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It happened on New Year's Day!

asked Jan 9 in Questions by mumindistress (145 points)
edited Jan 10 by longhands1

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It happened on New Year’s Day. I was least expecting it, but it happened.

My Daughter had gone with her Girlfriends for a New Year’s Eve Party and said she would be staying next day at her friend’s place. So I was all alone and had the whole Day to myself, or so I thought.

Usually, I go for a leisurely bath and while the Main door is closed, since no one else is at home, I don’t bother to close the Bathroom door.  So, I was having my bath unaware that my Daughter’s Boyfriend was in the room and watching all my moves. I had soaped myself and had soap in my bush and on my hair. Suddenly I heard M’s (Daughter’s Boyfriend) voice. “Ma, can I help you with the soap?” I was shocked and almost died of shame. I turned around to see M in his shorts and a bulging erection in his pants. I tried to cover up, but it was of no use.

M, entered the bathroom and began soaping my back, and before I could resist, started soaping my Boobs and pulling my nipples. I had never thought this would happen. I asked him, how he entered? He said, “I have a duplicate key”. I told him that A (my daughter) was not at home. He said, I know, that is why I came to meet you. I asked him, what if she comes to know? He said, “Don’t worry, she will not know”.

We were now completely wet, and before I knew it he was naked too. His thick dick was poking my bum. He began kissing me, first on my neck and then on my lips. I tried not to melt, but all this sensation was too much. He opened my mouth and began sucking my tongue. All this time, he was pressing my butts and then began to fondle my boobs and started sucking my nipples. He then took my hand and placed it on his erection. It was really big and thick (as my daughter had said).

Finally, he dried me with a towel and lifted me and took me to the bedroom and gently placed me on the bed. By now, all my juices were oozing. I am sure none of you want to hear what happened next. I saw stars in the day time.

My question to you all is: Will my daughter know? He wants to repeat the mind-blowing sex. What do you all suggest?

featued question

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14 Answers

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All horror movie themes are similar - a little variation here and there. Same with the sex stories. The daughter character will know if you script your story towards three some. Otherwise, you need to move on with the boy's adventures.
answered Jan 9 by solliadi (3,210 points)
commented Jan 9 by amidekhi (300 points)
Haah haah haa... What a witty answer!
commented Jan 11 by mumindistress (145 points)
You are seeing too many horror movies and reading cheap sex stories. You are 40, still need to grow up.
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Hello mumindistress,

The way you describe it, shows that you enjoy every bit of that sex. That guy makes you feel younger..the way you said that your juices were reflects that in your deep heart you wanted this type of’s totally new experience for you.

If you love this new experience then you should continue this, else drop the idea..but I can sense that you must be craving for one more sex like this.  You also said he wants to repeat that mind blowing sex..this word mind blowing that you said reflects that it was mind blowing for you too.

Will your daughter know? Well it depends on that boy and few luck factors, but you shouldn’t bother about that as your daughter is mature enough and she is also not interested in that boy. You should enjoy sex with that guy as much as you want but don’t get emotional neither let that boy to be emotional.

Few precaution you can take..always be cautious that he does not record your sex with him or didn’t click any nude pics of you. Change your house lock system..because he is a young boy he may take some inappropriate action like inviting his friends to watch having sex with you and later invite change your lock system.

Keep in touch with your daughter to see whom she gives duplicate keys..don’t let that boy control you..rather you control that guy when to have sex and when to not. Enjoy the fullest with him as you will never get such a good chance to have sex with a young boy. Try all new positions and sex activities that you never tried.

I personally like ass rimming, anal, pussy lick, anal beads, doggy pose, oil massage, sex on balcony or roof, in kitchen, on steps etc..this is your life..take all decision by yourself but be safe and clever to dodge all negative threats.

Your boss also does not need to know to whom you fuck at home neither your daughter..if somehow she knows..have a mature discussion with her that you like having sex with him..blah blah blah..

I would suggest give it a try if you really like that sex..if I would have been in your position I would give it a try just to have that amazing sex once again.
answered Jan 9 by IGNACIO (455 points)
commented Jan 11 by mumindistress (145 points)
You make it sound that my young sex mate is a thief and I should change all the locks in my home and keep watch on whom my daughter is giving the key to.

