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I want to know whether my aunt is ready for sex?

asked Jan 1, 2018 in Questions by Zuko 008 (125 points)

One day we went for a family trip by car. I was sitting next to my aunt. We were travelling in the morning and it was a normal journey.

But when we were returning home, it ws night time and it was dark in the hills. Most of the family members were sleeping as they were old and some were children. I was also half asleep. My aunt was awake. She started to press my hands on her breats during that full trip. It was slow touching and not very obvious.

Then we reached home and she acted like nothing happened. Sometimes, when I ask her to give me water or coffee, she used to touch me.

I want to know whether my aunt is into me or not. How to proceed?
commented Jan 3, 2018 by longhands1 (88,850 points)
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6 Answers

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How old is she? and you? If she is younger (past teens), she is exploring sexuality with you.

Cooperate with her. If old enough she is seeking sexual satisfaction using you. If you are interested respond to her 'invitation'. In both cases you two will enjoy the consensual erotic situation.
answered Jan 3, 2018 by zena69 (1,875 points)
selected Jan 4, 2018 by Zuko 008
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If you are right in your observations towards you then it is clear that she wants something with you so now it is your job to do rest of the things by having sex with her. When you find her alone touch her and show your full interest in her and see how it goes. I were in your place then I would have fucked her so many times by now as I need just need a small indication from women.
answered Jan 2, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (27,850 points)
commented Jan 4, 2018 by Zuko 008 (125 points)
I was so nervous if I touch her means does she got angry or what she will do when I touch her I think like that how to proceed!
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It's defintely something cooking in her mind because her indication says that she is just planing something to reach near you
It's looks clear by her ways she  wants something from you that you can give her it's sexual pleasure which she wants from you so you have to do your duty to get her and seduce her
answered Jan 2, 2018 by pavan350 (1,570 points)
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I am curious to know the age of two love birds, nothing is stated here. Age is a vital factor in answering sex related queries.    

Touch of a female body or breasts is pleasurable. It is enough to make us wet. It may erect our manhood. Stress and strain can be removed through masturbation. Everybody should do so.

It is not proper to go ahead unless she desires explicitly.
answered Jan 2, 2018 by Motilal (8,725 points)
edited Jan 2, 2018 by longhands1
commented Jan 2, 2018 by solliadi (3,680 points)
You are toooo slow.
By the way, who is your aunty - father's sister or mother's brother's wife? And what is her age?
commented Jan 4, 2018 by Zuko 008 (125 points)
I'm 21 and my aunt's age is 38.
commented Jan 4, 2018 by Zuko 008 (125 points)
She was my mother's sister
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Yes definitely she is, try to seduce her make more physical contact exchange number and send some adlut msssages chexk her response and proceed accordingly.
answered Jan 3, 2018 by myselfarun (1,915 points)
commented Jan 4, 2018 by Zuko 008 (125 points)
She is my mother's sister. Nowadays she's not responding to me like when I enter her room she was sleeping that time, I entered she wakes up and sits. She does not even touch or watch me.
commented Jan 7, 2018 by myselfarun (1,915 points)
Keep on trying she will respond if she has done it once definitely she will do again keep trying.
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Take her for a movie and in the dark start touching her thighs and breasts . If she keeps quiet or just smiles , you can then proceed to do other things. All the best. Let us know what happened.
answered Jan 6, 2018 by pklalgarh (155 points)

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