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Article: Everything You Wanted To Know About The Vagina But Were Afraid To Ask

asked Jan 12 in Articles by longhands1 (78,285 points)
edited Jan 12 by longhands1

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Vagina But Were Afraid To Ask

You can call it your woo woo, a flower or the pink lady all you want, but the technical term for your body part down there is the vagina. As awkward as it may feel to talk about the sexual organ, it plays an important role in not just your health but YOUR sexual pleasure. So let's get to know the mysterious sex organ.

Okay, how is it really shaped?

Surprise! You technically can't see your vagina because it's actually inside you. The vagina is often confused with the vulva, which is the external part of the genitals. The vagina is an internal organ that opens at the level of the vulva and its lips (stop cringing) and ends at the cervix.

It measures an average 8cm in length. Near the vulva it's narrow, and it widens towards the end. Remember, the vulva is what you probably think of as your vagina. So when your sister was being a brat and would punch you in the crotch growing up it was technically‚Äč your vulva.

Note that the vagina is closed because its two inner walls come together. Only a very narrow opening at the entrance of the uterus allows blood to flow out (during menstruation) and sperm to enter. It’s not a vertical tube, it’s more of a curved shape, slightly slanted on the lower part and almost horizontal on the upper part. Just don't forget, no matter how small the opening is, sperm is smaller!


What's it made out of?

The vaginal walls are very elastic to allow for penetration of the penis, no matter how well endowed a man is (phew). During childbirth, its elasticity is stretched to the maximum. Numerous muscles surround the vagina, as well as a mucous membrane, which is rich in blood vessels but have few nerve endings (except at the vulva). Thus, two thirds of the vagina is fairly insensitive to pain. Keep in mind "fairly" meaning childbirth will probably still hurt like hell. Just keep breathing and telling yourself it is the miracle of life.


What exactly is the hymen and what does it have to do with virginity?

Biologically, the hymen is what separates the vagina from the vulva. It's is a fold of mucous of different shapes and thicknesses (usually at least 1mm thick). Sometimes, it can be stretched by some forms of exercise and through the use of tampons. However, the hymen usually tears the first time a woman has sex, which is what can cause the bleeding some girls experience their first time. Oh, and that's also why your first time can be unbelievably painful.

What on earth is "vaginal flora"?

Probably just as you suspected, this term refers to the bacterial population located in the liquid that covers the vaginal walls. These bacteria play an essential protective role keeping the interior of the vagina at an acidic pH level, which prevents the development of infections. Douching or the cleaning of the interior of the vagina can kill these protective bacteria. This is one of the many reasons why the term douche bag has negative connotations.


What's really going on down there when I have sex?

Ever wonder how a well endowed male is able to comfortably fit in down there? During sex, the vagina is engorged with blood and produces secretions when sexually aroused, which is what makes you wet. Right before you have an orgasm, the vagina reduces in volume (around 30%) and the muscles contract in a quick, jerking motion. Some women can contract their vaginal muscles to give their partner more pleasure because it becomes tighter. These muscles can be strengthened doing Kegel exercises. Careful with those exercises though, these contractions are also found near the uterus and facilitate the passage of sperm.


Are orgasms just clitoral or vaginal?

Some girls find it easier to orgasm through clitoral stimulation while others prefer vaginal stimulation. The honest truth is your body is wired to love both and they are both important to achieve an orgasm. If the clitoris is considered as the starting point of orgasm, the vagina is an effector (an organ that becomes active in response to nerve impulses) so a clitoral orgasm is almost technically always also a vaginal orgasm. See ladies, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Can you have just a vaginal orgasm?

This is a rare thing to behold, it involves just stimulating the G spot inside the vagina and not the clitoris, it usually is only attainable by women who have an insensitive clitoris. The world famous G spot is located around 6cm from the vulva, towards the front of the vagina. Some positions allow for more pressure of the penis against the G spot.

Bonus: during an intense orgasm, a clear liquid can be expelled by the urethra (not by the vagina), which is what we call female ejaculation or squirting. Some women are able to achieve it more easily than others, and thanks to the porn industry, it has become a fan favourite.

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