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How to tell my bhabhi that I love her feet?

asked Jan 5 in Questions by iamsaurabhdubey1998 (125 points)
edited Jun 1 by longhands1


I am Saurabh studying for Graduation. My bhabhi who is aged 26, is very beautiful.

I am a feet lover. My bhabhi has the most beautiful feet - long and sexy, crafted toes, silver/pink nailpolish. I want to suck them, worship them, lick her toes.

How to appraoch her for feet kissing, sucking toes? Please help me. I just want to suck her feet, nothing more than that.

I respect her as a bhabhi, but her feet made me crazy.

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4 Answers

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Best answer
You can spend more time with him, to know about her nature, appraise her beauty. Ask her for feet blessings.. praise her beautiful feet many time.

Request her to kiss them once. If you begged her she might allow for once.. kiss them gently, suck them.. Say you want to have same feet in your wife too and request her to find one for you with feet like hers.
answered Jan 23 by rupalisharma (185 points)
selected Jun 1 by iamsaurabhdubey1998
commented Jun 1 by iamsaurabhdubey1998 (125 points)
My dear sweet bhabhi finally accepted my wish on my birthday.

I kissed he beautiful feet, and sucked her toes. It was the most happiest moments of my life.

Thank you bhabhi. I am lucky to have kissed the most beautiful feet in the whole world.
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If you respect her, then don't ask to suck her feet. It shows your lust. And I know this will end on bed.

If you really want to suck her feet then follow this: (Do all these alone. Follow this by laying down on floor and if she is sitting on the sofa or chair)

Step 1. With exclamation sign, tell your bhabhi "Wow! How soft feet your feet are" Say this more than two times.

Step 2. If she smiles and enjoys your appreciation, than ask her if you can touch them.

Step 3. If she allows then touch her feet and tell her: "I have never seen such beautiful feet before". Smell her feet this will excite her.

Step 4. After that ask her if you can suck her toes. If she allows then now all game is in your hand.

Have a nice day.
answered Jan 5 by vikram008 (215 points)
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No you are not respecting her as a Bhabhi otherwise you would have not made such a demand. Why would she allow you to lick her feet? Does she have given you any hint that she likes you? She might be happy in her married life so no woman would ruin their married life for your pleasure.

You can only fantasize about her feet and be happy. You do not have a right put her in an embarrassing situation by doing anything so make sure that you stay away from her. When you get your partner you can lick her feet and make sure that you find a partner whose feet are as attractive as your bhabhi’s so you can fulfill your fetish. Everything has time to happen in our life.
answered Jan 6 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
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Saurabh - a feet lover,

Since time immemorial, many are obsessed with feet, they want to suck them, worship them and lick them.

That is the reason, the society has put the toe ring or metti to remind or warn the marital status. Toe rings are also worn by men in Dravidian culture, usually in a simpler design for comfort. The practice of Dravidian men wearing toe rings/Metti was ideal because in ancient times people used to walk around barefoot (no shoe) and the toe ring was a way for women to identify married men as it was the norm for women to look down.

Worship the feet of your grand parents. Take it as a warning sign whenever you look at your bhabhi's feet. Sucking and licking the feet, you keep it for your wife.
answered Jan 6 by solliadi (2,910 points)

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