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I am going to visit my cousin sister after 1 year and want to try to seduce her

asked Jan 3 in Questions by Machismo (280 points)
When I was a quite young, my cousin sister made me suck her nipples thinking that I will not remember anything. Her boobs have grown since then and now she is curvy.

She is married but her husband comes every alternate day home. She lives at a half an hour distance from my place.

How to seduce her and suck her nipples again?

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7 Answers

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Best answer

You are going to meet her after a year, even though she lives half an hour distance from your place. Visit her often and enjoy the childhood moments.

What will you get, if you seduce and suck her nipples again. When you did for the first time, she was too young. At that age, they are so ignorant, some girls may put clearasil on nipples thinking that they are pimples. Do not count that incident now.

19 is the age to focus on your studies.
answered Jan 7 by solliadi (2,235 points)
selected Jan 8 by Machismo
commented Jan 9 by solliadi (2,235 points)
Thank you for selecting my answer as the best.
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Your cousin sister might be of your mother's age. She might have Breastfed you in your mother's absence. Instead of seducing her take sweets and sari for her.

Come down from your fantasy.
answered Jan 3 by Motilal (7,020 points)
commented Jan 4 by Machismo (280 points)
nooo,.. she is in her 20`s
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You cannot suck her nipple easily as there are chances that she does not want the same thing anymore as she has a husband and her needs would be fulfilled so she will not take any risk to damage her marriage but you can try for her by being with her and showing your interest in her indirectly and see her response. However, keep in mind that just because she did something in the past it does not mean that she has to do those things with you forever. If she does not show any interest in you then you should stay away from her as you do not have a right to force her for anything against her wish.
answered Jan 4 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
commented Jan 4 by Machismo (280 points)
ya i surely won`t forget that !!
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Since you have sucked her boobs earlier, you may express your opinion about how nice her boobs got developed during the past year and you would like to see them now. See her reaction - if positive go ahead to touch her boobs and fondle them. In the absence of her husband she is most likely to yield to your intention.
answered Jan 4 by zena69 (1,825 points)
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You can start with reminding her things of childhood and then that nipple sucking incident check her reaction. Try to watch porn in front of her in absence of her husband let her see your erection. Things might be easy for yoi that way.
answered Jan 4 by myselfarun (1,225 points)
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Hi machismo
                       I don't understand why you want to distroy her married life ? She is already married. You are the one who should pray for her long happy married is her husband's duty to satisfy her sexually, not yours. If she were widow then it I would have given you different suggestions.
 How did you feel if your mother or your wife sleep behind your father or you with another man ?? If you say i am ok with that .....then i will say, go for it, considering you a person who believes in open marriage.

By the way every action has consequences. Think twice before you act.
answered Jan 4 by Kitkatray (355 points)
commented Jan 5 by Machismo (280 points)
Thank you for enlighting me!
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Your cousin sister may have made you suck her boobs in the past, when you were small, but that doesn't mean that  she will allow you now because she being married lady she may be afraid of her husband and society too.

You have remembered about your childhood days and how her boobs have physically grown. You have a good chance because her husband is not active in bed as you said she may allow you.

You have do her a favour if she allows you for sucking boobs. Don't let her pussy go without feeding your milk in her.
Good luck
answered Jan 6 by pavan350 (1,140 points)

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