts and no other body part.

I would suggest that you better end up having sex. Have intercourse with your son. Letting him just suck your breasts is also sexual when it's done by him at such young age. It's after all your own son and no one else. It is wrong and taboo in society for incest sex but just don't let anyone know it. The secret should only be between you and him. It's a very wrong bet you agreed for neetasachdewa.

This time he asked for breast sucking ...For the next coming exams he'll ask you to spread your legs and one fine day he will ask for intercourse or else he will neglect his studies and will spoil academics. And if someone questions him why ...He will blame you only. You should have agreed before by not keeping his side of the bet sexual.

You should have promised him something giving him extra pocket money. Or taking him to his favourite restaurant giving him treat. Purchasing something he likes...or something. Having a sexual bet is not a good thing for you to agree. No matter who it is, if you don't want to have sex with a person ...just don't agree for a bet where if he wins he gets to fuck you.

Give the person something else non-sexual if he wins the bet. Now, with your son, you just dug your own grave. Just have sex with him and over time try to not to keep any sexual bets for academics. Don't challenge anyone for sex ...The person will be ready to do anything for sex.

Sexual energy is the highest and most powerful energy no one can mess with it. If you challenge then it is already decided that you lost. Just have sex with him now and for the next upcoming exams bet for something else which you could purchase and give him. Just get that form of 'sexually betting' out of his head. It takes time. But your luck in this scenario is not on your side. A bet is a bet. Sorry to tell neetasachdewa.

If no sex now or later ...He will challenge you and become adamant to study which no one wants. Just calm your farms and let him exchange body fluids with you. No one will get to know and it's your own son.. He won't betray you. He just loves you and now the love just became a bit more leading to sex that's all. Don't worry ...have sex with him now, get the style of him betting like this out of his head.

And let him concentrate on studies for his own career to his future and not for sex....and to get thoughts like this out of his head it takes time. Patience is the key if you want to see his mind change. May God bless your son and let him be successful in his career. Let god bless you also to not to agree to bets like this.

Have a happy sex life neetasachdewa !
answered Jan 19 by Darius (680 points)
edited Jan 19 by Darius
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Hi Neeta,it will be a blunder mistake if you wish to show him your boobs.he is a teenager and he is too much curious about women body..his nearest possible women is you..that’s why he is trying to get you.if you allow him then you will initiate a chain reaction which will never stop and will leads towards incest relationship between mom and in my opinion talk with your husband,send him to boarding school and make him free to make have to become a real guardian and don’t behave like a are his mother,be strict and show him the right path along with your husband.dont let him think that you also want sex from him or you are weak because of son love.Talk to your husband about this he will find a real solution as he was once a teenager also and a boy.he will understand from his point of view and took care of your son.but please don’t show him your assets unless you are also interested in showing him your nude is all your decision..thank you
answered Jan 19 by IGNACIO (410 points)
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Hello Neeta
its been a year long but your issue is not sorted till now, before giving my opinion i have some questions in my mind.
How you and your teen age son are so forward that he asked a sexual demand with his own mom so casually?
what happens between you both so that he is not even hesitate to demand which is not normal between a mom and son?

Admit this that you want to show him your boobs as you also want to happen this.
If really you dont want to do you will never ask a question again and above all you find a mid way solution also that clearly show you dont want to say NO to your son, as its not a big deal that parents can say NO to their children as if they promise something.
Even in your second choice you shared your own hidden desire to suck your toes n kiss your feet as may be you hadnt done till now so wanna do it in this offer also.
In your last question ans was not to continue this anymore but its still going on, its your life you had to take decision we are here jus to give our point of view, rest following this or not is totally your choice.
So choose wisely

if this bet game will still continue then there no more time if ask to get naked, to suck him, to fuck you n may be this leads to if he demand to show you and have fun with his friends or anyone.
answered Jan 19 by Beauty Hunter (1,165 points)
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I already gave you best solution for your somewhat same question an year back.

