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My Maid did not fall into my Trap. How to get her to open her trap for me?

asked Jan 8 in Questions by Smarty2049 (150 points)
I want to get laid with my maid. But she did not fall into my trap. I put a 100 Rs note on the floor and started recording it so that i can blackmail her later.

But instead of taking the money, she picked it up and put it on my computer table. Then she told my bhabhi that bhaiya ke paise gir gye the, maine wahan rak diye hai.

Now wht more to do, to seduce her.

She is newly married and hardly 23 by age.
commented Jan 11 by longhands1 (80,455 points)
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6 Answers

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Best answer
Give her some house work and appreciate her work. Start personal conversation with her. Your need is sex and her need is money.

But money should not be so less like Rs.100/-. Appreciate her body and indirectly offer her money, not less than Rs.1000/-, for her body. Assure her you will not black mail her. Assure her secrecy. Offer her privacy.

Then for money she may offer you her body. Start from kissing and hugging only. If no refusal then go ahead.
answered Jan 9 by Sheel (250 points)
selected Feb 26 by Smarty2049
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How many winters you have passed till not clear from your feedback.You have done most un-smart job by dropping Rs.100 note before maidservant.You have given a bait to catch a fish. This fish is more wiser than you.Never dare to do such mischiefs again.Have a patience,do no hurry,impress her by your deeds and then think to seduce her.
answered Jan 9 by Motilal (7,020 points)
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Hi smarty 2049
                         In one word  Do you want to destroy your life ?? Then go ahead. Because she may blackmailed as well for more money and many more,things or you may get caught as well. Believe me your life will be hell.

 you did not mentioned anything about your marital status, girlfriend  etc ? It is very hard to give suggestions to someone with such a limited information as you provided. If you are a single then Find a girl who is single as well. Go for stable life.

By the way before going to any affair relation ask yourself thease questions
1. If she or her husband blackmail you for money then what will you do ?
2. If she press charges against you for rape. Are you ready for that ?
3. How long you want to continue ? Because EMA relationship don't have any future !
4. Definition of moral values to you ? Like having EMA is moral but close/ blood relatives affair is immoral. If you believe in this kind of moral values then don't have affair at all. Because any kind of EMA affair is immoral.
answered Jan 9 by Kitkatray (355 points)
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Why force someone for sex? Thats not a nice thing. She sound like a decent human being who wants to make a living. I would just leave her alone. Unless she want to hve sex with you without being forced or blackmailed.
answered Jan 9 by Asanka (355 points)
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She is not going to fall into your trap and it seems that she is an honest maid so do not blackmail her. If you do anything then you will end up losing a good maid so let her do her work and you do your work by focusing on someone else. She is a newly married woman so why should she have sex with you since she has a husband at the home. She comes to earn money by doing hard work so respect her integrity and stay away from her. Never take the advantage of any woman who does work to make both ends meet.
answered Jan 10 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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Try to be closer by talking to her. Gradually make the conversion to her newly married life and sexuality - how she enjoys with her husband and more towards sex in bed. Since she is married, she must be undergoing some physical change, like growing boobs and hips etc. Ask her if she needs anything for her personal needs like cosmetics, bra etc.  Bra is one thing that brings a young girl nearer!
answered Jan 10 by zena69 (1,825 points)

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