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How do I show my mom that I want to love her forever?

asked Jan 3 in Questions by Sam_123 (225 points)
edited Jan 6 by longhands1

I am currently 19 and in a relationship with my mother who I love and cherish. She is the most exciting person I've ever been with and our sex is always amazing. She knows all my needs and what I like to do with her.

She always manages to show her commitment and love in the most beautiful ways so I want to do the same. I have thought of asking her to marry me but that is illegal in my country.

Please give me your suggestions of how to make our Love for each other eterrnal. That would be appreciated.

Cheers x

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6 Answers

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Best answer
Actually, I don't support mother- son relationship for sex.

You haven't specified your country in your question and profile. As per my opinion, it's not a good idea to marry her as you are 18 and she is 47. You are happy with your mother as she is active in sex, takes good care of you and loves you. But what if she loses interest in sex after certain years? What if she is not be able to take care of your every needs in future due to age ? How will you keep the same bond with her then? Will you leave her ? Will you divorce her ?

Age gap between you both is 30 years, so I think you should drop this idea of marrying her.

You are 18 years old now. You should focus on your studies and make a good career from it. Give clear cut idea of this to your mom. Till then you and your mom can enjoy sex. Then after settling in life, find a good girl of your age and marry her. If it is hard for you to leave your mom in sex because of habit then discuss this issue with your to be future wife and if she agrees then you can satisfy both of them or even can have threesome after taking consent from mom and your wife.

Best of Luck !!!
answered Jan 3 by Raj Handsome (1,220 points)
selected Jan 4 by Sam_123
commented Jan 5 by Raj Handsome (1,220 points)
Hey Sam,
Thanks for selecting my answer as best answer.

Hope my suggestion will help you.

Keep us updating about your issue.
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Your mind is enveloped with nasty feelings. Sex relationship between mother and son is not acceptable in civilized society.

The relation of mother and son is always eternal and pious. Never pollute it. I feel pity on mothers who are allowing their sons to fuck them.
answered Jan 3 by Motilal (7,040 points)
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Hi sam_123,

You have written that ' how do i show my mom that i want to love her forever' ... The fun part is that in mother-son relation, sex is not required and don't include this to show your love for your mother. Respect, support  and taking care when she become older is the way you can show your love to her.

As you did not mention about you father, your reason to start, how long you are involved, your mother's age, family background etc, for that reason it is very hard to give you proper suggestions. Because suggestions change with people, situation, time and location.

Before starting incest relation with your mother you should know few points that:

1. Incest relation don't have any future.
2. It is like friends for benefit.
3. This relation has to very secretive, because of society objections.
4. If you want to have children, please don't, because it has high risk of birth defect.

My friend concentrate on your studies and make your career. You can still have fun 5 to 10 years with your mother. But don't consider it a long term relationship, because you can't start family and social objections.

By the way I don't consider mother-son incest relation immoral as long as it is consensual and has valid reasons.
answered Jan 3 by Kitkatray (355 points)
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Mother Son love is already eternal for each other. Having Sex with mother is not.

To understand why this is so, we have to understand what eternal love really is.

1.Love is an emotion, but not just an emotion. It is, more than anything else, a change. Love necessarily changes us because it is, itself, the change.

2.We love our friends and family because they changed our lives for the better. They showed us another, better version of reality.

3.They didn’t simply add to our lives; they changed our lives, changed our perspective, changed what we thought it meant to be alive.

On the other hand -

Love is what drives us to act. It drives us to create change, to become different people. I say different and not better because the truth is love doesn’t always turn us into better individuals.

It doesn’t always make us better people – sometimes it makes us a whole lot worse.

Now, Decide how to make your love with your mother, eternal for each other.
answered Jan 4 by solliadi (2,295 points)
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Keep doing what you have been doing with your mom as there is no other way. You cannot marry her and you should not marry her. You cannot be with her for the life time as you have to get married to another girl and that day you need to stop having sex with your mom or you need to keep your relationship secret from your wife so there would be no problem at all.

You are 19 years of old and I assume your mom may be around 40+ so when you will be 40 she will be 60 and that time she won’t have sex with you and cannot satisfy your needs so this relationship is not permanent but you can have sex with her as long as you both are willing to do it. You both have already crossed the limit so it is no use to tell you about the morality.
answered Jan 4 by alpesh kapdi (23,920 points)
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Mom-son sexual relationship is rare but not uncommon as most people think. This happens with divorced mom or a widow who seeks emotional and physical supports from a son and obviously is afraid of losing him.

This often turns to consensual sex relationship. I am always in favor of consensual sex and I do not see anything wrong in it as there is always a valid reason or logic. In the present case this may be the situation.

I would suggest that you two continue this relationship as long as you two wish. At some stage when your mom gets too old, she will ask you to get married and look after your mom.

Let it be like that ...
answered Jan 6 by zena69 (1,825 points)

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