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This Aunty who has a Mess, provides food. Do you think I can ask her something more?

asked Dec 12, 2017 in Questions by sexy.pavan (120 points)
edited Dec 17, 2017 by longhands1

Hello, I'm Pavan. I have a question and some doubts. One of my friends suggested this site.

First about myself.

My name is Pavan. I live in a well known city in India. I live as a bachelor with my roommates. I'm 24 years old. I have done B.Tech. I did job in good firm, and now preparing for competive exams like UPSC. etc.

I'm not a virgin. 2-3 times I visted red light area in the city. 2-3 times I hired a call girl.

Now, I'm living as bachelor. I joined a mess a year ago, when I shifted here to my current place. One of my roommate is also taking tiffin service from the same mess. He is the one who introduced me to this mess/canteen run by a house wife.

Few things about this lady - she is 37-38 years old. She has two kids, a son and a daughter. Both are in primary school and below 10 years. Her husband works in a private company which is situated nearly 25-30 km from their home. The kids go to school at 7 am and her husband leaves at 8 am. From 8 am to 12 pm she is all alone in her house doing her daily chores like washing clothes etc.

In her mess there are about 10-15 boys. She usually takes some cash in advance from me and my roommate. She does this only with us. She told me that her husband has less salary, (less than 20k). She tells me her family issues like financial issues, fight between her and her sister in law etc when her husband is not around.

Her kids go frequently to their maternal uncle's place at weekends and stay there for 2-3 days. During those days, this lady stays all alone in her house till her husband comes back from his job. She is not that attractive. She is messy and frumpy most of the time.

She always tells the boys from mess that you are like my brother etc. But I know she says that so she can get benifits for herself. She calls me brother too and always asks for financial help. But I know she is just after money.

I have visited red light areas. Prostitues from that area are not co-operative. and they try to loot people. Hiring a callgirl is also heavy for the pocket. I have high sex drive. I'm doing masturbation regularly, but day by day my thirst for sex is increasing. I want to fuck this aunty with her permission. But I don't know how to approach her.

I also need to tell you few things.

She is a traditional Indian lady. But many times, we both were alone in her house, when I visited her house to pickup my tiffin. She changed her clothes in the bedroom without locking the door. I was in Hall. Many times I saw her reflection on the marble floor, she removing her bra. This cloth changing scene happens only when we both are alone in her house. But when I'm with my roommate or any other boy from the mess, she closes the door.

Another thing is though my roommate joined this mess way before me, she don't like any boys touching her accidently or purposely. If some one does that she warns them at that instant, but she never warns me about that. I have never touched her purposly.

I never had feelings for her. But as I said about red light area, I can't go there and waste my money. I just thought that as I'm giving money there for sex, why can't I try here. I can give some money to this lady for sex, as she gets money and sex too. I know only her husband nailed her twice, she accidently tell me that she did sex only twice. She is trustworthy. But I don't know how to approach her.

Should I approach towards or not? If something goes wrong then I'm doomed.

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featued question

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11 Answers

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I can say the photo posted is a kind of a similar lady in your mess aunt episode. By the way its very risky you are not in safe zone. Look she is not an engineer like you. She is doing everything to look after her kids. Its normal with women who are struggling to earn by running a mess as additional income .

You have to understand wisely. Sex should not be a give and take policy never its enjoyed . In future also you will loose all your savings on paid sex .

You need a break, stop whats driving you now is  only a desire for sex not a security in sex .

So security in sex is got by always having access to sex that is possible only when you are married or a very trust worthy partner of at least good education or broad mindedness comes into your contact for which you have to search or dedicate time .

Above two are not possible until you pass UPSC and other exams so concentrate on exams first.

The red street etc I dont comment even on a red street women since I believe that because of them many women are safe in society. I even dont like to put them a name like prostitutes. Let them do what ever they want you should not go there also being a educated guy imagine a engineer like you going such places not understanding their petty life conditions what will be the story of others who are not even educated at all in life ,like workers etc even majority of them have sense of understanding .

Again matter of mess lady, your story has a opportunity of sadism, sex is not a bondage of conditions of money it should be without give and take .Mess lady if you ask her i will give money she will ask how much straight forward to you nothing more is going to happen ,she may agree also depends but all this will give temporary solutions only permanent solution has to be found out .You can speak to her very sadly when she is alone she will not harm you or  torch you just ask her saying i like you and this is not controllable by me lately she will say yes or she will say very calmly no since you are disciplined boy rather than  from other boys in your mess.

If she say yes again you are bonded with money her wants also will increase slowly if she is that kind of lady all complications will come again.