As a parent,it's their duty to fulfil their childs wish but that doesn't mean they have to fulfil such useless wish.

He is not child anymore to not understand which wish to ask and which not to ask.He passed 10th and must be about to pass 11th after 2-3 months.It's his poised mind which is bossing on him to think such acts.Maybe he must be seeing lots of Mom-son porn on internet or reading the stories of same.

If you will allow his wish then i am 100 % sure in future he will ask for more fun as once teenage guys find any female to fulfil their lust they don't live them easily.

The 2 points you suggested are not at all acceptable in mom-son relationship atleast in Indian culture.

So the solution for your this question will be same as your previous question: BIG NO.

Tell him directly.Don't think about he will get dissappointed and all.If he crosses all the limits and ask you to fulfil such stupid wish then why you are thinking about limits from your side ?

Keep us updating about this.

Best of Luck !!!
answered Jan 19 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
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Good parenting is to say "No" when it is necessary. Good Parenting is to imbibe "discipline" to the child.
Say "no" and ask him to select some other gift.
answered Jan 19 by solliadi (2,355 points)
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There is no midway solution and you should not try to explore it. He might have won the bet but that does not mean that he can demand anything as there are rules where he cannot demand inappropriate thing from you like if he wants to rape someone with your permission then would you allow him and can he demand such thing.

He has devil eyes on you and you should see it if you do not want to have sex with him but here it seems that you want to have his penis inside your vagina and that is why you are asking moral permission so you would not feel guilty.

If you want to have sex with him then you can as you are an adult enough to decide what you want even though if it is wrong in the eye of the society as you have a right to live for yourself and not as per society’s norms and rules. Overall, he should have not demanded such thing from you and you should say him no firmly as this is not the way to behave with his own mother but you are the one who has to go through it so if you think you should give him what he wants then you can go ahead.
answered Jan 20 by alpesh kapdi (25,535 points)
commented Jun 1 by neetasachdewa (155 points)
After a lot of introspection and self doubt, I finally showed my boobs to my Son.

I also allowed him to kiss my feet and suck my toes..
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Hi Neeta
This won't be wise at all to show your boobs to your son. This would surely lead to intercourse. What you can do to overcome this complexity, be friendly & frank with him, think of educating him on sex, let him know very clearly on value of human relationships. It is just a matter of time to get him cool down.
answered Jan 21 by amidekhi (185 points)
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This answer is according to me and according to your conditions of mental thinking not relevant for other members to practice.

You can do as you like to your son since you have all wright but be sure how free he is in his thinking no guilt shall wipe of his morals .If he is moral less then no problem.

I know a old famous preacher I am not taking his name here    ,,, recommended that family members should remain nude at home When a disciple asked him why His answer was "then only members at home will know each other better than before".
The above is the sense of understanding imagine whether an orgy is going on or any sex is going on ,if sex not going on,if nothing is going on all this are useless between family members People become animals very soon but people become humane when they seek humanity .

So according to me Just live all your idea of showing your boobs and sucking it and all with your good son  make him a good boy so that he becomes a valuable gem to society.

if he is not having morals show him and allow him to suck also he will not be doing 365 days 24 hours continuous So give him all that he wants and another question soon expected will be further he want to achieve some more things" lets all wait ".

So avoid all complications and be humane with you child .
answered Jan 22 by Lifewithfreedoms (875 points)
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It's not just about bet it's about you and your son future because your son is a teen and he won't leave you with out intercouse if you allow  him to see your boobs it will be a mistake  which you created by your own
Your son is playing tricks with you don't allow him for such habit he is in certain age where every lady looks hot and sexy you being near to him he thinks you as sexual element not as mom
First be serious in this matter don't allow him near you be strict at home Your son is eyeing you don't expose your self at home if you do he willbecome restless at once and you may face some trouble
answered Jan 23 by pavan350 (1,215 points)

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