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AA Daily Photo Feature

asked Jan 13 in Articles by longhands1 (75,320 points)

Our daily Photo Feature to brighten your Day. Keep enjoying and do give us your feedback through Comments. All these Photos are on the Net and if you have any Privacy Issues, send me a PM.


commented Jan 14 by solliadi (1,725 points)

These Pictures have brightened up my day on the occasion of Pongal, where the sun started its journey to northern hemisphere.

Happy Makar Sankaranthi.
commented Jan 14 by longhands1 (75,320 points)
Wishing you and all those who celebrate Pongal, Baishaki, Makar Sankrant a Happy Feast.
commented Jan 14 by boldnsexy (245 points)
The girl in last pic has similar body like me..only difference would be Colors complexion.
commented Jan 14 by Coolcracker420 (900 points)
girl in the last but one  pic is similar to my professor.
commented 6 days ago by solliadi (1,725 points)
We cannot get true colours in photos. She may also be as yellow as you are.

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1 Answer

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The pic #6 featuring bareback model is really sexy. BTW, @boldnsexy, if you really have such figure, then you are an awesome creation. :-)
answered Jan 14 by rajaramesh (250 points)

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