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Do Women wear undergarments of contrasting colour intentionally?

asked Dec 21, 2017 in Questions by pakkd17 (440 points)
edited Dec 29, 2017 by longhands1

Why do women many a times wear dark colored bra under a light / semi-transparent / translucent top (kurti/blouse/shirt/t-shirt).

Does this have any indication about her sexual desires or feelings or activities?

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commented Dec 25, 2017 by pakkd17 (440 points)
I am strictly not considering the black color being dark on any light coloured top ... Its only and only about other colours like red, violet, pink, blue, maroon .. etc, etc ...
commented Dec 26, 2017 by solliadi (1,980 points)
Dubey - Welcome to the world of colours.
1.White is a symbol of purity and conrasting black is impurity. Which will give turn on emotions.
2.Red is the most exciting colour with lot of energy - Red, Orange etc.
If anyone is attracted towards, energy less, old aunties and make an attempt to consciously like energy colours, he will start liking young energetic girls.

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7 Answers

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In formal functions, women present themselves better.
During casual time, it depends on the situation.

Can you answer, why men with excellent premium branded shirts on top, wear banians with hole inside and visible or sometimes wear socks that have holes in them?
answered Dec 21, 2017 by solliadi (1,980 points)
commented Dec 22, 2017 by pakkd17 (440 points)
I would appreciate a answer on my query with some good and sound reasons to rely on  not a query on my query.
Thank you
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I believe that's only fashion that's it ... We cannot judge on dresses only .
answered Dec 21, 2017 by rockstar536 (680 points)
commented Dec 22, 2017 by pakkd17 (440 points)
I believe we cannot judge them sounds reasonable enough... I can atleast assure thats not fashion ...
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Your description about your self is fascinating.It think it partially true.

I too have observed what you have said about women wearing contrasting undergarments, personally. A woman, with whom I had intimate relationship wears sari, blouse, nail polish, Colour vaginal lips similar to Colour of lip stick.
answered Dec 22, 2017 by Motilal (6,740 points)
commented Dec 22, 2017 by pakkd17 (440 points)
So Mr Old man i believe you are commenting on my query so do stick to the query only ... Don't pock your nose into personal stuffs ...
commented Dec 23, 2017 by Motilal (6,740 points)
Dear friend,Politeness costs nothing.Be courteous.Your age is one-third of mine.The mandate given by you is painful and unpalatable.You have insulted me,it matters little.But try to respect other elderly people.
commented Dec 23, 2017 by pakkd17 (440 points)
Whatever your age is no matter what you have no right to go personal on the question I asked, as it had nothing to do with who and what i am. Keep it professional.
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If women wears such dark bra in situation you are saying it's direct message that she wants to seduce the men who are there with her in that place may be party too
She send diffrent feelings and sexual chances for men who are present there at that time
Her dressing show her interest about what really does she want
answered Dec 23, 2017 by pavan350 (1,075 points)
commented Dec 23, 2017 by pakkd17 (440 points)
Thank you for your opinion
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You are reading it too far as there is nothing intentionally so do not look this way. Most of the time women are not aware of it or are very cautions so no one can get any hint of it.
answered Dec 25, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,335 points)
commented Dec 25, 2017 by pakkd17 (440 points)
As you said, most of the times they aren't aware, I believe that hardly could be the reason because if they know how to compliment their looks with matching shades of nailpaints, clips, bangles, etc etc ... then how come they aren't aware of the fact their bra is darker than their top ...
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My dearest Pakkd17,

Let me tell you, that this is a very interesting query.

Firstly, we always try and check what we are wearing but sometimes it may happen we ignore it. As you asked if someone is wearing a light coloured top one can use a slip and under it if required one can wear the brasserie. (eg. On a light yellow cotton partly transparent kurti might be a dark colored like red or blue or something and above a thin white slip).

If you are particular about someone doing it regularly on purpose, I cannot comment on that.
answered Dec 25, 2017 by Mitalid9 (130 points)
commented Dec 26, 2017 by pakkd17 (440 points)
Thank you Mitalid9 your answer is worth considerable, fir this query ...
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Contrast has always been evident in Clothing. That is where Black and white photography evolved. If women wore a White Top, they wore a black skirt to complement it. So also the Men. A shimmering white shirt was worn with a Black Suit or a black shirt with white Trousers (aka many Bollywood Actors).

Black and white were associated with death or perversity, sinster or with purity and virginity. They symbolize human decision., the will to contrast.    

Most clothing requires consideration and decision making. You too must have been confronted with the decision to choose black pants when you can wear blue? Why do you choose blue pants when you can wear black? Why do you wear shorts and swimwear to beaches? Why do you choose to wear a tuxedo over a suit? Why do you choose to wear boxers over briefs or panties over thongs?

So, in general, the choice is left to an individual.

But, you are right. These days innerwear is often worn to make a statement. While earlier it was worn so that it was not visible and blended with the outer clothing, these days it is sometimes done to contrast and show off.   

Wearing white underwear with white clothing will create a contrast against the skin, which in turn creates contrast beneath the outfit. So women should aim for lingerie that is closer to their actual skin tone, light brown to darker browns.     

Wearing light underwear under dark clothing is also not good, especially during photography. Light colours show through darker fabrics. So, go for dark colors under darker clothing, and light colors under lighter clothing.

Finally, wear clothing that you are comfortable with gives you the confidence.
answered Dec 26, 2017 by longhands1 (78,355 points)

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