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Wife has confessed to having Lesbian Sex with my Friend's Wife.

asked Jan 2 in Questions by M_ann16 (415 points)
edited Jan 3 by longhands1

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your answers.

Wish you a Very Happy New Year 2018. I had a great start to New Year 2018.

1) My wife spilled  the beans. My Wife had lesbian sex in my absence (refer to my last question) with my Friends wife. She was super excited and they had sex with each other almost 4 times in a week. They even made a video and she promised that she would show me the video. Same way my friend's wife is going to show the video to her husband.

2) For the first time my wife wore a backless top with mini skirt with a deep clevage for new year party. In fact her lesbian partner and they both went for shopping and they both were looking super hot and sexy. Lot of thigh and clevage show by both of them at the party.

Me and my friend were about to cum in our pants.

Thankfully she has gone to her Nani's house for vacation

3) After all the skin show and booze on 31st Night, I had Anal sex with my wife for the first time. It was a great beginning to the New Year. She was tight to the core.

4) Even yesterday morning, before we left for the party venue, I fucked her in both her holes and then came in her mouth.

I have a few Questions:

Q1) If my wife shows her lesbian videos to me, I am sure her lesbian partner is also going to show the vidoe to her husband. So he is going to see his bhabhi (my Wife) naked for the first time. How do I react in future when me meet again?

Q2) Will we get to see lesbian action in our presence in future?

Q3) Will both our wives agree to Same Room Same Partner sex in future?

Q4) How should I react to this sudden change and where does it lead to? Swapping!

featued question

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8 Answers

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Best answer

She is hot and all eager to get laid by your friend along with her new found lover in your friend's wife. She too want too taste the food of MFM or FMF with you or without you, but she is just being sober and waiting for your nod.

So probably your efforts of past or your encouragement has given her boost to explore her hidden sex fantasy. Probably she might have to know your past or last year's adventure and probably that might have triggered it and she might like to have revenge sex.

But irrespective of the reason, your dreams are coming true.. so just go fuck and let her fuck others..

With love
answered Jan 6 by boldnsexy (1,135 points)
selected Jan 7 by M_ann16
commented Jan 7 by M_ann16 (415 points)
Even I think so. My friend shares every thing with his wife, and my wife's new found lesbian sex partner is none other than my friend's wife.

So I sure my friend's wife would have told my wife and hence my wife is turning horny.
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Act normal. Just like he seen your wife naked, you get to see his wife naked too. Dont make it too awkward and obvious.

In the future dont rush them into it. Slowly convince them. Just ask them if they are willing to. If not let them enjoy. Eventually they will admire your patience and openness they will give in and perhaps give you and your friend a chance to go for a swap or 4some.

You need to be very patient here. Good luck.
answered Jan 2 by Asanka (525 points)
commented Jan 2 by M_ann16 (415 points)
Thanks for your suggestions...

So far I was desperately waiting all this to happen but when things are happening n happening so fast I m just getting a bit nervous.

Feeling of someone watching your wife naked n that to your buddy... strange feeling
commented Jan 2 by Asanka (525 points)
You are welcome. It will be uncomfortable I am sure. But eventually you will come to a point that you'll be normal with this.

But it will take time. I think trust plays a big role here.
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This is what, you wanted to happen. Congratulations.
May this new year, bring all your wishes come real. May your days be filled with joy.
answered Jan 2 by solliadi (2,910 points)
commented Jan 3 by M_ann16 (415 points)
Thanku...I m sure d day when I would see both of them in action...I would be hard like iron in my pants...
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If your friend is going to see your wife naked then you are also going to see his wife naked so I do not think it would be awkward for you to face him. It depends on you how to react as you are in the situation but if I were in your place then I would consider it as a cheating and it might be a deal breaker thing for me but if you do not feel bad and you want them to continue then let them do it. You can let her know what you want in the future and hear what she has to say. If you want to go for the wife swapping then express your feelings and I am sure she will be down for it.
answered Jan 3 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
commented Jan 3 by M_ann16 (415 points)
Thanku for the suggestion...
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I have been leading a lesbian life for more than 20 yrs. I regard this way of sexuality as the ultimate dimension of love. In our society (in the west) it is more or less common and acceptable. Saying so, I think your wife has gone a little bit too far by taking videos. This amounts to some kind of perversion! You may now make a deal with her for showing the videos to no one - best ask your wife to return those to you. And act normal with her Girlfriend.