I am wise enough and surely will not allow him to take pictures without my consent. I am sure he doesn't have a camera fitted to his cock. I have checked that out.
commented Jan 11 by IGNACIO (455 points)
hahaha...I didn’t say that he can be a thief..what I want to say that you should be careful regarding lock didn’t know that he was already in your home without your consent..because he has a just imagine what if he try to invite his friends in your home without your knowledge and then try to do something different..earlier he did it without your’s another matter that you like that surprise..similarly if you try to know that your daughter has given keys to whom then it doesn’t indicate that you are suspicious of your daughter but it indicate that you are trying to guard your home more efficiently and consciously..the crux of whole answer was that be careful and don’t loose your consciousness and enjoy new sex life.
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Now its not in your hands  'whether your daughter will know or not'.  Try not to indulge in an affair with him, he can do more damage to you if this goes out.  You had sex with him once that evening or more than once?
answered Jan 9 by gr8gaur (2,565 points)
commented Jan 10 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
What is connection of the questions, asked to her ----whether she had sex with him once or more than once on that evening ?
commented Jan 11 by mumindistress (145 points)

We had sex only once, but i cummed 3 times. He was just great. Our Session lasted for  3 hours and he was banging in my pussy for almost 30 minutes. Even I could not believe. My pussy was swollen after that.

He really knows what woman wants and how to please them.
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Wow! What a great start to the New Year 2018.

Before I get into this, let me first help understand 2 benefits that you got from this incident on New Year 2018.

1) With this incident, you at least came to about your daughter's boyfriend, who is a big pervert n at least your daughter would be safe, as you would be able  guide her away from him.

2) Now the real New Year 2018, Sexy gift you got. Just amazing. Just imagining a hunk who is the BF of your girl had an eye on you. Which means you are more sexier then your daughter. In fact he might be fucking your daughter thinking of you. What more would an older woman want...A young stud appreciating her beauty, flirt looks and his big tool between your legs...

Just go for it... Let him taste all holes of your body and fuck him till he is exhausted.

Happy Fucking New Year. Do share your experiences.

Note: Would like to get in bed with you along with hubby, I am sure we would make a great sex experience. And my husband would like the old wine in new form.
answered Jan 9 by boldnsexy (1,220 points)
commented Jan 11 by mumindistress (145 points)
I am not competing with my daughter. She told me that she is not serious about her BF. Actually, I became interested in him, when my daughter told me that he has a big cock.

As a woman yourself, you know how forbidden sex can be. I am not sex starved or anything and my Boss keeps me satisfied, having a young cock in my pussy was mind blowing. The way he lifted me and carried me still sends shivers in my body.

Why do you call me old wine? I think I am in the height of sex and know what I want and how to give a man a lasting experience. Shall send you PM soon.
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Since you enjoyed it I would suggest you to go ahead and warn him too not to spoil your daughter's life
answered Jan 10 by rockstar536 (915 points)
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Hello mumindistress,
After reading both your questions, I think actually you got all that you wanted. When he kissed you, touched your bum, held tightly, you didn't resist him then, so what you worrying about?

You already got fucked by him. As your daughter is not serious about him and you are familiar with your daughter to talk about sex, there will be no problems, even if she get to know.

As you are a divorcee and at the age of 42 you are getting fucked by two cocks (your boss's and daughter's friend), so you are a lucky woman.

Keep it up.
answered Jan 10 by dashing prava (470 points)
edited Jan 10 by longhands1
commented Jan 11 by mumindistress (145 points)
Yes, it was more than i fantasized
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What a start to the New year !!  Perfect gift for any woman in her early 40's to have sex with a young boy with a hard cock.

You must have said Good morning to that guy on 1st January with good moaning in bed. LOL.

Coming to your questions:

1. Your daughter will know only when she will feels something is cooking between you and that guy. Change of behaviour between you both will create doubt in your daughter's mind. So, behave like earlier with that guy when your daughter is around. Control on your emotions.Tell that guy not to tell this incident to your daughter by any means.

Tell him to delete phone calls, whatsapp chat between you and him immediately after reading as girlfriends usually check their boyfriend's mobile.

Last but not the least, Lock the main door of home with extra locks apart from latch when that guy is in your home with you, as your daughter might be having extra key to open the door.

2. Whether to repeat the sex with him or not completely depends upon you. Looking at your narration, you enjoyed every bit of sex with him very well as you fantasize about young boys a lot and it's like your dream came true on new year's eve.

You can continue sex with him as you are a divorcee and as you are 42 now your sex hunger must be on top. It's your natural right to fulfill your thirst of sex with anybody you want (Adult) with mutual consent.

Tell him that this relation will be no strings attached relation and if any of you wants to stop this then other one should respect it.

Free Advice: This guy is not trustworthy to your daughter as he is deceiving his girlfriend (Your daughter) and fucked you. So never ever see him as your daughter's to be future husband. Who knows, he might have fucked many girls or women without knowledge of your daughter.

So fulfill your fantasy with him as long as you enjoy and don't forget to use protection every time as still you might get pregnant if you haven't achieved menopause.