So think wise study hard UPSC Exams are no small games just give exams and win your life with a good career job get a permanent solution of sex thru a partner or life time a partner called marriage .

Happy academic career .
answered Dec 12, 2017 by Lifewithfreedoms (545 points)
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I think you should move cautiously. May be try to talk more with her and gauge her sexual desires and fantasy etc. Try to show her your manhood accidentally when she is all alone and see the reaction.

answered Dec 12, 2017 by kapswat (130 points)
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Your interest is sex sex and sex.This will not take you to achieve any glory.You are aged 24 now.Already visited red light area.Did your father provided money for this or stolen from his money bag...Curb your sex feelings,occasional masturbation will pacify your sex urge.You may ask anything to her and express your inclination...there is none to prevent you.Think about its consequences.
answered Dec 13, 2017 by Motilal (7,035 points)
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You can do a few things when she is alone to show your interest in her and see how she reacts like compliment her body and let her know that you find her attractive but do it in an indirect way so if she does not like then she cannot blame you for anything, help her when he is alone and always give her money more than she asked, spend as much time as possible with her and you will get the hints from her whether she is ready to spread her legs for you or not. You have to make her comfortable with you and always make her laugh. There are chances that she may get ready to have sex with you but it will take time so show your patience until she gets confidence in you that she is safe with you and she can have an intimate relationship with you.
answered Dec 13, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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No where from you post we can figure out that she is inviting you for sex. You may have not written but what I could assume that you belong to good financial background family or at least you portray this to her. She is only interested in money that even you also know.

So whats the use the option which is always opens to you red light area is as per you is costly and this woman as you know always after money will also not give you for free.

So why headache she is not even attractive, nor young neither sexy then why wasting time on her. Instead find a suitable girl for you as a girl friend ( though they also loots you lolz ) but at least you will spend a good time with a good girl.
answered Dec 13, 2017 by Mr.Honest (425 points)
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Sexy Pavan,

Avoid visiting Red Light areas.

On mess aunty, you try to make friendship with her. If money is her interest, spend money on her. After making her friendship, ask her to provide some extra dishes in your tiffin. You can provide extra money for the extra dishes.

After some time, you can ask her whether she can provide extra services for which you will pay extra. She will understand. If she is interested, you can proceed.
answered Dec 14, 2017 by solliadi (2,290 points)
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If you are thinking of substituting this Mess Aunty for a Prostitute of Call Girl, you should think again.

In case of the prostitute, you pay her money, fuck her and then can come home relaxed without worrying what you should do next. By your own admission, this Aunty is out to make money. This spells trouble. You cannot rule out future blackmail or emotional arm twisting. She also knows all your Friends and think what she can do to tarnish your image.

She is aware of your sexual interest in her and that is the reason she is careless in dressing when you are around. Since she has told you about her relations with her husband, it follows that you must have also told her about your sexual escapades.

She may be traditional Indian woman, but she understands how your pole stands up in her presence. It would not be too difficult to get her to lift up her saree or petticoat.
answered Dec 14, 2017 by longhands1 (80,530 points)
edited Dec 15, 2017 by longhands1
commented Dec 14, 2017 by sexy.pavan (120 points)
Well, I must say I got good response for my question. I'm thankful to everyone who answered my question.

Longhands I have heard about you. I like your answer but that's not what I am exactly seeking. You give good advice but the real situation is somewhat different.
May be my reply feels too long, but can give you somewhat clear idea about my situation.

I request others too, to please read my reply and consider this is a reply to all of your answers.

I worked for 2-3 years and earned as much possible, so I'm not that dependent on my family for money. I said I'm preparing for exam like UPSC, not for UPSC.
Many people and my friends told me that they trust me and can share their issues with me blindly.

What I can say, is that I got talent to nake people comfortable with me. So, I talked with this aunty many times for hours when her husband is around or not around. We generally discuss topics like Inflation, politics, about her kids education and many topics but no sex topic!

Though I said she is only after money, but she only asked for advance money which she can convert to her mess fee later. I know her very well. She is typical Indian style, one man lady.

Someone suggested that I should praise her, but I can't. She is not that attractive and her hair have turn gray due to middle age. She looks like she is above 50 years. So, I described her that she is frumpy most of the time.

I said that it wont matter if some my money like 1-2 k which is spent on prostitutes, will get spent on her. But that doesn't mean that I want to ask her for sex in exchange of money. I will help her if she asked when we get in sexual relationship.