If your wife and her GF agree you may see lesbian action but this is a remote chance as my experience says! But it will be exciting to have Same Room Same Partner sex in future with mutual trust and if both the wives agree to the arrangement.

This will be some kind of swapping and may be more.
answered Jan 3 by zena69 (1,875 points)
commented Jan 3 by M_ann16 (415 points)
They are both supper hot. Both of them around 5.6 with almost identical figure.. though my wife is bit fluppy, whereas my hot bhabhi has tone n chiseled figure. If my guess is correct then my sexy bhabhi carries 36D size melons with almost 38 size bust.

Although nervous even though after all kind of experience, I still somewhere looking forward for things to move in faster paces
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In your absence, she found a partner in a female whom she liked. She filled the vacant space for her and enjoyed the sexual intimacy as well. Either she has had sex with female earlier and she enjoys it more or she is in love with the new in herself and exploring things.

And if your friend is going to watch your wife then your are going to watch his wife so this is going to be a sort of mutual.

And you are asking this questions here which clears the thing that in the back of your mind you want swapping but as you have never been into it, it is inhibiting you to accept completely. Now it depends on your friend's reaction how things will happen.
answered Jan 3 by sharmanatasha87 (925 points)
commented Jan 3 by M_ann16 (415 points)
Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, I have had my eyes on my friends wife or bhabhi for long time now. In fact at time I had sex with my wife thinking of her. She is like 5.6 with 36D size boobs with zero fats anywhere on the body with big bust and slim toned abs.

I desperately want her to get in bed along with me .

In fact I am ready to become sex salve of both of them when my bhabhi and new found sexy wife are in action
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Your questions are answered according to my experiences

Q1) If my wife shows her lesbian videos to me, I am sure her lesbian partner is also going to show the vidoe to her husband. So he is going to see his bhabhi (my Wife) naked for the first time. How do I react in future when me meet again?

You can react as you imagine your life to be because there is no specific rule of reactions it comes from the person who reacts so two possibility to react,,,,, 1. you just have to feel comfortable in mind saying yourself it does not mean anything to you if your friend watch your wife in naked condition since she was not alone his wife was there in the act . 2. the second way of thinking is its only a video between two females it has no relevance if it is watched  by your friend since your wife is the decision maker in further steps not him.

Q2) Will we get to see lesbian action in our presence in future?

 It again depends on your wife and your friends wife philosophy to conduct before you and I feel it will happen soon automatically .

Q3) Will both our wives agree to Same Room Same Partner sex in future?

  It depends on all the four peoples willingness which can happen after a mutual talk and agreement only .
 But I dont think it will bring any uplifted pleasures in sexual life . But FFM can bring uplifted pleasure to all members as per my experience in life.

Q4) How should I react to this sudden change and where does it lead to? Swapping!

     swapping is not a difficult task if all are ready but I dont think it can bring a uplifted pleasure in sex life it all are only fantasy and according to me FFM is best pleasurable uplifted sex life experience.
FFMM is not experienced but invited imaginations they will never be a permanent solution of uplifted pleasure..
they need long practices to adjust I would not try this because there is no end to such unsatisfied sex routines.
answered Jan 3 by Lifewithfreedoms (920 points)
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In all honesty, I think you should explore this further.

Why not go for threesomes, alternating between you and the women, and then your friend and the women?

This may really spice up your sex life, and also be an outlet for their sexual (lesbian) desires.

It is just an idea...
answered Jan 4 by shannamccllgh (180 points)
commented Jan 6 by M_ann16 (415 points)
Make sense... Just trying go as per the flow...n waiting for things to unfold on their own..

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