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What types of condoms do women prefer?

asked Jan 10 in Questions by rockstar536 (870 points)
edited Jan 14 by longhands1

Recently, I and my girl used a new Condom brand known as playgard which claims to have more Dots than any other brand, but when we actually tried it in real, my girl complained that these extra dots are actually not allowing her to enjoy the act. We then weent raw for that session and jumped to the our old brand Manforce.

Now my question is: which type of condom do women prefer? Is it extra dots or normal dots or thin without dots? Which type of condom should be use in anal sex? Do women's actually prefer condoms or do they love going bareback (for the skin to skin feel)? My girl says it wouldn't any difference to her as she feels same with or without condom?


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commented Jan 10 by Motilal (8,035 points)
Dotted,ribbed and ultra thin condoms.....choice varies with women to women.

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8 Answers

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Hmmmm... I would always prefer to feel the real meat, but when it comes to safety, we always use 'c' or in local language "Chaatri"

Type of condom depends on the manhood with whom you are making out.

With big thick mushroom kind of lund, I prefer to get fucked with Thinnest possible C. If it is thin Condom...then more the dots / ribbed, the better.

Whereas for my lovely ass, I always prefer the Thinnest one.

With my own Hubby, I prefer his nude manhood in both my love holes and the feel of his naked cock in my pussy is amazing.

While having Lesbian Se, with hot babes...I do not need anything!!
answered Jan 10 by boldnsexy (1,135 points)
selected Jan 14 by rockstar536
commented Feb 2 by delhi1221 (270 points)
Condom usage and condom fun gives excitement between couple, specially for unmarried persons or teens who care for safety and are worried about pregnancy.

But for us, married moms, we never care for condoms. Married women only want hot semen pouring between their legs and filling their pussies. This gives relief to inner dryness and that's the ugly truth.
The splash of semen is missing nowadays due to unhealthy lifestyle and lactating moms are also reduced.
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Wives prefer skin to skin feel. In addition, their pussies long for the end shower of the semen from the penis.

For other partners, in most cases, they love to wear condom as no preference exists.
answered Jan 10 by solliadi (2,910 points)
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It depends on girl to girl as there are no general rules that women must prefer one kind of brand and variety. Most of the time men and women do want sex without condom but for the safety purpose one should always use condom if he or she is not in a long term relationship. Better to ask her and use the condom that she wants and prefers.
answered Jan 11 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
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The dots create extra extra sensation on the nerve endings present on the walls of the vagina. They also push against the g-spot. We can easily feel the difference between a normal and a dotted condom.

We can feel the roughness the dots create all throughout the vagina. In anal, I don't feel much difference from the dots. That’s probably because of the tightness compared to the vagina.

Personally, we use condom for anal sex. We don't use condom for vaginal sex until its need of time, and I like thinnest condom, so I can feel the real penis in me.
answered Jan 12 by sheetal69 (695 points)
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Condom are used for safety purpose and it's matter of choice which condom makes men comfortable and women enjoyable because it's differ from one lady to other
Dotted and thin Condoms are mostly prefered by ladies nowdays but it's hard to me to say being male about how a women feels about condoms which we wear and go hard at her pussy
answered Jan 12 by pavan350 (1,350 points)
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For younger couples thin and flavored condoms of different colors are most favored - pink to black. For relatively mature couples or over 30s ribbed and dotted condoms are the best. those who love rough sex go for thicker textured ones.
answered Jan 12 by zena69 (1,875 points)
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Dear Rockstar,

The choice of condom can not be generalized. It depends upon partner's personal preferences. Most of the males and females prefer to have sex without condom for obvious reasons. Both partners feel the realness with skin to skin contact if done without condom.

In other cases when condom is used, the sensation is better for a women if it is dotted and ribbed alternately (feedback from my wife). The skin like feel for both partners are better in thin condoms as if there is no condom.

Then comes the choice of flavor, which is more meaningful if oral sex is performed. There are many different choices (grapes, apple, banana, strawberry, mango, chocolate etc) available with almost every brand. Banana and chocolate are common choices.

From male's point of view, choose safe duration, have sex with healthy partners and enjoy lovemaking without condom. Last but not the least, now a days condom cost are also rising. So fucking with fixed partner is no more free.

Cheers for condom free world.
answered Jan 15 by whyiloveher2 (420 points)
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once i used USTAAD brand condom . which buy in hurry and it leaked at climax
answered Mar 19 by delhi1221 (270 points)

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