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Should I allow my young partner to lick my anus in the morning before I poop?

asked Jan 13 in Questions by MariahMartin (120 points)
edited Jan 14 by longhands1


I am Mariah, ages 39 and a single mother. I am in a relationship with a younger man who is 28. We are having sex regulary.

He wants to lick my ass. Initially, I said no, then I allowed him once. Recently, he wants to lick me everyday before I go and poop in the morning. I also enjoy it, but am worried about his health.

I am the first woman in his life. I am having a baby who I am still breastfeeding. Sometimes he also drinks my milk. Will there be any problem since I swallow his semen?

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commented Jan 14 by Motilal (8,290 points)
There is no harm in swallowing semen and giving breast milk to young man.Never deprive baby his share.What happened to your husband? I never support licking of ass.

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5 Answers

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Hello Mariah,

There will be no problem to swallow his semen, but regarding breastfeeding your baby you have to take care of it and have some precautions.

You said you like it, but keep this in mind that if he will not clean his mouth properly before drinking your milk or after rimming you, and the baby will suck the same nipple, then your baby may get infection, as babies get infections very soon, so just take some precautions and enjoy your sex life.
answered Jan 13 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
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There is nothing wrong in sex. Everything is good for pleasure. There is no problem for him to lick your ass when you are clean and healthy. If you are healthy, nothing will happen to him.

I suggest licking ass is not advisable because  it has more bacteria than the mouth. I don't know if there is any way for it or not. If there is, I too want to try it. The chance of getting his health spoiled is if was unhygienic.

There will be no problem if you drink his semen. My professor also drinks my semen. I have read it in many articles, that it is good for health.

You can type drinking semen in the Search Box,on the right hand side and you can read the articles which appear there.
answered Jan 13 by Coolcracker420 (1,360 points)
commented Jan 14 by Motilal (8,290 points)
I dislike licking of ass,it is store house of various transmitted diseases.Swallowing of Semen is healthy.
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If you guys love each other, then there should not be a problem about age barrier. Coming to your point of licking your ass, it's okay if he has that fetish but keep yourself clean so that he doesn't get infected, and also ask him to clean himself afterwords with gargle and brushing up.

Coming to the the breastfeeding, feed him after your baby is completely stuffed. Don't let your baby starve for him. Follow this strictly.

Drinking semen is completely fine. It's a protein shake and has anti oxidants. You will enjoy drinking it.

P.S. I have replied, assuming that you and your husband are separated.
answered Jan 14 by sharmanatasha87 (925 points)
commented Jan 25 by MariahMartin (120 points)
Thanks for the advise, i really love him. I keep myself clean down there. I agreed to allow him to lick my ass only if he brushes after that and he does it before drinking my milk.
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His semen would not trouble you anyway so do not worry about it and if he wants to lick your asshole then you should allow him be it before you poop in the morning or after but make sure that your asshole is clean enough so he can enjoy it. If the area is clean then there would be no affect on his health. If you have extra milk then you can ask him to drink it otherwise you should not allow him to drink your milk because it is baby’s milk.
answered Jan 14 by alpesh kapdi (27,770 points)
commented Mar 2 by MariahMartin (120 points)
Thanks Alpesh for your advise. We both discussed as suggested by many of them, that when he licks my asshole i will not breastfeed him. He also agreed for that. It is more than a month we are strictly following it.I  Only in the morning one hour before i go to poop I will ask him do you want to lick. When he says yes, i will sit in his mouth, he will lick me for 10-15min then immediately he will go and brush. I am also loving it when his tongue touches my asshole.It gives more pleasure.
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Hi Mariah,

You definitely should allowed your young partner to do this act. There is no issue if you both like it but here I want to tell you to be ready for anal sex, since after that he will insist you for next action.

Anal sniffing is the first preparation of anal sex. This means he is anal crazy and definitely his next step will be anal encounter. In your statement you also like his act and supporting him.

Then I assume in future you will be ready and we are waiting for next question.

Good luck.
answered Jan 14 by kingmyaqueen (2,435 points)

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