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My Maid told me that my Mom had an affair with the Watchman. She is blackmailing me.

asked Jan 1 in Questions by msms11 (245 points)
Please read my earlier question to know the background of this Question.

My mom had an affair with the watchman. My maid caught them having sex. To save her reputation, my mom made me have sex with the maid, who blackmailed me and my Mom.

Although, I enjoyed it initially, but now it has become too monotonous and boring. Also, I feel used after coming to know the truth from my maid's mouth. I want to reduce having sex with my maid, but her demands are growing day by day.

She even stays over whenever her husband is not at home. My mom has stopped her affair with the watchman long back. But our maid is still blackmailing her by using me. My mom feels sad for me but has asked me to continue having sex with her till she wants.

My father is unaware of this situtation as he is not at home when we have sex. What should I do now?

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7 Answers

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Your mom has made some serious mistakes and you are facing the heat. Tell your maid that henceforth you will have sex with her only in presence of your mom.

If you have sex with her in front of your mom, either one will get embarrassed and discontinue having sex. Also try hugging and kissing her in front of your mom. She is the only person who can save you from this.
answered Jan 3 by maya75n (655 points)
selected Jan 9 by msms11
commented Jan 9 by msms11 (245 points)
Thanks for your answer Maya.
I will henceforth have sex with my maid only in front of my mom and make them embarassed.
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Your mother made mistakes, and made you the bait.

Whatever happened to you, you can't undo that. Everyone has some sexual urge's. Your mother wasn't wrong but the way she handled that matter is definitely a wrong thing.

First talk with your mother, ask her why she had sexual relationship with the watchman? There may be something that you can help her out.

Now about your maid. May be she isn't getting that much sex from her husband. First try the love way. Ask her to be quiet and stay away from you at home while your mother is in the house. Try to avoid sex with her as much you can, but when you both are alone bang her in 2-3 sessions or as much as you can.

Whenever she demands sex, makes excuse like pain in legs, illness etc. but don't stretch it too much that she smell something fishy. As you reduce the frequency soon or later she will get bored and will stop this relationship.
answered Jan 1 by Harsh.03 (740 points)
commented Jan 3 by msms11 (245 points)
My mom had sex with the watchman only a few times but our maid recorded it. The watchman is now working somewhere else, but she still blackmails my mom with the video and I have seen it as well.
My maid might be having a happy relationship with her husband. She has two children. I have tried denying her but she tells my mom and then I have to give in to her demands.
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What is the issue? You may continue to have sex with her.
This is what you wanted as we understand from your previous question.
Your maid is so gracious, she is not demanding or blackmailing you both for money.

Harsh03 has given wonderful tactics to handle her. Follow it.
answered Jan 2 by solliadi (2,235 points)
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Sex gets monotonous and boring even for married couples. Ask your maid to do some roleplay and spice up your sex activity. This might reduce your boredom from having sex with her.
If you want to stop having sex with her, keep making excuses that you are not well, or you have some urgent work.
You must gradually decrease having sex with her. Try having sex with her in front of your mom as much as possible so that she feels embarrased and stops it.
answered Jan 3 by Sexdick (270 points)
commented Jan 4 by msms11 (245 points)
Thanks for your answer. I am sure she will enjoy sex same when in front of my mom and when not in front of her.
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Hi msms11,

These kind of things happen when you have extra marital affair. I can understand that humans need sex. But your mother should not have had sex with the watchman or maid. These kind of people have nothing to lose in society but can gain money and power by blackmailing.

If you want to have EMA then that person should be trustworthy, responsible and have something to lose (respect in society, family, friends ) in case affair leaks out. That's why having affair in family members is far better than other person. In your case if your mother had affair with you then this thing could have been avoided.

You can't stop in a day. Make an excuse as explained by harsh03. Involve your mother in your plan, so that she can help you.

Sorry to say, I have doubts on your mother. I think your mother is enjoying when you are having sex, as you mentioned in your earlier post. Your mom and maid had plan behind your back! So you should talk with your mother what she wants actually.

I don't think your mother really wants to stop it because your mother would have helped you before putting you this kind of situations. I think she has different plan !
answered Jan 3 by Kitkatray (355 points)
commented Jan 5 by msms11 (245 points)
I was not at home during the days when my mom had sex with the watchman. Otherwise I would have definitely come to know about it.

My mom is very modern and open with me. She discusses her period problems with me. If she wanted to have sex with me, she would have told me.

My mom is already involved in this. She is the one who instructs me to have sex with the maid if I make any excuse to the maid. My mom might be enjoying it because she might be feeling sexually excited seeing live porn.
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Ok, so this is the main thing. This is easy bro, just made a video clip of her saying things which can prove that she is blackmailing you and your mom, show it to her and that's it.

Ask her to stop this or either you will complain. Let's see what she has to say then.
answered Jan 3 by myselfarun (1,225 points)
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Have sex with your maid one last time,  record it with a HD cam,  so that it clearly shows her face but in such a way that ot doesn't show yours.

After that when she again tries to blackmail you,  threat her that you'll show the video to her husband and everyone.  Record the conversation as well,  both audio and video as evidence.  

After the problem gets solved,  cut all ties with your mom.  Apologies in advance for my words but she is not worthy to be called a woman if she can sell her son just for her fake reputation.  You're better without her than with her.

1. She cheated your father her husband.
2. asked you to compromise with the maid without thinking about you even once.
3. What if the maid had STD?  Did your mother cared?

Consider all these things and make a decision.
answered Jan 3 by gr8gaur (1,950 points)

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