Now, about changing clothes - though she changes her clothes when we both are alone at her house, but the door is in one corner and what I can see while sitting in hall room is the door and wall in front of that door. She always changes her clothes on the other side. but while she changes her clothes I can see her reflection on the floor, which is not that clear, but I can see which cloth bra, blouse, petticoat or panty she is touching at that moment.

I never told her about my sex life, or about my girlfriend or past etc. and never told her how many time I masturbate.

One day, her kids were also at home and I went to get my tiffin and we talked generally. That time I had no sexual attraction for her. While we were talking she told me that it's getting hard for her to manage her finance budget as her husband has low salary and she has 2 kids, she needs to pay their school fees and other expenses. when she got married, her husband wants to nail her at first night.

But she refused him and asked him to wait for some time. But her mother in law forced them for child. After she got one son, she asked her husband to stop their sex and her husband also agrees.

She likes to dress her son as a girl, when he was young like 1-2 years old, but her mother in law always shouts at her when she dresses her son as girl. After some times her mother in law told her son to nail her one more time so she can get a girl. and her husband nailed her second time.

After her 2nd child which is a girl, she never allowed her husband to nail her again, as she thinks she will get pregnant again. She can't bear the expense of one more child now. She told me this and she was telling the truth.

After that day, she started to  ask me for advance money, and I gave her as much I could arrange.

Now her sexual activity, is next to zero. I don't know what her husband feels, but I feel bad as I think they don't know about condoms and contraceptive pills.

Still I have no bad or sexual intentions towards her.

What I'm asking is: Is it possible for me to convince her to start a sexual relationship with me? And should I ask her or not? If yes, then I should I approach her.
commented Dec 15, 2017 by longhands1 (80,530 points)

Yeah, that’s a long reply. But you have clarified many points.

Let me start by saying, that when I give advice, I give it not that it should suit you or what you want to hear. Then it would not be advice.

You had led us to believe that, in your mind, you would be able to get a free fuck and not have to pay any money as you are presently doing with prostitutes. Make up your mind what exactly you want.

If she does not appeal to you, due to her simple ways and age, then why are you even dreaming of getting a free fuck. Pay some money and get your choice of prostitutes (together with HIV/AIDS).

You say that she is a one-man woman, then what makes you think that she will replace you with her husband. Your intention is to help her financially only if she has sex with you. Have you considered her viewpoint? She may be willing to sleep with you, only if you help her financially!!    

You must be having great eyesight, or she has a glass flooring, if you can see her reflection in the floor when she is undressing.   

Your knowledge about sex and child birth seems to be limited. Where did you read that you have sex and a woman will conceive? So, since she has two children, she has had sex twice. It’s not really necessary for you to feel sad about her sex life, or the lack of it. If she needs sex, she will let you know.    

Start talking about Sex with her and then you will get a clearer picture, whether you should save your money from visiting prostitutes. Start by telling her the colour of her panties she is wearing and how you know about it.
commented Dec 17, 2017 by sexy.pavan (120 points)

First thing though she is messy, frumpy and not that much attractive, she is not that ugly. She has nice boobs and curvy ass. Yes, she is careless about her dressing sense.

I can get call girls of my choice,  but as you said there is risk of getting HIV and other STDs. Having sexual relationship with this aunty, makes the risk low as only her husband nailed her and only twice.

I know about condoms, contraceptive pills and many things about sex. She told me she did sex only twice and after birth of her second child, she never allowed her husband to fuck her again as she thought she will get another child.

I can't directly tell her about her clothes changing scene. There is a lot of risk.

I want to start a sexual relationship with this Aunty. I like to get a free fuck, but if she asks 1 or 2 K sometimes, to help her in her finance it won't bother me.

Suggest me about this.

Finally, for the people who are telling me about exams. I did job in good firm and earn good money. Now, I have taken a break but still I work from home for a few clients. Exams are not my concern. I'm looking for higher studies if possible otherwise my life is good.
commented Dec 18, 2017 by longhands1 (80,530 points)

Ok….let us address each of your points.

You had started by telling us that she is not attractive, but now you say she is not ugly. When you want a free fuck, you do not have much choice. You can always buy her your choice of dress and undergarments and then ask her to wear those and then have the thrill of removing it. But that will cost you some money. Think of it as an investment.

You are once again saying that her husband had sex with her only twice. You are either being naïve or innocent. For a woman to conceive and get a child, it requires having sex multiple times, sometimes even years. So please stop telling me that she had sex only twice (“her husband nailed her twice”).      

You are in the best position to know how to initiate sex with her. Start by being generous and talking about her sex life with her husband. Make her feel good about your presence.

