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My 15 year old son wants me to breastfeed him, after the birth of my second baby.

asked Dec 31, 2017 in Questions by bollyshwet (125 points)
edited Dec 31, 2017 by longhands1


I am an Indian TV Actress. I have 2 children. I recently conceived a boy from my second husband. I have a son from my first husband, whom I have divorced.

I am happily living with my new family. My elder son (from first marriage) is 15 years years old. One day, he wanted me to breastfeed him.

I do not know how to deal with this. Please help.

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14 Answers

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It is an intricate problem for you.You have to tackle it tactfully.Convince your step-son that nascent child requires your milk for his nourishment.If you do so he will be deprived.Under no circumstances yield to evil motives of your step-son.Otherwise,Report the matter to your husband.
answered Dec 31, 2017 by Motilal (6,635 points)
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He just wanted to suck your breasts which you allowed him when he was young, that's it. He is wanting for sex from you.

He has just found this way of asking so that he can argue that you breastfed him earlier when he was young but why not now?. And finally, he thinks for which you will agree.

It depends, if you want to go ahead. While he is sucking you might lose control and end up having sex with him. That's what he wants. He is lusting for you. He wants sex. It depends if you want to let him suck your boobs or not.

Its all in your hands bollyshwet.
answered Dec 31, 2017 by Darius (520 points)
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Just tell him and make him understand that he is a big boy now and you had fed him the same way you are now feeding the baby so now its the baby's turn. That's it

Hope I helped you.
answered Dec 31, 2017 by myselfarun (1,045 points)
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If you are uncomfortable - reject his demand. Convince your elder son that this is meant for infants only.
answered Dec 31, 2017 by solliadi (1,940 points)
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He is not a small baby who does not understand anything so strictly say him no and ask him to behave more maturely. There is no need to entertain his wish as he is demanding a sexual favor from you which you should clearly see. Say him no and make sure that when you breastfeed your baby he is not around you as he is taking sexual advantages of you and being a mother you should not allow him to do it.
answered Jan 1 by alpesh kapdi (23,220 points)
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It is a normal instinct for both male and female children to suck on their mother's lactating boobs, particularly when she breastfeeds her baby.

Allow your son a chance to have taste of your breast, there is nothing wrong in it as he is also your baby. This is prevalent in many cultures when a mother has too much flow of milk and her boobs undergo pain due to it.
answered Jan 1 by zena69 (1,825 points)
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It is possible that you had never given this a thought before. But when you are feeding the little baby, your breast filled with milk is visible to your elder son. I agree that it is not possible to cover up when breastfeeding at home, but you need to take precautions.

Your elder Son, is no longer a child and images of your breast would be playing on his fertile mind. At this age, breasts are no longer for feeding but a source of sexual excitement. There is a sexual desire in his wish, though it may be subconscious and unintentional.

Tell him lovingly but firmly, that breastfeeding is for the infant to help him to grow. If possible, in future feed the baby in his absence.

Breast sucking by a teenager (even though he is your Son), can create physical sensations even for you, though undoubtedly it will for him (as his hormones are raging). Such an atmosphere is not emotionally healthy. You are also in a complicated relationship, having divorced your first husband, but looking after his son.   

It’s absolutely OK, to say NO. Simply tell him that he’s too old to do what babies do. Be firm. You will be harming him psychologically, if you give in.
answered Jan 1 by longhands1 (78,025 points)
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Hi bollyshwet,

As we know very little about you and your family, it is very hard to give you proper suggestions. Every answer changes with time, situations etc. I will discuss this matter in two different ways.

 1.  Without thinking too much he just asked for it... which triggered his mind after watching his baby brother and you are his mother the only woman he can trust in any condition. You will see than many adult people want to do something which is childish !!... Consider your son's behavior like that. If this is the case then shack his head give a kiss to his forehead and tell him with a smile "you are too old for this'.

 2. Now if he is asking for sensual pleasure then it is matter of concern. Then he just gave you a hint. If this is so then you have to find why he started to think of you in a sexual way ? Reasons may be:
A. He is 15... means his hormones are ringing.
B. You divorced your husband and remarried. He may have noticed your fun moments. He may think like " mom can have sex other than my father ( children often don't consider their step parents as their parents ) then why not with me?
C. You said you are TV actress.... is there any scene that he has seen you in a sexual way ??

