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Does my aunt like me and do I have a chance to be involved with her romantically?

asked Jan 3 in Questions by andy2sandy (120 points)
edited Jan 6 by longhands1

I am 32 and my Aunt is 50. I was always very formal with my Aunt and she used to treat me like her son.

Very seldom did I interact with her during my childhood days, but since last one year, I have been exchanging messages with her through messenger. She seems to like it very much when I praise her beauty and she sends me shy smiley faces. She says that am I am mad to think that she is beautiful at the age of 50.

I also told her that I like her very much and adore her looks. She said its ok but its too late now. When I asked her directly whether she would have liked me too if we were of the same age, she never said yes or no and just keeps denying saying that the question has no answer.

Not sure what else to do. Any suggesstions?

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5 Answers

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Get married first. She may be worrying about your old age and unmarried status. That may be the reason she may be thinking of how to react.
answered Jan 3 by solliadi (2,910 points)
commented Jan 4 by andy2sandy (120 points)
Doesn't seem like that to me though...
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Looks like you're attracted towards your aunt.
May be you're physical or mental on the basis of information your aunt also likes you. I think your not convinced her fully towards you. May be she is afraid of something you know, then resolve matter with her.

Talk to her personally and know her problem. Age does not matter in love. You both have limits like family. You must know where is your limits .
answered Jan 3 by kkumar4u (185 points)
commented Jan 3 by Motilal (8,035 points)
Be friendly with her and extend your helping hand. Never target her hole.
commented Jan 4 by andy2sandy (120 points)
sounds right.. let me talk more with her..
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Hi andy2sandy,

I think you should marry first. As you mentioned you are 32 ( but in your profile your age is 34, don't know which one is true). If you get involved with your aunt in this position then you will be destroying your future.

On the other you didn't mention anything about her marital status and children. Every answer changes with conditions. With too little information it is hard to give you proper suggestions which may fit you properly.

Looking at your age, you should go for long term relationship. You can't afford short term relationship ( 5-10 years ) anymore.
answered Jan 3 by Kitkatray (355 points)
commented Jan 4 by andy2sandy (120 points)
She is married for last 30 years and has kids
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It seems that she likes your attention and she is enjoying your attention so she is not denying anything directly as that may make you to stay away from her and she would not get your attention anymore. Women like the compliment and affection and that is the way to get into their pants so keep showing your interest in her and see how it goes.

There are chances that she may end up having sex with you. Make her feel good and safe with you, compliment her, show your affection, help her and listen when she tells you the things about her personal life and be her shoulder to cry on and those are the things that make her to spread her legs for you but there are chances that at the end she may not want to have sex with you but you can try and see how it goes.  

Women give her sex to get love while men give love to get sex so apply this formula and see whether she gets under you or not.
answered Jan 4 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
commented Jan 4 by andy2sandy (120 points)
Sounds like a plan.. I like the formula :)
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Don't treat this as love. It is simply an infatuation that happens with a mature/elderly woman. Go on with her as a good friend and all openness, including sexual matters.

Let her approach you for what you want from her. That should be rewarding as well as worthwhile. Meanwhile ask for her help for your marriage. She will be able to teach your wife a lot to be a good sexual partner.

At the end you three will have a good open-minded partnership.
answered Jan 4 by zena69 (1,875 points)
commented Jan 4 by andy2sandy (120 points)
well I need her badly .. I love her so much... will try and talk more openly...

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