As she is money minded, only money can do the trick.
commented Dec 18, 2017 by sexy.pavan (120 points)
first she told me that her husband nailed her only twice. I really don't know is she was telling truth or not. but I know some sex facts. so how many times her husband nailed her is not an issue.
 she even told me that she is not allowing her husband to fuck her anymore after birth of second child, coz she fear she will get another child.

giving some sexy undergarments and then remove then?? seriously. if that is so much easy, I could have done that before, and I won't here to ask here.
I can't give her undergarments as gifts. I don't know what she feels, but I think this is very risky move. It could backfire.
soon I will change my current flat, and will shift into new flat, which is near from her house. there I will stay alone. so I can spend some time with her there too. so no matter of roommates too.

now my main concern is how should I start talking with her on sex topic. I'm good at making people comfortable with me. how can I make her to talk me on this topic.
how to put in her head that she needs sex, something like that.
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Bro , you are only 24 years just like me.if you are having this much high sex drive, you can't concentrate on your coaching because the sections like quant, reasoning need a lot of concentration.eventhough if you are able to solve now, if you are like this then you might loose your grip.

Now coming to your present situation.according to the situations you mentioned there might be a chance for you get between her her gifts like saree, bangles.improve the communication with her like discussing about more sexual matters.this can be happening if you give her more gifts and attention.this way is better than directly asking her for sex by offering money.if she doesn't like way, you might loose her.

Assume that you had got her to have sex with you.rhere will be many consequences if her hubby found it.what if your roommates find it.then it will be a different you think they can't find it?.then many lifes will better concentrate on  these exams and get a job.then you can get all you want.

so if you ask something more this mess aunty, your life may become mess.

Thanking you
answered Dec 15, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,225 points)
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Are you going to give Competitive exams or exams related Sex services ?

You said you visited red light area 2-3 times and hired call girl for 2-3 times. Wow. You are on right track for your preparation of competitive exams mate. Moreover you are trying your luck to fuck this mess aunty. Absolutely stunning. Definately you will get selected as an IAS officer or other officers from different competitive exams.

I doubt that you are preparing for Competitive exams because for the preparation of competitive exams one need to be determined and should focus on goal. But it seems to be you are more focused on fucking the females.

Vanish all these thoughts of fucking the mess aunty. She is helping her family to provide tiffins. Don't put her in embarssment position.

Focus on your goal as UPSC and other competitive exams are not that much easy to crack. Don't take these exams lightly or else your life will become waste.
answered Dec 16, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,220 points)
commented Dec 17, 2017 by sexy.pavan (120 points)
I went trough your profile and I found your recent question. You are also preparing for competitive exam and met a married women online and you planned to fuck her.

What about your focus now?

Look at yourself first and then give comments to people. No offense.
commented Dec 20, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,220 points)
LOL LOL LOL LOL. The smell of some burning thing is coming.

I use Facebook to relieve my stress from day's study. So I have many friends on Facebook. Sometimes I chat with some of these friends.

So while chatting, I came to know about these married women. I am not like you who is thinking about sex, sex, sex and only sex. You only told that you visited prostitutes in red light area thrice and arranged a call girl thrice. I am still virgin and never thought of such things of visiting brothel or call girl.

These married woman themselves have made attempts to impress me and they themselves have showed interest to have sex with me. Also in another way, I wanted to help her and I already said in my question that I just wanted to experience with this lady for one time sex, as being virgin at my age is sometimes I feel is a weak point of mine.

For your kind information, I focus very well on my studies and never think about each and every girl / woman in lusty way.

Got my point loser ?
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Hi Pavan,

I think you must go ahead and fuck her. I am not an expert, but from your narration it appears that she is more friendly to you then others, so it will be easy to get her on your bed.

You can't start talk on sex, just like that. You should invest on her. Give her gifts, gifts are best way to tell a girl or woman that you are interested in her. Then move to next step and say you like her. Then after some time you could have sex with her.

All the Best buddy. You must fuck her , use condom and fuck her.
answered Dec 22, 2017 by saxena.sho (230 points)
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There are some hints of her relying on you in various maters. This is an opportunity for you to be closer to her.

Give her presents on religious or family occasions, starting from chocolates, flowers, cosmetics and dresses with sexual hints. You may also get more closer with her through helping her in her household works while her hubby and children are not there.

This may also happen when the mess is closed on holidays and the members are out. Since you have experience in having sex with prostitutes, you will find ways to advance further with her for sex.

Most women of her age are deprived of sex and will respond to your advance.
answered Jan 13 by zena69 (1,825 points)

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