Happy Fucking !!
answered Jan 10 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
commented Jan 11 by mumindistress (145 points)
You are right. Instead of saying, Good Morning Lord....I said, Good Lord, morning already!!

You have given me practical advice, that I should have other locks when young man comes again. I am sure he is not going to tell my daughter anything, or she will stop him from coming home.

Thanks for your free Advice. We are all deceiving someone or the other. All of us on this Site.
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First ask yourself what do you want from this connection at the cost of your daughter's life? Then choose your path.

For a mature woman like you, sex with a younger man is always attractive and enjoyable. It seems that you have allowed him to go ahead with you and obviously it is consensual and you may well continue the relationship. Such a relationship is always sexually thrilling and extremely erotic.

But your daughter will definitely come to know about it. Ask the young man whether he can keep it a secret or what will happen when your daughter comes to know abut it. It is a matter of you two to decide about the fate of this relationship.
answered Jan 11 by zena69 (1,875 points)
commented Jan 11 by mumindistress (145 points)
Thanks for your mature advice. Shall keep it in mind.
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You are a very clever lady and open minded. You have only asked for a suggestion, that itself makes things clear that you have a clear plan. It is for sure that you are good at sex and its just your choice whom to enjoy it with. Depending on your daughter's outlook on sex, you can decide things without trouble .

Two option left: if daughter is open minded and her boy friend is going to be her husband in future in consideration that he is going to be chaste to you both enjoy honey at home itself. This will be a permanent solution.

If daughter is not agreeing, and she is reserved type, then no option is left. Educate your daughter saying her boy friend is not fit for her and you can enjoy life with him as you wish .

In both cases, don't switch to any chance which will not give you pleasure since you will have to dig for it outside your home and the market of sex life is big just settle your passion with one or two believable male its a compulsory biological need and should not become a War at home and life .
answered Jan 13 by Lifewithfreedoms (920 points)
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I dont know if this incident is true or just a fantasy. Assuming its true, I think there is nothing wrong in it, as long as its kept under thick smoke of secrecy.

You can invite him again when its absolutely safe, just don't over do it.

As far as your daughter getting to know about it, I suggest you be prepared with answers.
answered Jan 13 by nehakpr (140 points)
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I am suggesting this, assuming that you and your hubby are separated. You already said that your daughter was not serious about her BF. There might not be any problem from her. You too can enjoy sex with him.

I see that you share a good bond with her, as she even shares her opinion on his dick with you. There is nothing wrong in it until the tables turn suddenly resulting in black mailing, emotional bond etc. So you have to be careful.

Don't be like an open book to him, so that he can play and use you. Try to always control the situation. Having sex is not a crime, but being played by someone knowingly might be foolishness. You can continue to have sex with him as long as everything is fine.

 This is only my advice. Sorry if I am rude. Hope this helps.

Thanking you
answered Jan 14 by Coolcracker420 (1,360 points)
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You have not mentioned about your husband in your post. Assuming  that you are a single parent to your daughter,   I can say that it purely depends on the days you and that  M can maintain.

But as per me,  It may not be a secret for a long time. If you feel that you also need to fulfill your physical needs, you can continue your relation with M very often and meanwhile during these days at any point of time let your daughter know your loneliness and your physical needs to be fulfilled so that she can take initiative in arranging her partner for you.

If you have your daughter's  consent in sharing her partner, it would be a great relief  to you and most importantly, you will not have any guilty feeling while sharing her partner. I feel that one should not be having any guilty feeling when physical needs are being fulfilled.

All the best.....
answered Jan 15 by sunny.ac640 (170 points)
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I suggest you to continue with M (daughter boyfriend) for enjoying mind-blowing sex. ur daughter will not know bcoz M will not told to A if he will told breakup and finish them.
answered Jan 20 by mudassar002 (110 points)
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Your daughter will know only if you or the guy tells her about your physical relations. There is no other way that she would come to know about all this. So in all I feel you are not going to tell anything to your daughter if you don't want to but this guy can open his mouth and tell everything to your daughter. If you don't want this relation to be known to your daughter you can tell this guy not to say anything to your daughter. As you said the sex was mind blowing that means you enjoyed it a lot so my suggestion is that you should not stop doing it till the time you want it to continue. I would further suggest if the guy is clean and does not have any infection you can enjoy sex without condom which gives more satisfaction but remember to use ipill or if your frequency of doing sex is more then you can use an injection (available in the market) which helps protection from pregnancy for 3 months.

You can tell this guy that he has got the lifetime opportunity to have sex with a mother and a daughter (I feel he had sex with your daughter as she told you about his size) so if he tells anything about your having sex with him he would loose this opportunity and I feel no guy on this planet will do anything which will make him loose such a good opportunity.
answered Jan 21 by vicky123247 (335 points)

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