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Why am I secreting semen so much recently?

asked Jan 1 in Questions by Anonymous101 (430 points)
Earlier, I used to masturbate maybe once or twice a month and never did I cum during Masturbation. I always got a wet dream every fortnight.

Now, sice the past one month, I have started getting wet dreams every alternate day. To stop this, I masturbate every night and also cum every night. If I do not masturbate, I get a wet dream which is a very embarassing situtation.

How can I stop wet dreams without masturbation? Will having sex improve the situtation?

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6 Answers

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To stop your wet dreams. you need to either have sex or masturbate regularly. If you have a girlfriend, you can ask her for regular sex and enjoy. Otherwise you can enjoy masturbating watching porn videos.

If you feel that you are doing too much of masturbation, you can stop it. If you are embarrassed because of the bad smell and wet patch on your pants the day after wet dreams, then cover your penis with a tissue or napkin. It will save you from the embarrassment in front of other family members.
answered Jan 3 by Sexdick (270 points)
selected Jan 7 by Anonymous101
commented Jan 7 by Anonymous101 (430 points)
This is the most practical advice I got. I am putting a tissue paper on my penis every night and I am no longer worried of wet dreams. I can easily masturbate without getting dirty. Thanks.
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Having sex and masturbation are the solution for the wet dreams most of the time. However, why you are putting too much pressure on yourself to stop wet dreams. There is no need to feel bad or worried about the wet dreams as those are normal phenomenal and you should not worry about it. The more you think to stop about it more you will get so be relaxed. Wet dreams would not harm you anyway.

To be honest I get only a few times wet dreams but whenever I got it I really enjoyed it and I wish I would get it daily as it gives me pleasure. Just stop worrying about it too much and stop putting pressure on yourself to stop it as that is not in your hand to stop at all.
answered Jan 2 by alpesh kapdi (26,030 points)
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The quantity of semen discharged depends upon age.You are still young and bachelor.Obviously it should be enormous.If you want to get rid of your problem.Follow my suggestions....Concentrate on your studies and career building tasks,stop thinking about sex and stop reading or seeing pornography. Take cold bath of entire body and penis everyday.Cold bath of penis is done by immersing your organ(penis and testis)in a mug full of water.
answered Jan 2 by Motilal (7,755 points)
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Having wet dreams is good and an indication that your body and sex health is good.
answered Jan 2 by solliadi (2,670 points)
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I was suffering from the exact same problem 2 year back. Here are a few remedies and precautions I practiced to overcome this problem :

1. Do not watch porn or think about sex and stop masturbating.
2. Do not wear tight clothes to bed, eg.- underwear.
3. Do not eat oily food at night.
4. Do not eat banana at night.
5. Use a blanket or quilt thick enough for you to not feel cold.
6. Focus your attention on studies, as it will help you stop thinking about porn and sex.

It will take about 20 days to overcome this situation if you follow the above instructions, but it will definitly help you get rid of wet dreams.

Best of luck!
answered Jan 3 by Subaruyagami (335 points)
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The production of Semen is generally constant. But the reserves build up and when you masturbate, you release it from the body. If you do not masturbate, then it has its own self release in the form of wet dreams.

An increase in seminal fluid has many benefits. First, it is pretty awesome when you can unload a large amount of seminal fluid on or in your partner. Second, it leads to a more intense orgasm. The reason is simple. When you increase your seminal fluid, it takes longer to ejaculate. When you have a longer ejaculation, you will have a longer orgasm.

One of the ways to increase the semen flow, is to learn to walk the edge. Edging - also known as surfing, the stop-start method, or peaking - occurs when you prevent yourself from ejaculating. Basically, when you feel that you are almost at your climax, you work to calm yourself down and then continue. Not only does edging encourage your body to increase seminal fluid, it will also extend your time in the bedroom - a noteworthy side benefit.

There are also exercises that will help. These are commonly known as Kegels, and they involve exercising your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. To locate these muscles, stop urinating mid-stream the next time you use the bathroom. The muscles you use to halt urination are your PC muscles. You can work these muscles out every time you use the restroom. Once you have located them, you can really practice any time or anywhere. Your goal should be able to flex these muscles for several minutes at a time.

By increasing the strength of your PC muscles and through edging, not only will you increase seminal fluids, prolong your time in bed, and have a more intense orgasm; but edging and stronger PC muscles also allows for a more forceful ejaculation.

Your Diet also helps to increase the semen content.    

There are a couple of basic building blocks that you need to focus on to increase seminal fluid:
1.    Zinc and Protein. The good news is that most sources of zinc also include protein. Your best food for zinc will be oysters. They actually contain over 10 times the amount of zinc than the next best alternative (beef) does. However, beef, chicken, seeds, and nuts are all good sources of zinc and protein.

2.    Water. Increase your seminal fluid by increasing your water intake. Try to drink at least eight cups of water every day. While other fluids can help keep you hydrated (think sports drinks), it is important that you don't consume too much caffeine or alcohol. Both of these serve as diuretics that will actually encourage your body to expel water. You should also look at increasing your consumption of foods that have a high water content. These foods generally consist of fresh fruits and vegetables.

In short, just relax and enjoy your wet dreams.
answered Jan 3 by longhands1 (83,785 points)

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