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My younger sister is having sexual relationship with our Brother in law. How to stop them?

asked Jan 8 in Questions by manitpr (150 points)
edited Jan 8 by longhands1


I am Madhan. Please read my earlier question about the sex affair between my brother-in-law and my younger sister.

I have been trying my best to keep my younger sister Yamuna away from all this. But I have failed. My Sister is in her final year project. She told my dad that she wants to move to Chennai with her friends to work on her project. My parents agreed.

Last week, I had to go on a business trip with my colleague so I was out of station for a couple of days. During this time, my elder sister Divya and my brother-in- law came here to visit my parents. My mom told them about Yamuna and her project in Chennai. Somehow my Bro-in-law convinced my parents that there are more opportunities in Bangalore and also there was risk of a young girl staying alone in Chennai. He convinced them that she can stay with them till she completes her project.

Since, I was out of coverage area, I didn’t know what was going on there. When I returned home, my mom told me that Yamuna has gone with them. I have ever seen such kind of tricky person. He played well and took my sister to his own house.

Now, he must be fucking my younger sister everyday. I can’t do anything. Yesterday, my sister Divya called us and said that Yamuna and her husband are deeply involved in the project. Both of them wake up very early morning to work on the project. But I know on what Project he is working on. Project ...fucking my younger Sister Yamuna and putting his cock in herr young pussy.

I can tolerate this. I want to stop their act. Please Help.    

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featued question

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9 Answers

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You cannot do much here as they are out of your reach and you cannot blame him for anything as you do not have any evidence and even though if you blame him then your sister will take his side and she will prove you wrong so better to stay away from them. You should consider your younger sister adult enough who knows what she has been doing and what is right wrong for her.

They might be in a sexual relationship but being an adult it is your sister’s call to take or not. If she thinks that she is enjoying her life by having an affair with him then you should just stay out of it if you do not want to invite trouble for yourself and your family. With time your younger sister will understand that she did a wrong thing to her elder sister by having sex with her husband and that time will stop doing everything.

If you indirect hint her that you know about them then they both will become more careful about hiding the things and they will become expert so I would say see how it goes.
answered Jan 10 by alpesh kapdi (23,285 points)
selected Jan 12 by manitpr
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the way you're talking it looks more like fantasy  than reality. imo it's fantasy in your mind about your sister and brother in law.
things which makes me think that you mentioning sister's name for no reason. your use of words like fucking ,pusyy etc.  I think it's fantasy not genuine question.
answered Jan 8 by akashprakash9999 (205 points)
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You are a young man of 25 only.Never bother about their activities.Both of them are adult.Let them decide good or bad.Your mother and your married sister is not worried over this issue.You seems to be jealous of their activities....have you ever caught them red handed? Restrict the height of your fantasy.
answered Jan 8 by Motilal (6,700 points)
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You had expressed the same problem in your earlier question. Most of the Users had advised you to talk to your younger sister in private.

I presume you have done so. If you have then there is nothing more that you can do. I also presume that you have spoken to your parents about this and they have calmed down your fears. In the circumstances, you have done all that you can. Now, it is time to back off.

Have you had a word with your elder Sister about her husband? That is your last recourse. I think you are interfering. If the whole Family has no problems and wants to turn a blind eye to what is happening, then there is nothing you can do.

If your elder Sister is not worried about her Husband having Sex with his sister-in-law, why should you? You seem to have some other motive. Just get on with your Life.
answered Jan 8 by longhands1 (78,285 points)
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Hello Mani,

I think you should say when you have first recognized. Now everything is over. At least you should have a talk with your younger sister. What you have seen? I think now you have to handle the situation carefully.

Nobody suspects that what is going on between them. You are the only eye witness. Handle this carefully. You can speak with your brother-in-law.

Handle it smoothly.
answered Jan 8 by dr kalyan (380 points)
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Is this Priyanka Chopra in the picture?  

Anyways,  coming back to your problem...The only way you can put an end to this is by letting the truth out.  More so preferably if you got some proof as well.

And to the People here giving Answers:

Where has he said that his Family and Sister know everything?
answered Jan 8 by gr8gaur (1,910 points)
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I think you have to talk to your sister and brother in law at same time with Very strict attitude . If they are  hiding this from your sister , your family , his family . Then there is much more chance that they will stop becouse of social moral and there social image.
Before that u have to collect evidence as much as strong. Before talking to them . Becouse at 1st they will not admit but when you wil show proof they will surrender.
As per incident happen in my native . Dont take chance to talk to with ur elder sister about her hubby's relation becouse same situation occurred in my native and that married lady take poison . She died on the spot. Even she was having baby girl of 1 yrs . So please try to handle as much as secretly . If they are not get out from all this . Then take your elder sister , mom dad  and then talk with them .

As per me never let it go. Or minding your own business. Becouse after all this is your family and he   and your younger sister are trying to spoil life of all three family's.

Let us know what you done. All our ASKANJALI members take there value able time to answer . And it's satisfying if our suggestions are helpful to overcome you from your problem.
answered Jan 9 by rohit.sharma786 (925 points)
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You have some time left. You need to discuss with your younger sister what she was doing is wrong. Its more about the future of family, if she is not ready listen to you.

Same you need to discuss with your mother because she is one person who helps  in family issues. Don't behave stupidly with your sister and make her depressed. Deal gently with her make her to understand what she doing.

As a brother you know how to deal with her. Don't be in hurry.
answered Jan 9 by kkumar4u (180 points)
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I think you should stay away because it will create family problems.if you confront your BIL than it will detach you and your family with your sister n tension will arise for lifetime.your BIL might be sleeping with your younger sister but he might be even very caring for is very normal between saali jijju.if you stop your yonger sister than she will do it outside with others which can later create problems for her ,atleast she is doing it within family .
And you never know that maybe ur elder sister is also involved or they might be having threesome too.coz wifes are not stupid to ignore this and she might be ok coz she is her younger sister and not someone from outside.i think you should take it normally.once she is married she will stop this.
answered Jan 14 by Ridersport (200 points)

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