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How to deal with my Premature Ejaculation Problem?

asked Dec 31, 2017 in Questions by sagard (200 points)
edited Jan 8 by longhands1

Hello Everyone,

My age is 23 now, and I am married. When I have sex with my wife, within few strokes, I ejaculate even when I use condom.

Please let me know why this is happening? Please give some solution for it. Someone told e that if you want to have sex for long time, then you must masturbate once before doing sex. Is this true?

Thank you.

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5 Answers

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Best answer
Dear Sagard,
premature in your age is very common. i don't think you should masturbate before making love with your wife.
the feeling of making love should come from your heart. to keep on going and going...
for this you may try following things.

1. Do foreplay for long time. atleast 15-30 minutes.
2. lick her lips, ears, neck, lower back, inner thigh, and vaginal lips.
3. if you want and comfort you can lick her vagina with your tongue. insert your tongue deep in to vagina. believe me all women go mad when male do it.
4. when you do penetrative sex, keep her smooching, kissing. love her...
5. when you feel to cum, stop your motion, movement, or withdraw your penis, breath deep for 10 seconds. and keep her kissing. play with her tongue and her tongue... dont focus on feeling in ur penis..
6. and restart penetrating her. i am sure you will have more innings in that way. my husband never come before 1 hrs. we keep going and going.. for more thn hrs.
7. if you cummed, dont cum inside her.. ejaculate on her stomach or butt or on her boobs.
8. take break for some time. say 15 minuts. you may clean yourself. and start kissing and smooching her again. Do foreplay again. you will get erection. if not hard, ask her to suck you, many women dont suck at second time. you can lick her.

I hope in that way you may play longer innings and enjoy more sex.
Wishing you happy new year. and wish to hear back from you.

lots of love, enjoy!
answered Jan 3 by sheetal69 (465 points)
selected Jan 3 by sagard
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This isn't true.

It seems like you have just started having sex in your life. It takes some time for the timing to increase. Keep doing sex frequently without stress and it shall definitely increase.

Try going for the second or third session. Don't stop at one. The next sessions increases you stamina also and your wife's too.
answered Jan 1 by meesha (215 points)
commented Jan 1 by sagard (200 points)
Thank you so much meesha for ur answer! but i tried to go for second session but i didn't get proper erection as before.
commented Jan 2 by meesha (215 points)
alright.. let me be a bit Frank.. ask your wife to give you a good blowjob.. I'm sure it shall work out of my experiences..
i can make my hubby erect as many times when i give him a great blowjob.. your wife shall have to matter the art of seduction.. but you have to seduce her too in bed
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1)may be you become too much excited about sex.

2) regular sex can help to hold ejaculation for sometimes.

3) if problem still remains then consult with doctor
answered Jan 1 by Harsh.03 (610 points)
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This is quite normal with newly married couples. There are several options to deal with it.

First, spend enough time in foreplay to sufficiently arouse her.

Secondly, you may masturbate to ejaculation at least an hour before you have sex with your wife. Some others are: let your wife ride your penis and when you are about to come, signal her to stop moving at all and stay at that for some time till you signal her to restart. The ultimate way is to use double condom to reduce sensitivity of your penis.

Alternatively, make a sheath made of heat-transferable material to wear over your penis then cover it with a condom. This will not only reduce sensitivity of your penis but also add girth to it at the pleasure of your wife  - using this technique you  can have sex literally for hours!!
answered Jan 2 by zena69 (1,825 points)
commented Jan 3 by sagard (200 points)
Okay! Can u please explain more about how to use sheath of heat-transferable material? I don't know much about it.
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You can experiment yourselves. Learn deep breathing / pranayama from some yoga classes-  Especially Moola Bandha.
answered Jan 2 by solliadi (1,940 points)

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