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Will my present relationship with my Chachi affect my future married life?

asked Jan 13 in Questions by pavan350 (1,440 points)
edited Jan 14 by longhands1

You all know about my sexual encounters with my chachi which I described in my previous question

It's was just fun and lust in beginning but now i m afraid how would I manage it in future because I will Marry in another 2 or 3 years how will I keep it secret with my future wife and will my chachi leave me alone after my marriage

How will wife my react if she comes to know what will be my chachi role after my marriage?

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5 Answers

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Best answer
Hi pavan350
                      My friend before start any kind of affair relationship you should know that

1. It is not a long-term relationship. Don't have any futures.
2. It is just like a friends for benefits.
3. Don't put emotions in this kind of relationship.
4. Ready for consequence if you get caught.
5. Be open minded and ready to tackle any kind of unpleasant situations.
Your aunt is adult, so she knows that what is coming next ! And she lives with your family and have teenage son. If your affair leaks out, she has much to lose. It will be foolish for her if she wants to continue after your marriage.  But at the same time you shouldn't resume your relationship with your chachi by any means.

"How will wife my react if she comes to know" it totally depends on your wife, situations, and your loyalty towards your wife. If your wife is very conservative minded then she might leave you, open-minded wife may not leave you, instead she may ask for something else in returns or become suspicious minded on your every activity. It totally depends on your wife and how you handel the situations. But  if your wife behave badly after knowing your past, then do not react, try to understand her pain .

"what will be my chachi role after my marriage?" She should and must respect your marriage. She is adult, so she should know her duty as chachi and mother.

I think you should talk with your chachi about these. Don't marry a girl until you solved these issues / done the physical, emotional relationship with your chachi. Otherwise it will destroy a number of people.
answered Jan 14 by Kitkatray (355 points)
selected Feb 7 by pavan350
commented Jan 17 by pavan350 (1,440 points)
Thank you bro good answer
commented Feb 12 by Kitkatray (355 points)
Its my pleasure. And we will try our best to find better solutions.
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Hi pavan350,

I read all of your previous questions. Actually, incest should not be encouraged not because of society or values, but because the younger one might loose the career and older one might mess with problem. Because of these two people having sex, many lives might be disturbed.

Now coming to your previous question, some people like you are exceptional because the woman might be widow so one will suffer from her side. It might be better as you want both and you can go for sex. You actually did it, but these relationships always have some flaws of whatever the benefits or luck you might have. I understand that you love her a lot.

I too appreciate it, that you love her and respect her, but like I said these relationships always have a flaw. You cant continue this relationship, no matter how much you love her and respect her. Remember you cant marry her. If you do then every person in society will blame her. See, even you started to worry about your future wife who might come after 2/3 years. This is how these relation ends. Two people will leave their wonderful lives just for sex and suffer a lot due to fear and shame (if caught), but still get separated due to some external factors.

Now coming to present question. She might not be able to leave you very easily, but nothing is difficult. You can tell and convince her to do it. It depends upon her emotions that she had on you. Tell her that you have a life. She might emotionally try to blackmail you. But dont fall for it. Every bad thing start with good beginning, but ends like this.

If your wife knows, she might leave you because, you might  do the same to her, if she is in your place. This is only my opinion. Hope this helps.

Thanking you
answered Jan 13 by Coolcracker420 (1,360 points)
commented Jan 17 by pavan350 (1,440 points)
Thank you for your answer
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If your wife comes to know about it then your marriage life would be ruined for sure and you should be prepared for that as there are chances that your wife may come to know about it sooner or later. If you want to use your chachi’s vagina until you get married then you should discuss it prior to marriage or before it gets too late otherwise she will feel used one and may react out of the way which is normal.

Discuss with her about your idea to end the relationship when you get married and if she is ready then you can continue with her otherwise you know you should stop fucking her otherwise later on she will fuck your married life. Most of the time in such relationship both the parties know that this kind of relationship would not last so she must be aware that you are not with her for the life time and she may be ready to stay away from you if you do not want to fuck her after the marriage.

It is time for you both to talk about the relationship and set the rules for the relationship so no one would feel used one when one wants to end the relationship.
answered Jan 14 by alpesh kapdi (27,770 points)
commented Jan 17 by pavan350 (1,440 points)
Thank you for your answer
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It is obvious and may affect your future married life.Please come out of its addiction.Casually get united with her.Sign a memorandum of understanding with Chachi that these relations with stop after your marriage and ask her  to keep secrecy of present affairs.You can't sail in two boats simultaneously.I hope she will cooperate with you.
answered Jan 14 by Motilal (8,290 points)
commented Jan 17 by pavan350 (1,440 points)
Thank you for the your answer
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Pavan Joshi
You have already have a wonderful relationship with your chachi. Whether good or bad, liked it or not, it started.
Now you are 24. You yourselves is telling that you will be marrying after 2 years. Long way to go. Why to worry now. You may review when it is necessary.
answered Jan 14 by solliadi (3,210 points)
commented Jan 17 by pavan350 (1,440 points)
Nice reply but I have to do  it early bro

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