If this is true then you have to put attention on your son.
A. Start having conversations about sex, relationship, family structure, girlfriend and How to maintain all these things.
B. If he sexually active then guide him, how to have safe sex.

Personally, I don't think that it will harm your children if you let him breastfeed. If you don't like the idea then don't do it. By the way Society has changed ...marriage is not sacred any more, EMA is common, then why people are very conservative when it comes to mom son, brother sister, father and daugther sensual pleasure ??
answered Jan 1 by Kitkatray (355 points)
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Thanks for taking a mature step of asking this question in this forum rather than disclosing this to your hubby or other family members or even taking a decision by yourself.

My answer is going to annoy most people and I can sense it while going through the other answers. My answer would be yes, allow your elder son to suck your nipples, taste your milk and yes breastfeed him. Reason - please read on.

A) You are divorced from your first husband which technically means you have separated your elder son from his father. While most people don't realize it, separation of parents brings in lots of anxiety and fear in minds of children while they grow up. This fear and anxiety develops insecurity in the subconscious.

B) Your second husband would never be your elder son's father. So basically he falls back to you only for your support, love and attention. Your new baby most probably is taking up most of your time and attention. The result is your elder son is feeling neglected and because of his insecure mind he is craving for the same attention and love that you are currently showering on your little one.

C) Yes he is 15 but he is also your baby. He only wants to make sure that the arrival of the new baby isn't going to make him less important to you.

D) I am not sure how much time and attention you usually give to your elder son considering you are an actress and now mother of a new born. He may have developed some sexual curiosity as well for the opposite sex and again you are the one he wants to fall back on.

The decision rests on you but from a psychological point of view let him fulfill his wish and get yourself relieved from the pressure of extra milk that your breasts are currently producing. Ensure there is enough for the little one, rest you can ask him to suck them dry.
answered Jan 1 by Alwayson (140 points)
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I agree with the explanation of Alwayson.  Yes you allow him to suck your breast to drink milk,  same time you need to control yourself.  He should feel you love him as you do for the second child,  but no sexual arousal should take place during the act. Surely,  he knows what sucking breast is all about.
answered Jan 2 by Signor (110 points)
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First you have to understand the situation. As you said, your elder son is from first husband, in many cases after divorce, children feel insecure. They think that there is no value for them, and if second baby comes then this thought increases.

For any reason if you reject your older son then he will make himself go away from you. He will go away so much that you will never find him. He can also go in the wrong path and you can't control him.

In your case if you deny, then this decision will bring negative thoughts for you in your son's mind.

In my opinion, you should allow him for breastfeeding. This will make him positive for you, but you have to also control him so he does not cross the line.

God bless you.
answered Jan 3 by vikram008 (215 points)
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Yes, you can breastfeed him. Believe me it would be an immense feeling. You would get internal peace.

You see now a days, the new generation sees everything on the Net. My son too wished the same, and I fulfilled his wish. I also breastfed my teenage son and from then things changed drastically. He helped me in every household work, respect me more than before, cares for me, special bonding has commenced since then.

But I must say, FULLSTOP only till breastfeeding. ONLY feeding. You will see the change in behaviour.  The choice is yours, life is yours. If you don't fulfill this demand of his, it will ring all the time in your ears..
answered Jan 5 by neetasachdewa (150 points)
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Let's make first thing clear for all those idiot peasants who are calling that 15 yr old kid a stepson. He is not her stepson.

And now Coming to the question

I would say become straightforward and tell him a big "NO".
answered Jan 5 by Machismo (255 points)
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In my opinion, he is already a young boy and he can understand what he is doing. I saw many people here suggesting that you go and feed him your milk, but he is grown up and you are his mother.

You need to explain to him what is wrong and what is right. Mother has to teach good behavior to her child. If you breastfeed him, you are only making mess in your family.

Teach him its wrong. What is important? Breast feeding or teaching good behaviour?
answered Jan 9 by kkumar4u (180 points)

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